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by Jamie
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A wild Dan wakes void of memory in a temple. It pretty much goes downhill from there.

Alone he laid on the cold hard floor, unconscious and unaware of his peril. His eyes fluttered open with sharp waves of pain traveling down his spine. Darkness was all he saw, not even his limps were visible. He shivered, confused and alarmed by this change of scenery. He knew he was not here before, he was in a much brighter and happier place, but he could not remember. Now that he thought about it, he could not recall his own name. Maybe, he thought, it's not dark. 'Am I blind? No no no...' He disregarded that thought immediately. He could not think clearly with all the buzzing in his head. Not thinking about it was for the best. Maybe it was within his nature to be pessimistic? Well, it's too early for him to let that ship take its miserable course. instead, he did the only thing he could do at that point. He wailed for help.

"Anybody here?!" He cried. He noted that he spoke with an eastern dialect. East to what exactly, he could not tell.

"Anybody? Please! I can't see!" He cried and he coughed in his shivering hands. Again and again he howled but no response ever showed that he was not on his own. He decided to map out his surroundings by examining the surfaces around him. Cautiously, he extended both his arms outwardly only to touch a wall with his right hand. Relieved, he reached both hands to the wall and tried to stand up despite his deep fatigue.

Short steps. He still could not see any shapes or colours, but he had a good sense of where he was steering in the darkness. He could sense from the increasing cold breeze that he was reaching the end of a hallway or a tunnel. Every now and again he felt feather-like ticklish sensations around his bare feet, as if the hard stone was gently reassuring them. As he was moving forward, he thought about the things he already knew about himself. 'I'm a barefoot amnesiac male in a dark corridor, possibly blind. Brilliant. What else, assuming I need any more stuff to despair on?' A feeling of curiosity washed over him as he painfully limped against the dry rocky wall. 'Am I short? Am I light or dark skinned? Do I have a moustache?' He halted, carefully swiping his left hand across his face. No, he had absolutely no facial hair. 'Am I a child?' He mused. Such irrelevant thoughts streamed through his head. He still dreaded his position of blindness and loneliness, mind you, but when was contemplating doom ever a favourable choice? Maybe, that sounded interesting enough, but he was in too much pain to bother.

Then, the colours started getting lighter down the horizon. It was still dark, yet, there was a speck of light up at the far end of the now confirmed ancient corridor. Soon enough, that speck turned into a warm red hue that announced the afternoon... or the sunrise. He had been staggering along the wall for a long time now. The gradual increase in light gave his head more reasons to pound against his skull. Not that he cared much, for salvation–and as he noted, doom—was hardly out of reach anymore. Whether they were minutes or hours he could not tell, but now there was a flicker of hope at the end of this blasted road. 'I'M NOT BLIND, HAH!' He wasn't sure if he was trying to prove that to someone or not, but he said it anyway. The realisation sparked both relief and excitement, and they dulled the dread he felt in his first few 'hours' of memory. He could still survive now without false attempts at distracting himself. Now, he hurried towards the exist as if his life depended on it, and it did. Once he reached the end, he was not sure of what wonder he saw as he collapsed at the gateway of the tunnel.
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