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Rated: E · Chapter · Religious · #2130416
This is a chapter from a book I'm working on, my take on the best selling book of all time
The warm glow from the sun starts to cover Adam as it rises over the nearby hills, Adam starts to wake from a slumber that feels like his first, he hears the wind gently sway through the leaves on a nearby apple tree and in this tree birds that he has never seen before sing away at the morning sun.
Adam stretches his legs and arms, then he hears strange mumblings...

"Well, what a week that was, I think I did well this time?"

Adam looks around the other side of the apple tree, this is when he spots a similar looking person to himself but much older looking with grey hair and wrinkles wearing nothing but a plain robe.

"Err, hello are you alright"

"Oh you're awake, about time too!, I'm the maker of this wonderful place, I also made you which would make me your father but you can call me, God"

"Father, God?" Adam calls out confusingly

"Yes, Yes stop looking confused man"

"Man", Adam was getting more and more confused!

"Oh boy"


This was going nowhere fast God thought, he sat next to his newly formed son and started to tell him of his wondrous work over the last week or so. He started by telling Adam that this was his best attempt at creating a new world, he tried to explain that other attempts had failed, some were too hot whilst others were either too dry or too gassy and don't get him started on the icy one!
God told Adam that before that ball of warm light that was rising above them, there was nothing but vast darkness and that he had placed the planet that they were now on, just the right distance away from it not to be too hot nor too cold, unlike the other planets that he had attempted to make. He then goes on to explain to him that these planets will go around the large ball of warm light, thus making the day and night and eventually the differing seasons.

"The first day went something like this, I looked into the darkness and there was nothing" so I said "Let there be light" this is when the sun was formed, but I soon realized that it needed light after the sun had gone, so I placed the moon. So in the day the Earth would have the warm glow of the sun and at night it would have the clear light of the moon, thus splitting the day into two parts "The light of the day" and "The darkness of the night" and at the end of this was the first day.

Then the second day was upon me, I noticed a void in between the waters below me and the waters that floated above my head "This was not good", so I named that void "The sky", so I watched the beautiful morning sky turn into the stunning night sky and then after this the morning sky returned, this was then the second day.
Realizing that there was a lot of water below me I decided to split the watery depths into smaller manageable areas which I would call "the sea's", the dry arid area's sprouted up all around the blue globe, these area's I called "the land" and because the land looked so barren I started to grow different kinds of plant life with most of them producing seeds and fruit...

"Seeds, Fruit", Adam was even more confused now?

"Are you going to let me finish my story"

God continued with his fable, look Adam! you will be able to eat the fruit "Well some of it?" and the seeds can be taken and planted into the ground, which after a little water they should become a new plant, I thought this would be good for you, the evening came and morning then showed up, thus making the third day.

God then said to Adam that his OCD then kicked in, he just could not let everything just go about this world in a daze, he went on to say that he used the sun and the moon to govern the day and night. God then put smaller lights in the night sky that would act as a map for the sacred days, months and years, these lights he named "the stars" would be in the remain in the same position according to the time of year and when the morning came around again this signalled the end of the fourth day.

"The talk of all this food is making me hungry" Adam whispered

God thought about telling Adam that he could hear ever thought, but he decided against this as Adam was confused enough?

On the fifth day, God explained he wanted the seas to produce living creatures of different types and sizes, these animals would be made so they can breathe whilst in the water. God looked up and noticed the clear, silent skies and thought to himself that it would be good to also have living creatures that lived in the sky, so he made creatures that were able to fly in-between the land, sea's and the sky, these creatures would be light and feathery unlike the slimy and scaly ones from the water, He said “Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the water in the seas, and let the birds increase on the earth.”

The sixth day was going to be Gods busiest, God told Adam that after looking across the sea's and the skies which were becoming livelier with the different types of wildlife, he then looked across the large area of land that was dull in comparison, yes it had the plant life but it was eerily quiet, so I decided to place living creatures on the land, there were a wide array of creatures some would be livestock some crawled on the ground some would live in the tree's with the birds and some would remain wild.

"I then made you Adam"

"Oh thank you"

"I made mankind from my own image, man and woman to rule over the land, sky and sea's and what I had created"

"Wait? who or what are man and woman" Adam said confusingly.

God calmly says "All will be revealed".

At the end of this sixth day I proclaimed that all the creatures that I had made should go and be fruitful and increase in number, including mankind, God then winks at Adam and smiles "this is where the woman will come in?"

But before all this I had to rest, so on the seventh day, after all this hard work that you see before you I rested and made this day a holy day, so from now on no one will work on this holy day, they will rejoice in what they have done and rest, be ready for the work ahead.

So Adam that was the week I have had, have you any questions? Adam starts to think, yes I do have a few questions?

"What is this beautiful place we are in"

"This is what I have called the garden of Eden"

"OK, how did you make me"

"This was easy, I just picked up a handful of dirt and breathed life into it and voila you were made"

"Why is the water falling from the sky"

God went on to explain "This was an error on my behalf, the plants that I had made on the third day did not look happy, so I started to water them and this is when I noticed they flourished more"

Adam then speaks of the trees in the garden "Why does this tree that we are standing under look different to the others?"

God sternly speaks to Adam "This is the tree of knowledge, of good and evil, yes it looks beautiful and it tastes delicious, but to eat from it would mean certain death, so please don't do it!"

God then explains that to collect all the water that falls from the sky that the plants and wildlife do not need or use, he had formed a river to collect all the unused water and send it back to the sea, where it can be reused when needed, and from this one river flowing out of the garden of Eden it will be split into four more rivers, the River Pishon will wind its waters through the land of gold, onyx and resin that can be found in the land of Havilah, the land of Cush will have the River Gihon go through it and the River Tigris will run on the eastern side in the lands of Ashur, whilst the fourth river will be named the Euphrates.

"I have one more question, if I may ask what is a woman?"

God coughs "Oh yes, how could I forget", he then goes on to explain that after you had put a name to all the living creatures that walked before you and we could not find a suitable helper to walk along side of man, I put you in a deep sleep, to which you have only just arisen from. Whilst in that sleep I snapped off a bone from your body.

"What, which one?"

"One of your ribs, you had plenty of them!"

I then moulded a woman out of this bone which was taken from you and made by me, "Adam I would like to introduce your wife, Eve", Adam then spots a creature walking up to them that is similar to him but different.

"Why are we different"

"I could not copy you exactly from just one bone" God explains, that this way you will be able to tell each other apart.

"Why are you covered in cloth and we have nothing then"

"Don't feel ashamed because you are both naked, you come into this life with nothing and you will leave this life with nothing"

As the time went by Adam and his wife Eve spent time in the garden of Eden, learning of its many wonders and delighting at the wondrous colours it was providing, but little did they know of the hidden evil that also lurked in the dense vegetation in this garden of delights.
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