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Two girls, an angry spirit, the world depends on them.

Chapter 1

The sun shone bright through the window of Harper's Middle School For Girls.
Lucille sat doodling wolves and birds in her notebook, while I, the girl on her right, scribbled down all the things our teacher, Mrs. Budde said.
         Lucille moaned in boredom.
I whipped my glaring eyes at my artsy friend Lucille, "What?" Lucille said,and I, putting my hair behind my ear, let in a breath and then let it go, and then started to scribble again, secretly doodling just like Lucille.
         Lucille hit her head against the table letting out a bigger moan, Mrs.. Budde glared at Lucille, and Lucille looked up.
         The flowers on Mrs.. Budde's desk looked like their thorns were getting sharper and sharper by the seconds, Lucille,as many people would be, was confused.

"Dad, I know you don't want me to go. But, you don't have to be around me as much." said Alexia as she sat on her father's bed feeding him his proage.
This pleased him. Not having his orphan around would let her father get more things done. With a hand he scratched his head- he acted like he was thinking-"Yes. Very well, you can go to the education center-or whatever it's called."
" YES! Thank you soooo much daddy!" Alexia had never called him daddy.
Her father muttered something under his breath, but Alexia payed no mind as she climbed on top of his bed and started to bounce on him. "HEY! You're going to break this bed!" he yelled. "Sorry..."


Chapter 2

It was 4:30am and Alexia was on her way to school. Had she not begged her father to let her come to Harper's, she would have not been a part of this story.
She walked into the office. She looked around nervous, then she looked at me.
I was sitting next to my best friend Sasha. we had both gotten black eyes while playing tetherball.
Alexia took in a breath and gulped.
         "Excuse me, but when does school start?"
I looked up.
A girl stood in front of me. She was pretty, she had a milky tanny skin and dark brown hair that was pulled back into a bun. She was tall but not too tall, and on her face sat two brown eyes -and a pair of glasses- that were full of wisdom.
She wore the normal school uniform, black jacket, yellow skirt, white socks with flat blue shoes, but the way she wore it showed something about her was different. Besides her big purse that was purple, that hung from her shoulder.

"O-oh, hello! You must be new here! Hi, my name is Lucille and this is my friend Sasha" Sasha nodded a hello and the new girl smiled and said "Hi, the name is Alexia" in return, I smiled but then remembered why she even was talking to us, "Oh and to answer your question, uhh school started at least 2 hours ago, sorry" I said.
Alexia froze and then muttered something under her breath.
"Oh jeez ,she's mad" I thought.

Alexia looked at Sasha and I .
Then something happened.
Alexa felt heat around her neck, and she looked down at her amethyst chain necklace. It was glowing!
To me, my eyes were playing tricks on me. We didn't know anything back then, so we didn't do anything when Alexia stuttered " I need to go and make a call." Remember, we didn't know anything, but we weren't stupid.

Now these two girls, Sasha and Lucille, are what everyone is wondering about, how do they look like, right?
Well, to answer that question, Sasha is 4'11, with tan kissed skin, black hair, brown eyes with strength, and glasses. She insisted on wearing those hideous things because she said she was straining her eyes. She was a girl who obeyed orders, never really spoke her mind, she bundled up her feelings of hate and only let out her feelings of joy. She was funny and kind. But could get mad easily, but remember she never showed it.

Lucille is 4'5. She has milky white and peach skin. She also has two bright red cheeks and deep brown eyes, a little overweight, and thick golden brown hair. Lucille was a stubborn girl, but she was always trying to be kind, she was a mysterious girl, she liked to look off into the distance, like in a deep trance. She could cry easily, but always tried to stop herself from doing so.

Sasha and I sat on a bench. For a moment, Sasha polished her glasses. " Are you going to the New Year's Party ?" Sasha questioned me.
I, Lucille, loved lunch, I always am hungry.
I pulled out a jam sandwich and nodded yes.
Alexia was strolling down when she saw us and over heard, she wanted to study us more so she asked " How long does it last?" Alexia asked, feeling stupid as she walked and sat beside us. "Why did you ask that?" She thought to herself. "Oh, I don't know. Maybe it lasts all night?. My parents are hosting it and I can ask them. " Oh, I knew that, I was just testing you." Alexia said. You IDIOT! Why did you say that!
I dropped my sandwich.
An awkward barrier revolved between Alexia and the two girls.
A few minutes passed before anyone talked once more. Alexia took out her computer. The amethyst started glowing again. Alexia didn't notice.
"What's that thing on your neck?" I said in a questioning voice.
To Lucille's surprise, she tried to hide it. "Oh...umm..well...it's nothing. Er...Plastic." "Then how did it glow?" I asked. "It glows whenever I shake it"
Now I knew she was crazy! She didn't even shake it! "Okay..." Sasha said.
A bell rang.
A few more minutes passed before Alexia said changing the subject " Hey, isn't school starting about now again?" "Oh yeah! We better hurry!" I said. As I started to get up a burst of dirt hit my face.
Alexia ran.
Me and Sasha came panting into the room, 206, sweat crawling down our faces in rivers.
"Where do I sit?" she said shyly. "S-sit in between me and Sasha..." I said, catching my breath. "Ok" Alexia said, still full of energy.
It has been 2 months since we met Alexia, she was super nice, but sometimes bossy and always acing her goals (and tests), she was the best on track. They had all become close friends. Never leaving each other's sides.

Today was the day they had all been waiting for...
The New Years Party.

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