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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2128343
You are enjoying a baseball game with your brothers when you shrink. RP with Dramagoh
Nick, age 7, had two brothers, Jake age 5 and Walter age 10. Nick is going to a major league baseball game and it's kids day at the ballpark. Nick starts to feel weird. Nick passed out and wakes up on his seat. Nick looked around confused, and Nick’s head is spinning. Nick stands up, and walks around on the huge chair, when suddenly a shadow covers Nick. Nick looked up to see Walter standing above, looking around. "Where's Nick?" He says, and Nick yelled and waved. Walter shrugs, and Nick sees him start to sit down, and ran trying to avoid being sat on.

Nick was running his hardest and just barely got out of the way. Walter sits down and Nick is right in front of his crotch. Nick fall off the chair into his drink as he lifts it to his mouth. Nick starts to pour in and grabs his braces to avoid going into his mouth. Nick hung there terrified as Nick tried to call to Walter. Nick hangs and calls out, but Walter can't hear Nick. The game starts, and there's too much noise now, Nick would never have a chance of getting his attention. Nick saw him raise his drink to his lips again, and screams as a river of soda rushes past Nick. Nick holds on as tight as Nick can, but it's no use. Nick fall off his braces and into the rushing river heading right for his throat. Just before Nick goes down Nick grabs onto his uvula and hung on.

Nick is worried as Nick hangs from his brother’s uvula hoping he don't fall down the huge hole beneath. Nick suddenly hears a burp coming on and Nick is expelled from Walters mouth. Walter liked to burp is his little brothers face so Nick fell from Walters mouth into Jake's popcorn. Jake yelled at Walter who just laughed and went back to watching the game. Nick, meanwhile, is in a very dangerous position. Nick’s little brother loved popcorn and devoured it. Nick sees his hand come down and narrowly misses Nick as it scooped up a huge handful. Jake quickly ate it all and Nick yelled and waved as his hand came down again this time scooping Nick up too.

Nick was terrified as Jake's hand surrounded him and Nick felt himself rising into the air. Jake grabs each piece one by one and grabs the piece Nick was on and tosses it toward his opening mouth.Nick screams as he rushes towards Jake's huge mouth. Nick looks inside to see saliva and chewed popcorn everywhere and finally Nick lands on Jake’s tongue with a splat. Nick quickly got up just as the popcorn is tossed to Jake's molars and pulverized. The mouth is chaotic as he chews and Nick gets tossed around. Finally, Jake tilts his head back to swallow, and Nick starts to slip down into Jake’s throat. Nick screams as the popcorn goes down the dark hole, and then Nick falls down too. Nick reaches out and tries to grab his throat before falling into his stomach.

Luckily, as Nick is falling into the stomach Nick gets trapped in a gas bubble and floats back up Jake's throat and floats right out of his mouth and the bubble pops and Nick land on Jake's shorts. Nick sighs in relief glad to be out of that nightmare. Unfortunately, Jakes hand comes down, and flicks Nick down his waistband and into his shorts. Nick is horrified as he lands on top of Jakes penis inside his humid shorts. He wears briefs and Nick is trapped in the darkness in there. Nick walk down Jake’s penis until Nick slips and falls landing right in front of the tip.
Nick was stuck to the tip as he started walking. Suddenly Jake’s underwear opens and Nick sees a urinal in front of him. Nick holds on tight so he doesn't fall in. Jake starts to put away his penis and as he does Nick ends up getting knocked into Jake’s pee hole.

Nick falls deep into the narrow, slippery tube and blushed not wanting to be in here. Pee covers the walls and clings to Nick as Nick gets sucked down. Eventually, Nick end up in a huge chamber smelling of pee and soaking wet. Nick doesn't know where he is, Nick starts to cry, not wanting to be in here. Nick is not sure exactly where he is, but Nick starts to realize as pee is dripping on him. Nick couldn't believe he was in his brother’s bladder. He must be drinking a lot as it filled up again in no time and Nick is peed out into a stadium urinal and left there. Suddenly a shadow appears and Nick sees a nine year old boy step up to the urinal .

Nick watched the boy step up to the urinal and yells and waves for his attention. The boy looks down and squints. "A bug?" He says. "Unlucky day for you!" The boy pulls out his penis, and aims it right for Nick. "No, wait!" Nick yells, but the boy begins to pee blasting Nick with his stream. Nick screams and sputters as it gets in his eyes and mouth and follows Nick everywhere. Nick is scared as this boy it's trying to drown him with his pee and almost succeeds when he hits Nick at an off angle and doesn't notice Nick fly into the air and land in the hammock of his underwear. Nick can only watch as he decides Nick is gone and starts to put his penis away and drops it right on top of Nick.

Nick is pinned down by his penis as he pulls up his underwear. The boy starts walking and Nick can do nothing but struggle under his penis. The boy goes back and sits down and as he does Nick finds himself getting pushed into his pee hole. Nick screams and tries to grab onto something, but ends up slipping down the tube. Nick is able to grab the tube before Nick slides all the way down not believing he was in another penis. Nick climbs up and is able to crawl through and into his underwear. Nick tickles his groin area and the boy discreetly goes in to scratch and Nick grabs his hand. Nick goes flying off his hand and falls from the balconies on top of a pink cloud. Nick looks ahead to see a 4 year old eating parts of the cloud and realized he was on cotton candy.

