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Two girls, an angry, The world depends on them.

Chapter 7

         After Lucille fell off the roof of the car screaming. Sasha and Jake passed out. the spirits and I were thinking "Well I think taking away their memory of every using their powers is okay" Weifeng said with a bit of sadness in her throat.
We all sat in the car, Weifeng in the front and Huo in the front. Me in the back of the car with a bunch of scrolls, trying to find out which one was for our situation. Jake lied down in the very back of the car. Huo was stroking Lucille's hair, brushing it with her fingers, Weifeng sat with Sasha on her nee, now both girls and Jake were asleep in a deep slumber spell, so they felt and heard none of this, except for Alexia, since she already knew who she was she could stay the way she was. She was helping me find the spell, when a white scroll rolled out on my lap, I smiled because this always happened when Evergreen knew and heard what we were doing and accepted it, I smiled, knowing that Evergreen was alive made my heart warm up, she was like our mother, as a tear crawled over my face. Huo saw.
Huo hugged me, Lucille in the middle, snoring like a baby, when she let go I saw that my tears were steaming and so I snickered.
I took the scroll and read the words, after reading it I nodded my head and said, "They will not remember a few hours past, all that has happened was a blast."
A tear fled from my eye. I ran out of the car. I sat on a rock and covered my face. Weifeng ran to me, "Are you ok? Don't run off like that! You scared me!" She hugged me. I sobbed through my words, "Wh-what if they forget me?" Weifeng brushed my tears away and took my hand in hers, and said "Alexia, Were you not listening to Dongji ??? They're just going to forget ever using their powers." Weifeng said trying not to make Alexia feel like an idiot. Alexia wept still into her hands. Through little weeps Alexia said "I want to be alone." And she ran off, off the rock and into the grassy fields that lined the road. Weifeng bite her lip, a tear crossing over her face, she then started slowly walking back to the car.
When she came back to the car she opened the door slowly, went inside and slammed the door, Dongji looked at Weifeng as she sat in the front seat just staring out the window, Huo hugged Weifeng, Dongji looked at them, she to would start to cry, Sasha lay in Dongji's lap, her hair sliding across her face.

Dongji looked back at the scroll, and waiting until Huo and Weifeng were done hugging they both turned in their seats, Dongji started to chant words from ancient past, all spirits hands lit up in flames,wind and snow, then on the last words they all said it at the same time touching all their hands together, lights danced in the car air. Jake, Sasha and Lucille's let out a sigh, their breath holding their memories, Huo looked at the spell that they had cast, all the colors, she loved the colors, so she smiled a great big smile before realizing this was going to leave a pang of guilt in herself for the rest of these girls lives.
The sigh that held the girl's and boy's memories floated to the roof of the car, where a blinding white light lit up and grabbed the girl's and boy's sighs, pulling them into the light. Then the light gave up turning into dust that blew away into nothing.
It had been done.

Chapter 8

         Sasha and Lucille woke up in a heap of sweat and tears. Both girls looked down to see they were laying in Mrs.. Flare and Mrs.. Snowe's laps. The girls screamed. Mrs. Flare woke up and put a hand over Lucille's mouth, telling her to shut up, Mrs. Snowe kinda did the same, only saying, "Sorry for scaring you"
Mrs. Flarie looked at Mrs.. Snowe. It had worked. Mrs.. Flare took her hand off of Lucille's mouth. Lucille gasped for air before she started to tremble weakly. She tried to grab the car door, but couldn't.
         "What?.." Lucille murmured before fainting in the car. Sasha screamed, Mrs. Flare slapped her. Sasha stopped screaming but cried. "Go to sleep now." Mrs. Snowe said. Sasha nodded, putting her head on Mrs. Snowe's lap, sniffling a tear.
         The morning was cold, the air crisp and cool. The car felt stuffy and warm, but the car windows were covered in some thick substance that felt cold when Sasha touched it. Sasha reached and opened the car door. " W- What? Lucille, you have GOT to see this!" Sasha said, reaching her hand out of the car. She lost her balance and fell into a heap of snow. " Lucille! It's snowing! In the middle of summer!" Sasha started to roll in the snow, still in her short sleeved t-shirt. Sasha looked around, the road was frozen over, and the trees that lined the street were like cotton candy, white fluffs of snow.
         "W-win-winter?" Lucille said, opening the door.
         Mrs. Flare woke up immediately after hearing what Lucille said. She slammed the car door closed and huddle close next to Lucille. Mrs. Snowe woke up to the sound of the car door slam shut. She rubbed her eyes and when they came into focus, Mrs. Snowe looked at Mrs. Flare and Lucille. "Oh-no...We have to hurry" Mrs. Snowe said. Mrs. Flarie looked at her " Wait, I thought that we lost him?!" she said. "He is trying to kill Lucille.The sharp cold weather is sure to freeze her to death." "No..." Mrs. Flarie said hugging Lucille tighter.
         Lucille's vision blurred.
         Mrs. Snowe opened the door slowly only a crack and made her way out to find Sasha playing in the snow without a care. It was beautiful. Snow lined the ground in sparkles and icicles hung from every single tree and branch in an neat order from biggest to smallest. Mrs. Snowe smiled, then realizing that she was in a sleeveless shirt, said "Sasha, stop playing."Sasha stopped and looked at Mrs. Snowe, " Why?" she questioned. "Sasha, this is not the time for games. Lucille is sick." "Wait, what?" Sasha said, shocked. Mrs. Snowe took Sasha's hand and threw her into the car, slamming the door behind her.
         Sasha face turned bright red with guilt. "Lucille..." Sasha said, trying to touch her, but her hand was swatted away by Mrs. Florie."Don't touch her. Your hand is too cold." Sasha started to cry.

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