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Some are half human, and some half demon, and others can be half the beast himself.

She knew time had arrived because the discomfort of pain had prevented her from sleep. She wrapped her light brown hair several times into a tight roll on top of her head and slipped into a simple house dress. Memories of her belated husband swirled in her mind and heart as she recalled the night the devil himself came to settle a deal, and as she wished she had known what the deal was, anger fled her soul.
Sarah Mcfae footed around the creaky wooden floors of her cabin. She gathered water from a bucket that had been fetched for her the day before, in her canteen, she folded a blanket and placed it into a sac she could carry, and then pocketed a small cutting knife. She watched out of her window, as the last few people stumbled from the tavern across the way. To avoid any late night visitors, she blew out her candles hoping they would assume her slumber.
Breathing in and slowly, then releasing the air from her lungs in small amounts, she bared a contraction. The agony faded for a moment as worry begin to creep into her heart. She knew, if the people of Daygon learned, she was about to birth a devil spawn, they would lynch and burn the cabin with mother and child inside. Even an explanation would not have save her because everyone believed, the devil would have to be accepted to have such power. There would be no reasoning, especially if the newborn was not human.
The safest way to birth a child of such, would be to stick to her plan. Sarah would give birth in the Lower Plains of Daygon, where all the creatures of evil were said to reside. Rumors and old tales were told. Anyone who dared enter the Lower Plains never returned as the same person they were when they entered. She knew, if the infant came out looking like the beast himself, she would have to leave it behind. Hope was all there was. The demons of the land would find the newborn, giving it more of a chance than it had with humans. In this case, she would tell a lie of her baby's death in the middle of the night. She prayed to the Gods for a moment, it would be human, but remembered that if the Gods had cared about her, they would have protected her on the night the beast abducted her. The pain grew and as she heard the innkeeper lock his door and stumble onto the dirt road, she gathered her things and headed for outside.
Closing the door quietly, she stepped softly upon the dirt, barefoot to avoid leaving shoe prints that could be followed to the forest. Sweat poured down her forehead and into her eyes as the pain now became constant. Sarah looked around and saw no one, no sounds could be heard. The hot still night grew darker as terror cut through her bones with its eerie blade. The closer she drew to the forest, the darkness became blacker. She nearly changed her mind a few times, but she knew this was her only choice.
Walking only a while longer, she reached the entrance of the forest. "Alright. We are here." Sarah spoke to her baby hoping she could keep herself calm and focused.
Moving further, she saw what appeared to be blood-soaked trees and could feel a damp, warm dirt under her feet. Sarah grabbed hold of a tree to bear the pains of labor when whispering drifted into her ears but she could not make out what was being said. “It is just the wind and my mind playing tricks on me.”
She spread her blanket in front of a tree, then slowly got down on her back and lay legs open on the floor of the forest. Relaxing for only a moment, she looked up at the night sky. The moon speared its light through the tips of pine trees all around her. Pain wrapped her torso like a blanket and she began to push without remorse from nature's course of childbirth. Suddenly she felt hands on her body but could see no one. Fear had no chance as she felt the newborn on its way. Sarah pushed with everything she had. The whispers, now louder and more clear came over and over. "Welcome Eva, we have awaited your arrival. Welcome Eva. Eva. Eva."
She wondered, only for the moment, who this chanted Eva was, but could only bare pushing her way through. Sarah took a large amount of air into her lungs and let out a gentle stream of breath as she gave it one hard push with all she had. Suddenly, the pain disappeared, and the whispers silenced. The hands she once felt were gone. Confused, she sat up and took the small knife from the pocket on her dress, but as she reached to cut, she saw the newborn in the dirt, already disconnected. There was no blood, no mess, and no placenta. Her body felt as though this never happened at all and she wondered for a moment if it were just a dream.
Sarah now watched the beast's offspring glaring back with coal black eyes. Reality hit her and she knew it was not just a dream now. Tears rolled down a mother’s face, and her heart pounded like thunder as she slowly begins to reach for her baby. As she held the newborn, she could feel a leather-like skin in her hands and the red creature possessed horns atop its head and a tail dangled from the small of the back. Noting the sex made this demon her daughter and feeling a bond in her gut, she pulled out a breast and began to feed as a mother would.
She quickly realized that her emotions were merely a silhouette of the truth. She pulled it away from her and placed it on the ground then heard a crackle not too deep into the forest. She found herself running away as if she were being carried. As she came to the exiting of the forest she gathered some air and her thoughts. "I am sorry. I am so sorry, and I hope that one day you will understand why I have done this.”

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