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Flash fiction for the pink fluffy unicorns wdc birthday contest.
"Me, me, me'" squealed the children in unison, as Pinky the Clown scoured the ankle-biting audience for a willing volunteer. Secretly Pinky wondered how he would get away with it this time? At least one uniformed parent stood casting their dutiful eye over the room full of small charges.

Pete the Policeman lounged against the back wall of the room, having got off his shift early to attend his daughter's fourth birthday party. His mind was half paying attention to what the clown and the kids were doing, while the left side of his brain tried to remember where he had seen this clown's face before...

After the pretence of trying to choose a child at random, by peeking through his hand held loosely over his eyes, Pinky the clown chose the pretty party girl in the pink fluffy frock. With a squeal of delight Jem, short for Jemima, danced up to Pinky, her young eyes glittering with the thrill of anticipation.

"And for my next birthday-tickling, pinky-pink treat..." the clown called out as he covered Jem with his rainbow coloured magical sheet, "et voila!" A flash and a shower of glitter exploded as the sheet was removed. In the place where Jem had been tippy-toeing in excitement moments before, there appeared a rainbow-coloured toy resting on Pinky's hand.

"That's another one to add to my collection" chuckled Pinky to himself, as he covered himself with his sheet and vanished, leaving an astonished audience clapping for more.

Too late, Pete realized where he'd seen the clown's face before. On a photograph linked to a missing persons case file his department had named, "The Unicorn Files."

Word count 276
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