The little boy quickly ate huge chunks of the cloud and Nick could hear wet gulps as he swallowed them down. Nick can't believe he’s back in danger of being eaten, and screams for help. The cotton candy is too sticky to move, and holds Nick like a spider web. Nick sees a shadow and looks up to see the boy's open mouth coming down. "Nooooo!" Nick screams, but it closes around Nick and a huge chunk of cotton candy trapping Nick inside.

Nick screamed as darkness enveloped him as the boy bit off a huge chunk of cotton candy taking Nick along with it. Nick landed on the boy’s tongue and watch as the saliva in the boys mouth completely melted the cotton candy
The gooey melted cotton candy clung to Nick, and Nick was disgusted, but things suddenly got much worse as the boy's tongue rose up behind Nick to swallow his treat. Nick started to slip and slide down to the dark hole of his throat and screams reaching out to grab anything. Nick missed his uvula and cried as Nick was swallowed for a second time today.
Nick couldn't believe he had been swallowed twice already today, but the boy starts to cough as Nick goes down throwing Nick from his mouth and Nick lands on his 14 year old brother’s lap and is horrified.

The boy looks down at his lap and sees Nick. Unfortunately, Nick was covered in pink and too tiny to make out. Thinking Nick is a crumb of some kind he reaches down, and brings Nick to his face. Nick watches his lips open and he casually flicks Nick inside. Nick screams as he lands with a splat on his tongue and is instantly soaked in saliva. "Let me out!" Nick yells, but his tongue starts to swish Nick around and Nick is tossed all over his mouth.
The mouth was so disgusting and slippery that Nick dripped out with some drool and fell and was just wedged in his waistband .

Nick was glad to be out, but cried in horror as Nick began to slip into his waistband. Nick couldn't stop himself as Nick fell through and landed in his shorts. Nick fell into the hairs the boy had and got tangled up just above his penis. Nick tried to get away, but the more Nick struggled, the more tangled Nick got. Finally, Nick stopped and hung there hoping the boy would get Nick out eventually. Suddenly, Nick noticed his struggles are causing his penis to grow and Nick felt him starting to walk. Light floods in as his underwear opens and he is in a bathroom stall and he reaches down and starts rubbing himself.

Nick is horrified as Nick watches his hand rub back and forth and his penis gets bigger and bigger. Nick had no idea what he was doing, but Nick wanted to get away from here. Nick struggled more but this only had the effect of making him rub harder. Nick hears the boy moan and suddenly huge gobs of white stuff shoot out of his penis and one lands right on top of Nick covering him. Nick blushed and wanted to cry, but a piece of paper suddenly wipes Nick up. Nick is wadded into the paper and Nick sees him drop into the toilet very quick. Nick’s paper ball is soaked with water. He flushes sending Nick down the drain.

Nick panics as he is sucked down the drain. Nick thinks this is the end and waits to drown as the water shoots Nick through the pipes. Nick falls off the paper and it gets sucked down into the sewers. Just before Nick joins it as Nick get sucked into a different pipe. It rockets Nick into a faucet and Nick lands in a cup being filled at the snack stand.
Nick kicked hard and struggles to reach the surface. Nick breaks the surface and gasps for breath. Suddenly, the cup is handed to an eight year old and he tips the cup towards his mouth.

The boy tilts the cup and Nick swims against the current as hard as he can. The waves are huge, and Nick is helpless as they sweep Nick up. Nick sighs as Nick is dragged into the boy's mouth and is once again drenched in saliva. Nick hated being in boy's mouths and thought they were disgusting, but Nick couldn't seem to escape them. All around Nick he could see teeth and Nick could see the uvula wiggling as the water went down the throat. Nick knew he would be going down there too and began to swim even more trying to avoid being swallowed.

The river of liquid was rushing down the boy’s throat as Nick is carried with it. Nick lands hard on his stomach valve and notice his legs had fallen through the valve and Nick was being pulled through the valve. Nick tried to call out to the boy to burp cough something to get Nick out but nothing happened .

Nick began to cry as Nick was pulled through the valve and into the boy's gurgling stomach. Nick tried to hold on, but everything was too slippery. Nick hoped for anything to get him out, but nothing happened as Nick’s head finally slipped through and Nick fell into the boy's stomach. Nick screamed and was falling through the stomach before landing on a small bit of floating food. Nick screamed out, yelling at the boy to throw Nick up, but the stomach just gurgled and bubbled around Nick and Nick knew this was it.

Nick cried knowing what was coming. Nick only wanted to enjoy a baseball game with his brother’s and now Nick is going to die in an unaware boy’s stomach. Nick wondered if his brothers noticed Nick never came to his seat or if they were looking for him. Nick’s island was now a mere crumb and Nick falls off into the juices and within second Nick is digested by the boy as he watches the rest of the game

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2128343