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Kaito recieves an unusual text from his girlfriend asking to meet.
One New Message

~Hakone, Japan~
1つの新しいメッセージ [One New Message]
Kaito pulled his phone from his coat pocket after hearing the message alert go off, the name on his screen was Moriko, his girlfriend of three years.

Kaito opened the message to read, '空いてますか?' [Are you free?] Moriko asked, Kaito replied to the message, telling her he was free, and asked why.

'会えますか?話したい。' [Can we meet? Want to talk.] Moriko asked, Kaito messaged back agreeing to meet to her. It didn't take long for Mariko to send Kaito an address.

Kaito jumped on his bike and began to cycle to the address he had been given, the trip was no more than ten minutes. What could this all be about, Kaito wondered. He had a worried feeling that Moriko was going to break up with him.

The address he had been given lead to an old empty house. Kaito approached the front door and knocked twice, but there was no answer. "Moriko?" Kaito called out, still no answer. The front door opened slightly by itself, allowing Kaito to slowly step inside, "Moriko?" Kaito called again, the house was quiet.

Kaito pulled out his phone and messaged Moriko to see if he was in the right place. A few moments later Moriko responded, telling Kaito she was inside the house.

Kaito began to look around, he started in the living room, then the kitchen, there was no sign of her, he then made his way upstairs to the bedrooms. One of the bedrooms he entered was damaged, it looked as if one of the beds had been set on fire a long time ago.

Once again Kaito pulled out his phone and decided to call Moriko, he waited a moment while it rang, suddenly Kaito could hear Morikos phone ringing from the bathroom, he made his way there to find the door wide open.

What he found in the bathroom filled him with fear, his heart began rapidly beating, his arms and legs began to shake. Laying in the bathtub was a burnt skeleton, wearing clothes he knew belonged to Moriko, and in it's hand was Marikos phone, ringing.

Kaito ran as fast as he could to get out of the house, and just as he got out the front door, a hand grabbed his wrist. Kaito looked around and saw a mysterious woman with charred skin and long black hair which covered a lot of her face, her hand burnt as she squeezed Kaito's wrist.

Kaito was able to pull away from the mysterious woman and get away from the house, but was left with a nasty handprint burn forever around his wrist.


Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this short piece
I'm not an experienced writer, my spelling and grammar isn't the best
I just did this for fun
I may write more about the mysterious woman in the house if this goes well
If you have any questions about this, please ask
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