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When Eleanor Lamb saves a Little Sister, her reward is much more than she expected...
"This is Dr. Sofia Lamb, with an announcement for the people of Rapture. The Saviour of Rapture, your Lamb, has escaped from us, and intends to flee Rapture. This is not her destiny, nor is it yours. If anybody spots her, do not engage. Report her to your nearest-"

The speaker suddenly cut out as a couple of fireballs smashed into it, melting the speaker and rendering it useless.
"Shut up, Mother!"
A woman wearing a suit akin to that of a Big Sister turned her back on the broken down speaker. She took her helmet off and took a deep breath, the recycled air of Rapture filling her lungs.
"Ah, that's much better. I hate swimming through the water!" She said, her blue eyes scanning the environment. She knew that that was not the only speaker in the area, and, given time, the Splicers would be tearing the area apart.

Brushing her brown hair behind her ears, Eleanor Lamb headed for a nearby alleyway. She could handle the Splicers with no issues. She was a prototype Big Sister, after all. Problems would arise when her Mother decided to send the Big Daddies to capture her, or even worse, a Big Sister that wasn't a prototype. Her Father, Subject Delta, may be able to deal with all three at the same time, but she was unused to this open world. Her time as a Little Sister had taught her little about Rapture, and her time before that was hazy. All in all, Eleanor knew little about Rapture, other than what she had read in recent times.

"I suppose I should find somewhere safe," Eleanor said, running down an adjoining alleyway. She paused when she heard a couple of people, if she could call them that, talking.
"You hear that the Saviour escaped?" One of them asked, his voice deep and gravelly.
"I simply can't believe it! She's meant to help us rise from this hell-hole, and she decided to escape by herself!"
The woman's voice was shrill and high, causing Eleanor to feel very uncomfortable even listening to her.
"I've heard that we get a buttload of ADAM if we find her," the male said.
"I suppose that's an acceptable reward. What do you say to a brief alliance?" The woman offered.
"Ha! In your dreams! I know all about your-"
The dull thump of metal hitting flesh echoed down Eleanor's alleyway. It was followed by a body slumping to the floor.
"You know too much," The woman simply said, before walking away.

Peeking around the corner, Eleanor saw the disfigured Splicer lying on the floor. His chest rose slightly, indicating that he was still alive. However, his free eye was shut, allowing Eleanor to tip-toe past his unconscious form. He let out a quiet groan as Eleanor stepped in a puddle, but didn't stir.
"Thank goodness for that!" Eleanor whispered, relieved. She'd prefer to avoid conflict if possible. However, as she rounded the corner and walked onto an open square with a large fountain in the centre, her 'No Conflict' possibilities dissipated.

"Come here, girl!"
Hearing a high-pitched squeal, Eleanor's eyes narrowed. She was familiar with the squeal. Someone was harassing a Little Sister.
"Not on my watch," She muttered, sticking her helmet on her head. The visor took on a red colour, which reflected off a nearby puddle.
"What is that, Harold!" One of the Splicers said, pointing at the puddle.
"Not now! I'm trying to-"
He didn't get to finish as an ADAM Extractor Needle suddenly entered his back. Eleanor lifted him slightly into the air, grinning underneath her helmet as she felt ADAM transfer from his body into hers. It was an excellent feeling, the ADAM filling her with energy!

Dropping the first Splicer, Eleanor spun to face the second, who ran at her with a wrench. Jumping away, Eleanor pointed her hand at the Splicer and concentrated. Fire shot from her hand, quickly engulfing the Splicer, who dropped their weapon and started to weakly seat at the rising flames.
"Let me help you chill out!" Eleanor shouted, pointing her other hand at her enemy. A wave of cold blasted forth, extinguishing the flames and freezing the Splicer solid. Jumping down from her perch, she shoved her needle through the Splicer, causing it to break apart.

"No ADAM... I'm slightly disappointed..." Eleanor muttered, pulling her helmet off and heading towards the small girl. To her surprise, she found that it wasn't a Little Sister. Not anymore, anyway.
"Stay back!" The girl wailed. She pushed herself into a corner clutching a small needle filled with a thick red liquid.
"It's alright," Eleanor said in a soothing tone. She kneeled down and showed her gloved hands. "I'm not going to hurt you. My name is Eleanor. What's yours?"
"S-Sarah..." The girl whimpered.
"Hi, Sarah. Like I said, I won't hurt you. What are you doing out here?" Eleanor asked. If a recently cured Little Sister was nearby, then maybe he was nearby...
"I was leaving a gift for Daddy..." Sarah said. She had stopped shaking, and was eying Eleanor with curiosity. "You look like Big Sister".
"I guess I do," Eleanor chuckled. "Listen, you should get off the streets. Maybe find a vent to crawl into. Splicers can't get in there".
Sarah nodded and stood up. She brushed her dress off and headed for one of the Little Sister Vents.

