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Rated: E · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2130705
Two girls, and angry spirit. The world depends on them.


Evergreen smiled.
The walls were covered in birthstones and they all glowed in their respective color.
The ground was like a river, soft and wild but had a comforting aura.
All at once, a blaze of fire appeared, but then died, leaving a pretty redhead girl. Her left eye was fiery orange, but her right eye was a rich hazel. Her outfit resembled a blazing fire that never died down. " Master Evergreen." The flaming girl said, nodding and bowing to Evergreen. "Hello, Huo" Evergreen smiled, but as she did, a swarm of plants surrounded the room and a blond haired girl appeared, her green and pink flowered dress shimmering in a bit of sunlight that came from the top window of the meeting room.
She smiled and opened her green grass eyes " I hope I'm not too late" the plant girl smirked.
Huo's eyes gave a spark of fire.
"Tan Huang" Huo grunted to the blonde-haired girl with pink and green highlights in her hair.
" Oh, Huo." Tanhuang said, disappointed. Tanhuang walked towards Evergreen bowing and hugging her, then stomping over, and while smirking replied "I just bowed why don't you do the same, oh I forgot, some spirits are just more polite and more important than others"
"Well, your head is full of moss if you think you're important!" Huo hollered at her. Years before a long, long time ago. When the world was still young, Tanhuang and Huo were watching snow fall onto grass ground, each spirit was dazzled by how the snow floated through the air like a feather, then landed perfectly onto the grass.
Tanhuang grabbed her shoulders, and shivered, Huo smiled and lighting a fire with her finger she pointed it to Tanhuang, "Here, it will make you feel better," Huo touched Tanhuang on the shoulder, she screamed, Huo instantly lifted her finger. She was scared, and when she saw what she had done to Tanhuang shoulders, she tried to say sorry, Tanhuang looked at her shoulder again, her green skin was burned, and her golden blood dripped out. Her head grew thorny bushes and scowling she grabbed at the earth, the rich hazel soil filled her fingers and fell in clumps out of the cracks in her fingers. She threw the soil at Huo's eyes, Huo screamed.
The soil filled her right eye, changing the color, Huo's body filled with angry, they fought and fought, until the forest had dried out completely and plants were taking up so much water the world would soon die. But then they stopped, Evergreen commanded them, scowling at them and forcing them to step out of their duties until the world was back in peace.
Tanhuang was about to hurl a retort at Huo, but then a spring of water appeared and mist sprayed over the arguing spirits.
The spring of water died down and in its place was a girl that had a long braid of seafoam blue hair and a watery dress that was as smooth and as lazy as river on a spring day.
" Please, both of you know how to make peace at a meeting" the graceful water spirit said with a soothing voice.
Huo and Tanhuang shared dirty glances as they waited for the last two spirits to arrive.
" Thank you, Shui. Huo and Tanhuang, I hoped you two would have learned your ways by now, what happened was many years ago." Evergreen commented as she gracefully walked across the room to welcome Shui.
Tanhuang and Huo kept staring at each other.

