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Present day human sacrifice to keep the world intact.
Final Fling

By MrBillyD

"The maidens are sacrificed. All’s right with the world.”

“That’s what everybody believes,” Cynthia thought, “and that’s what I’m here for.”

She had arrived in the tropical City a week earlier, taken a limo from the airport to the five star Marriot Hotel, where she’d been booked. She’d spent the rest of the week having her final fling. “Party hearty, getting drunk, and getting laid.

“Now it’s time,” she’d told a reporter, “for me to be getting dead. That’ll make sure that what happened when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, and the tsunami struck Indonesia, won’t be happening again, any time soon. I'll also be helping prevent wars, famines, plagues and all kinds of man made and natural disasters.”

Cynthia was now atop the Great Temple, where she lay stretched out bare breasted across the Stone of Sacrifice. The Supreme High Priest stood above her with a sharp dagger raised high.

He brought the blade down quick, slashing Cynthia between her breasts.

She cried out while thinking, "This is to keep the world intact!”

He reached through the gash and gripped her beating heart tight.

She thought, “I’m helping keep millions of people alive!”

He yanked the heart out of her, and raised it high beneath the burning sun. Then he moved between the Sacrificial Stone and the edge of the platform, and placed her still beating heart on the altar, where it continued to throb.

He called out; “The Maiden is sacrificed! All is right with the world!”

The thousands who’d gathered in the Plaza below all began to cheer.

Then as her heart continued throbbing, the altar, sacrificial stone, the entire Great temple, the plaza and the entire surrounding City began trembling, as a mighty earthquake struck. All the surrounding buildings began to collapse.

The High Priest looked at the slashed open corpse of Cynthia.

“Are the gods angry?” He wondered, “Was she a President Trump supporter?”
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