Eleanor started doing the same, but stopped when she heard Sarah call her name.
"Yes, Sarah?"
Sarah held her needle out. The ADAM contained within glowed as Eleanor accepted it. Before she could thank Sarah, she ran off, leaving Eleanor alone. Looking around, Eleanor decided to find somewhere safer to inject the ADAM. As a kind of prototype Big Sister, she used quite a bit of ADAM to unlock her Plasmids. Every little helped her escape Rapture.

After wandering through the decrepit streets for a while, Eleanor finally came across an abandoned shop. She gently pried the door open, inspecting the broken-down room from the relative safety of thedoor. A couple of puddles decorated the concrete floor, and the wooden counter had rotted slightly, but the room was completely empty. Happy with this, Eleanor barricaded the door behind her, pushing an old book case in front of the door. It might hold against the smaller Splicers, but if a Brute or a Daddy came knocking, it would do little more than act as an alarm for her.

"Let's see what we got here," Eleanor said, opening a small hatch on her extractor needle. Stabbing the Little Sister's extractor into the opening, she groaned as she felt the ADAM rush through her body. Unlike the ADAM she extracted herself, which felt normal enough, this ADAM ran through her body, eventually converging on her flat backside. Eleanor groaned again as she pulled the needle out, her hand shaking as she did.
"What... What's wrong with me..." She mumbled, the needle dropping to the floor. She stumbled backwards, leaning against the wall behind her as the last of the ADAM flowed into her backside.

"This feels..." Eleanor stopped talking as she felt her jumpsuit, which was rather baggy on her flat body, suddenly tighten. Looking down, she saw nothing wrong with the front of her body, but when she twisted her neck to look at her back...
"Oh my God!"
Instead of the ironing board she had for a backside, two lumps pushed the back of the jumpsuit out. Running her hands over them, Eleanor didn't know how to react. While it was great that she actually had an ass to speak off now, it seemed largely useless and very impractical. What if it ripped her jumpsuit? She wouldn't be able to swim down here anymore. And the added weight would mess around with her agility. Big Sisters were meant to agile, able to confuse their enemies with speed. She had a better chance of confusing them with her out of place backside now.

"This is weird," Eleanor grumbled. "What was in that needle?"
Reaching down, which caused her ass to stick out, Eleanor sighed as the needle told her absolutely nothing.
"Maybe it was a plasmid inside it?" She guessed. "But the needles aren't made for extracting plasmids".
Before she could speculate further, a rip interrupted her. Cold air collided with her backside, which was now exposed, the jumpsuit having lost its battle with Eleanor's growing backside. Each one of her cheeks now resembled footballs in size, and each was just as firm. Straightening up, she ran her hands over her lower body again, groaning as she found that, along with her backside, her hips and thighs had grown as well. Her hips were much wider than her shoulders now, while her thighs were much thicker than before.

"This sucks," Eleanor finally said as her backside plumped up again. She let out a long sigh as she felt her hips grind outwards. "Who even needs a plasmid like this? If it even is a plasmid..."
Looking towards the old bookcase that hid the door, Eleanor briefly thought about leaving. However, with her new body, her combat abilities would be greatly compromised. She had trouble even walking a couple of feet without her hips swaying in a rather erotic manner. She'd probably turn a couple of heads if she walked outside like that.
"I guess... I'll stay here for a bit. It must wear off sometime!"

A couple of hours later...
The plasmid did indeed wear off. However, it made no different to Eleanor, whose ass was so large that she couldn't even leave her room. Her hips, once narrow and slim, were wider than she was tall, and she was tall. Each one of her massive ass cheeks resembled beanbags, each one now as soft as a beanbag. Eleanor had taken to just lying back on them, her body sinking slightly into the mass of flesh.
"Yep, this definitely sucks," Eleanor said again, getting to her feet. She groaned slightly as her lower body weighed her down, but did little to impede her movement as she swayed towards the door. The amount of ADAM coursing through her veins gave her much more strength and endurance than an ordinary human.

Pulling the bookcase away from the door, Eleanor cracked the door open and stuck her head out. The street was clear, the only noise being the distant clunking of a Big Daddy. Pushing the door completely open, Eleanor tried again to leave. Like the last time she tried, her hips got stuck in the door. Walking back into her room, she pushed the bookcase back in front of the door. It was only when she collapsed back onto her personal beanbags did she notice a plasmid advertisement on the wall.

"Booty Bumper-Upper!" She read out. "Tired of having a small posterior? Weep no more, as Booty Bumper-Upper will enhance your backside into the round posterior you've always dreamed about! Warning, do not use an excessive amount of Booty Bumper-Upper..."
Eleanor trailed off. She had a good idea of what was in that Little Sister's Extractor now. And she had injected a rather large amount into herself.
"No wonder it's so big..." She sighed, looking to her side slightly. "I wonder how I'm meant to get out of this?"
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