After a while of waiting, the room froze over. Huo smirked as a flame of fire burst around her and warmed her. Tanhuang held her shoulders tightly, as if her pale hands could shield her from the frost that was pouring into the room.
The frost melted away and formed a pale girl with powder white hair and icy blue eyes. Her dress was fluffy and silky like snow, her hair flowing to the sides seemed to be pouring out snow into the air.
" I'm here! What did I miss.?" She said. Her voice was soft but somehow icy at the same time and made everyone shiver."Hey Dongji" Huo said , coming closer to Dongji. Huo's flames heated up to keep herself warm as she came closer and closer to Dongji " Huo, I haven't seen you in the last 100 years! How are you?" Dongji said stepping forward and hugging Huo." I'm good, how are you?" Huo said as the flames around her died down and she hugged Dongji back.
" Me? Not so good." Dongji said letting go of Huo, Huo looked confused for a second then smiled. " Having trouble with them?" Dongji screamed.
" Yes! Those little stupid brats are just too much! Red keeps howling,wanting food and Aster keeps on clawing my dresses! But guess what those are just your two! Theres like 100.2 million more!"
Huo smirked as she patted Dongji on the back and laughed. Evergreen's forest green eyes stared at Dongji.
" So where are the animals?" Evergreen questioned. Dongji lifted her hand to her mouth and she whistled.
After some seconds a bright explosion of colors burst in the room, and a pack of animals appeared.
Everyone turned to the little, cute animals that had swarmed into the halls. Huo looked around, surprised at the young and small animals. "They look fit and well, not sick and dead" Huo commented."Huo! You meanie! I did the best I could! I'm not Dongwu!" Dongji sighed, exasperated to Huo.
Huo noticed a little ball of brown that had stopped by her feet. As she looked closer, the little puff of fur was actually a brown wolf, that had red stripes, circles dots all kinds of designs on her back and with red wings. Huo, knowing it was her little animal, she smiled, a tear forming in her left eye. She bent down and hugged the little animal. " My little spark of Flame, oh how I've missed you so much!"
Dongji turned and smiled " I'm happy Dongji didn't kill you" Huo said sarcastically, with a grin.
Dongji smile turned into a frown " HUO!!!"
As Dongji said this another wolf with wings jumped into Huo's arms, he had black fur with also red designs on his back, and his wings were red too. Huo hugged both of them, then remembering the time with Kate.
A little white miniature ball of fluff leaped into Dongji's arms. Dongji smiled, calming down, and looked into the white tiger's ice blue eyes. A little tan lion leaped into Dongji's arms, just like his sister. Dongji smiled at the cub.
All the animals ran to their spirits, and others played.
" Everyone please calm down. I think we should start the meeting" Evergreen said as she pettted a dark colored doe.
Everyone nodded, but Shui with a hand stopped her from talking, "Shouldn't we wait for Weifeng?"
Evergreen paused, her face like a stone, no expression, but then she smiled and her eyes softened, she then said "I think it is okay to talk a little bit into the meeting without Weifeng, she already has heard it for hundreds of years. And I bet by the time she arrives we will be naming off the girls."
Everyone nodded, and Shui smiled the grass rustle in the room. " Today we are here to talk about the Gems and the girls you will mentor. It is time in every year that we are giving the chance to change the fate of world again" Everyone smiled, " Okay here is t-"
The halls the spirits stood in burst into pieces, the ground became nothing more than burnt up grass.
" King Quartz" Evergreen whispered in anger, "Everyone behind me now!" Evergreen yelled towards the small animals and spirits. The Spirits rushed behind her but the animals stood all together next to Evergreen
The room was silent, and nothing was heard. Evergreen flinched, her green forest eyes narrowing into shards of hate towards the spirit that was in the room.
A sharp laugh filled the room. The smell of fire and ash danced around the room.
Shui turned to Huo and frowned. "It's not me, I swear!" Huo shouted in protest at Shui.
White eyes stared at the animals.
" Well, well, look what the freaks raised.You little deformed creatures are horrible. But I will make an exception, hand them over!" "No" Evergreen clicked her tongue , which gave a sign to the animals to rush behind her.
As they rushed, King Quartz noticed that Leo, the little lion cub had fallen over. King Quartz quickly rushed over and grabbed Leo by the scruff and put him to his chest. Pumpkin, Leo's mother, tried to defend her cub. She bit King Quartz's leg, but he kicked her away. Leo's sister Serenity and Misty, were freakishly mad. King Quartz yelled in pain. Misty hit King Quartz with a blast of icy air. King Quartz tightened his grip on Leo. Red, the wolf cub spit fire at the menacing spirit, King Quartz yelped as fire danced over his clothes.
Red smiled.

"King Quartz, don't you ever remember what I told you? Never. Come. Back..."
He looked at Evergreen with a glare that could kill a hundred men in minutes. " Oh I remember, but I don't care" King Quartz smiled. But not just any smile, a smile that showed something was going to happen.

King Quartz head started to move, and turned into a thousand snakes, all hissing and spitting a liquid that burned the ground into nothing.
Pumpkin hissed.
King Quartz looked at Pumpkin, his head smiled and he spit, Pumpkin could not move fast enough and the spit hit her in the head.
"Dead" was all they could think.
A yelp came from her Misty and the others,
But Pumpkin let out a small moan, and the spirits knew she was not that horrible word.
She was still alive.
The spirits just stood there, all frozen in fright or crying under their breaths.
"Now" King Quartz said, a curving in his words, " Who is next?"

"Run" Evergreen said. All the spirits grabbed their animals and any other animal they could before King Quartz could get them.

They all ran down a hall, the gems on the walls darkened and melted into nothing as they ran, all the years and girls that the mentored, a gem was always added to the wall, now it was all gone. Dongji picked up Pumpkin and ran fast.

"Hurry! To the Crystal River!" Evergreen screamed as they ran, the spirits nodded still running.
A river then appeared, it sparkled many colors, all the spirits jumped into the river, but when Dongji crawled into it carrying Pumpkin, she stopped and turned.
Evergreen was turned not facing Dongji, but King Quartz, " Evergreen, come on!" she screamed at her, but Evergreen only stood there, then with a faint whisper she said " You and Huo's girls are Lucille Eros and Sasha Ais. These two will change everything."
Dongji screamed for Evergreen to join her, but she did not, a wave crashed over Dongji and the injured body of Pumpkin . A burst of air swept around the hall and Weifeng, a spirit appeared. She saw the whole scene. She then saw the spirits in the river, she then started to crawl into it.
And then black sweeped into Dongji's mind.

© Copyright 2017 Acuna Angel (asilentwriter at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2130705