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Looking into the Spiritual realm of a Man who Lost His Way
The Conference Room 3

Take a minute and think back to a prayer that you prayed. Were you focused? Was it emotional? Was it heartfelt? Did you spend enough time in prayer? How did you feel afterward? I would have to say, when I am on my knees there is an absolute connection, no distractions, my heart is affected and my load is lighter when I pray down on my knees.
I caught myself wondering, since there are so many people, how could God possibly hear everyone’s prayers.
My mind wondered off and this is what I imagined.
I'm in a conference room. The table is so long the ones at the other end look tiny. I believe the ones at the table are angels. Some are whispering to one another, some are reading over notes or forms. I hear a soft deep voice announce that Maggie Ryder got her prayer answered today. Everyone applauds and are more than just happy. They were ecstatic or overly excited. Then the room gets quite. The voice shares news of others whose souls were saved last night.
​ These angels know how to celebrate. It was like little mini parties being celebrated for each name that was called. The joy and energy in the room was hypnotizing. ​
The energy was a new experience for me. It was explosive, overpowering, something I could never have imagined on my own. It got quite again and one of the angels went to a microphone. He started reporting the latest on Lance Tysinger. He described how satan had lured him into a web of lies and tricks. He told how Lance would unconsciously go through the day thinking about all the sinful things he was involved with now. Lance would have flashbacks of himself surrendering his life to Jesus and think about his Baptism which was just last year. Lance was being tormented by guilt. He never really asked for help or prayed for anything, but his mind never let go of his new life title.

Unfortunately, Lance was not living in the realm of his new title. The angel said, “I saw the wicked laughing at him every time he tried to resist temptation”. I had to watch them dangle him over the fires of hell. They played on his emotions. They whispered in his ear. Traps were laid for him to get him tangled up and confused. His joy for life had been stolen. It was bottled up in a jar and the evil ones played volleyball with it constantly. Lance had lost all hope, everyone turned their backs on him. Some even said, “I knew you wouldn't make it”. Then the angel slammed his hand down on the table and said, “The people that encouraged him to go to church, ministered to him, helped him, motivated him, the ones who have been in church all their lives, these are the ones who said, “I knew you wouldn't make it”. Why do church or religious people live a fake life? They know all the rules, they come up with good ideas for the church, they can sing their hearts out, they create and design great things for the kids’ programs, they can even pray beautiful prayers. But why? I don't understand why! Why don't they step out of their comfort zone to help someone? WHY?

My eyes were flooded with tears. A stream of tears ran down this angel’s cheeks. There were others who were wiping tears and blowing their noses. The deep voice never said a word. Then the angel stood tall and smiled as he wiped his tears away. He said, “But God”! Man, I wish you all could have been there!
The angel clinched his fist and bit his lip. He hit his fist in his hand and said, “Wow”! Here came that electrifying wave of energy again. The angel said, “Lance had dropped to his knees and said, with tears and a snotty nose, “God, I am sorry that I am too weak to live my life for you. Forgive me”. Guess who showed up?! You should have seen them a--holes scatter. Jesus breathe on them. The ground under their feet turned to ice. The angel is laughing. He could barely get the words out from laughing so hard. He said, “they were slipping and sliding and falling into things”. He bent over and wrapped his arms around his belly. He gasped for air and let out a laugh that got everyone laughing. He tried to tell more of the story, but he couldn't pull himself together. He would say, “You should have seen” and that's all he could get out. He slapped his knee and others were falling out of their chairs. I thought the vibes couldn't get any stronger, but WOW! This went on for 15 -20 minutes. My cheeks were hurting from laughing. Yeah, I couldn't stop myself. It was one of those deep belly laughs. When someone tried to say something, the laughter just ​ got louder.
When it got quite again, I heard very soft angelic music. Then everyone closed their eyes and some stretched their arms up and they began to worship. Oh My Goodness!! I could see vibration waves in all different colors all around the room. The waves were circled around every angel in the room. I couldn't make out anything that was being said, but I think some were praying in tongues. I wanted to raise my arms and get my worship on too.
I do believe every prayer is heard. I believe God wants to give us our hearts desire.
Oh, I forgot to tell you something. When I PRAY, I sometimes tell God what I need Him to do. In the conference room I saw those prayers on a shelf that went up further than I could see.
The shelf was labeled, “YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT?
Note to self……always ask God for help…...that's all it takes.

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