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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Family · #2129952
If you grew up with a narcissistic parent, this is poem telling that you are stronger
Yes, I was hurt, yes, I was a victim
I never received love from her or, and him
I was half orphan, I hated myself
I cried, feeling like a book in the wrong shelf
Now I know, it wasn't my fault
Don't cry for them as they are full of salt
Look at them, throwing a tantrum
We were children, searching the spectrum
But already born, we were already mature
They knew it and made us insecure
Look at them, slamming the door
Screaming more and more
They searched a reason to drink
You wished to pour this down the sink
But you could never wash them
I just said "may I?" they replied a mayhem.

Look at you, all alone and lost
You tried and what was the cost?
You loved them, yes, and it was nothing but pain
They shouted at the sun, they yelled at the rain
Do you still think it was your fault?
You were just a toy in their assault
They manipulated you, rejected you
You are not one, you'll be always at least two
The world is full of hurt children like you
Trust me, we are not just a few
We are survivors, we are stronger
They attacked us because they had this power
But now it just had to stop, stop, STOP!

They were our rulers even if they were never on top
How can you believe in someone who doesn't believe in you?
You were blinded by them, it is time to see through
They hit us, mentally and, or physically
How can you still call them family?
How much time you wanted to scream at the top of your lungs?
They kept you at the bottom of the ladder, it is time to climb the rungs
You always had the strength to succeed
They always saw this and forced you to hid.

Are you still afraid of them? Why?
Because they made you cry?
Because they made you fail?
Because they made you wail?
Listen to this, this is the right pitch
Mother: You're a selfish bitch!
Daddy: You're a coward dumbass!
You told me the worst, don't say that I am crass
I don't hate you, I pity you and your empty soul
You don't have emotions, you can scream and that's all
You don't need me, you need attention
One time, you insult me, the next, you say son
The morning, you call me ugly, the night, I'm your daughter
Now I know, it would have been the same if it was another
How can they blame their son for being shy,
If they always told him he was too girly to be a guy?
How can they say their daughter is crazy,
While the thing they kissed the more is whisky?

I am my own Hippocrate against your hypocrisy
You claim crisis because I want to be free
Guess what? I don't love you anymore
Because for you, loving me is a bore
I was never weak, you were
All this sadness, all this anger
I'm letting all of this go with you
It's time for my happiness to be true
Regrets are now nothing but past trends
Because I am proud of who I am and my friends
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2129952