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Carrying only the small coin bag, Eva walked through a forest away from the Commons for the first time. Fear had chilled her from time to time but her sense of wonder and need for freedom held greater value. Her mood became chipper as she tried to forget Aayden and Richard. There was so much to learn and so many places to discover. Speaking to herself as she walked along she began to whistle then speak to herself out loud. “Hello world! Here I come, I hope you’re ready to teach me what i need to know! I want to know who is who. I want to see things I could never see before. I want to be where I have never been, although, that’s not complicated. I had never been anywhere but that dreary cabin.”
Upon a journey that had led her into the next morning, she had tried to imagine what lie ahead, and what kind of people she would meet if any at all. As the light of day broke she could see an edge to the forest leading into a large field.
As Eva stepped on the the grassy field she watched two squirrels run up a tree and birds fly from the tops. Her mind was full of curiosity and as she stepped further in the grass, a butterfly took her attention. Following the fluttering wings she watched the tiny colorful creature land on a stump surrounded with dead yellow grass. As she approached, it flew away. “Wait!”
She took a deep breath enjoying a moment of freshness unknown to her senses. A satisfied mind that had seen something new and yearned to know more of what else walked across the plains of Daygon. She wondered how big the world was and if she could find the end of it. For now, her feet were sore, her mouth dry and her tummy begin to rumble. Now thirst had made her realize she had not thought to bring a canteen. She spoke aloud to herself. “I better find a stream or river.”
Eva begin to walk until she heard strange whistles came from a short distance away. “Could that be those colorful wings? I should hide here in this tall grass and snatch it when it comes by.”
She waited and listened as the whistles grew louder. A large figure began to appear walking in her direction. “Well that is not wings.”
As the large figure drew closer, she viewed another kind of beast. It had upside down fangs hooking the drool that hung from it’s mouth bubbles of grossness coming from it’s large nostrils. She watched as this animalist creature stopped whistling and was now snorting in the air. “I smell ya! I know ya there, when I find ya’, I’ll eat ya’!”
WIthout fear, she stood slowly from the tall grass and stared at the beast and it seemed to have been startled as it jump back a bit. “What? What are you?”
Now walking around Eva it continued to snort in the air. “What am I? What are you?”
“I asked you a question! You can not ask me a question!” He stopped walking around her and stood close to her face.
She now stepped back once. For the first time she wondered what she was. “ No what are you?”
The beast made some growling sounds and stood scratching the green brown skin on it’s head. “ No matter! You are on my land and I want to know why? What is it that you want?”
“I am just passing with no plans or desires to meddle in your business. I am just…” Eva yawned. “Passing.”
Silence fell upon both of them as they stared at one another without any movement. Eva watched the drool as it now hung from his bottom lip, his pants were shredded, and his body seemed to creep out from the holes in his shirt. “I do not believe I will just allow you to pass through my lands without paying me a toll see? “
“A toll?” She had never paid for anything before.
“Yes you give me five silver and I will allow you to pass quickly through my fields as long as you do not look into any of the caves.” The beast now approached her and sniffed her like a wolf.
Eva sniffed him right back. “I do not want any problems, I am not paying you any silver. If I was to pay you anything, I would want services of some kind rendered, such as lodging or water. I will not pay you to remove your being from my path because if I think you are in my way, I can and will remove you myself!”
“How dare you? You are in ogre territory and you demand services? I am not an Inn or a Tavern!” The beast looked puzzled.
“I do not know what either of those are, but I know you are not a King or a Queen and can not intercept any living from passing through this land or any other land. And what is and ogre?” Evan had know none of what the laws had been and had only wanted to rest now.
“What is an ogre? Well your looking at one! I am a mage ogre and I will turn you into a bore and stake you if you do not change your attitude!” As the ogre stood and waited for her to speak back he noticed her eyes were closed because she had fallen asleep standing up. “Hey! Wake up!”
“My name is Eva and I am passing through to the east.” She hoped that he had not noticed her slumber.
He pretended not to notice. “My name is Boster and I do not know why you would go east. There is nothing but mountains and Castle Blackmore up that way. I do not think you want to find yourself in the hands of Count Marcus and his goons. You should go north or south. You could go west. “
“I just came from the west. That is definitely not where I want to go.” Eva struggled to stand still and fought her eyes from closing again.
“Wherever it is you’re going, go! I do not like any company! I like to be alone!” Boster yelled but this new creature stood asleep again. “Again?”
Even pulled eyes wide open. “I will give you ten silver if you allow me a bed!”
“A bed? You are asking me to come back to my cave and sleep in it? Are you not in fear of me?”
“No. I am not in fear of you or anything else for this matter. I only tire from my journey and would like to close my eyes for a small amount of time.”
Boster strolled around her in wonder. He had never met another being that did not fear him. He had scared humans, trolls, dwarves, animals of all sorts, and even other ogres his entire lifetime. He was angry at this ordeal, yet his curiosity grew. “Fine. You can stay til the sun comes up. No longer because I have studies to attend and do not wish to be bothered. I will show the cave and then I will fetch me some dinner.”
Eva followed behind this dirty being and cared less now about his ways. She could not feel anything other than her hunger, thirst, and drowsy eyes. The walk was a short distance away and when she entered his cave a sense of comfort seemed to have blanketed her. The darkness, the dampness, and the dirt on her feet felt nice. “This is great, thank you so much.”
“Don’t thank me, I am leaving to fetch my food, and I do not want to come back and find you have touched anything. I am an apprentice in wizardry and need you to stay away from my scrolls and books.” Boster walked out backwards talking until he exited the cave.
Eva looked around at the books and scrolls that decorated the floors. She saw a burned out torch on the wall and noted a gleam. Slowly approaching she reached up to grasp the gem from where it hung. It seemed to be a precious thing that had been neglected and left alone. She tried but could not place it back to its spot. She instead stuffed it into her coin bag and found a boulder to sit on.
“Eva come home. We need you to come home.” Voices were whispering and repeating themselves.
She saw a woman moving from tree to tree. She called out to the woman. “Hello?”
The woman began to cry and her tears fell from her face like a waterfall had from the springs. “Are you alright?”
The voices grew louder. “Eva come home to where you belong!”

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