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A chapter I wrote on a continued story from GoT.
Cliff sighed in relief, knowing Alysia was safe at the hospital. At the scene of the accident, he thought back on who wanted him dead. Chuckling without humor, “Well, they succeeded!”

Anger took control of him, but he had to calm down to think, to figure out who would do this to him and Alysia. His gut feeling told him who it could be, and thinking back on the enemies he’s made throughout the years, he knew it had to be his cousin, Daniel Woodcliff, who's always been jealous of him since they were children.

But Daniel loved Alysia, too, why would he do this to me when she was in the car? Nothing made sense, and he felt trapped, because his human form was now at the morgue. No one can see me, which is a good thing, but I’m new at this, and not even sure if I can touch anything without passing right through any object. I’ve heard of ghost learning how, but that would take longer than what I have in mind.

Would my father or my brother be able to sense me, hopefully even hear me? I’ve got to find out, because just me out of the picture, Daniel will get away with murder. I can’t let that happen.

He found his father in the library, and decided to touch, or maybe … “Dad, can you hear me? It’s me, Cliff.”

His father looked up at him, but just looked puzzled. “Who’s there?”

Well, that’s promising. “Dad, it’s me, Cliff. I need your help.”

“Cliff, how come I can’t see you, what happened?”

“Somebody tried to kill me, and my guess is Daniel, but we have to make sure before we act. They cut the brake line to my car, and without brakes, I hit a brick wall, killing me instantly. Alysia was in the car too, and she’s at Cedarville Hospital.”

“Cliff, I can’t believe this! You think Daniel, you own cousin would do this to you!”

“Yes, I do! He’s been jealous of me, and Alysia for a while now. I guess he found the right moment, and acted on it.”

“I’ll talk with Jake Silverton, he’ll know what to do. He always took care of any messes you got in, and knowing this one isn’t your fault, I'll have to convince him to help me. First of all, explaining what happened to you will take some doing, but I'm a convincing fellow. I'll also talk with the police about the accident, take care of your funeral. This should put Daniel at ease, and hopefully he'll make a mistake. I better watch myself too, because I’m not sure what he’s up to, not yet anyway, but I’m darn sure, if Jake, and I put our heads together, we will find out one way or the other.”

“Thanks Dad, I felt so helpless in this state, being a ghost limits what I can do. I’m invisible is the only good thing about this, I can spy on my enemies, and that is just what I will do. If it isn’t Daniel, I’ll check them all out and get back to you.”

“Good show, Cliff, we’ll get to the bottom of this. Nobody hurts my son and gets away with it.”

Cliff floated over to Daniel’s house, and saw him talking on the phone. He got closer to hear what he had to say, and knew immediately why he caused this accident. First of all, he wanted Alysia, as he suspected, but he planned on getting closer to my father, but never gave the reason why; apparently, the other person knew, because it never came up again. I have all the time in the world, thanks to you, you double-crosser! “Who did he partner up with against his own kin?”

Trying to pace in his ghostly body made him feel insignificant, so he just stared daggers at his cousin, until he ended his conversation.

Daniel looked satisfied, which made Cliff want to punch him. “Playing with fire, cousin, can get you burned.”

Daniel grabbed the keys off the table, and walked out the door whistling. “I’m going to follow you wherever you go, you bastard!”

When he found out where he was heading, to the hospital, he knew who the double-crossing idiot was going to see. Wanting to punch him out once more, but all he could do was watch.

Well, at least I’ll get to see if Alysia is alright, plus watch Daniel be all sympathetic, comforting when he was the one who caused it. I don’t think I can watch this after all, do ghost puke?

I went into the room and felt sad, and a great loss of a friend, and lover came over me. What a great life we could have had together! I wanted to beat Daniel to a pulp!

Running the names of who Daniel could be in with passed the time as he cooed and hugged his way into Alysia’s good graces. “Just wait until she finds out what a creep you are, then we’ll see, cousin.”

Who could it be, my best friend Mark Dalton? No, and I sure hope not, or I’d lost faith in the whole human race. Maybe it’s that rat Louis Mills, but he isn’t that smart. What about Clark Finley? He never liked me either, and I’ve seen Daniel and Clark in restaurants together. When did they get so cozy? I was so busy making plans with Alysia, that I never paid any attention to what was going on between those two. I’ll check on Daniel later, I better tell Dad what I came up with. It’s worth checking out, and the sooner we find out who cause my accident, the better.

Dad was with Jake, their heads together, planning on how to trip up Daniel in his own game. I bent down and whispered the name of Clark Finley in my father’s ear, and he signaled that he heard.

I stayed for a while, listening in on what they were planning, and smiled. That should do the trick. “Daniel, you're going to get what is due you, you double-crossing idiot!”

I went back to the hospital, liking for the first time, since the accident, the freedom of movement on being a ghost.

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