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I wrote this in 6th grade for school, which is what got me really into typing stories!
Chapter 1

The sun peeks from the ground past a castle. It's rays feel a girl, not too young, named Elenora. Her mother goes to work everyday, every morning, because Elenora’s dad is never home. Something wakes her up. She flies out of bed and zooms out the door, passing the gates. Her cheetah speed takes her to a park where three boys are. The boy’ names are Tom, Scott, and Adam. Adam has glasses and blonde hair. Tom is the shortest and has black hair. Scott is the tallest and has brown hair. When Elenora gets there, she greets them, “Hi guys!”

“Hey,” Tom says back.

“So… what do you want to do?” Adam asks Elenora, as the sun rays rub his lens. She shrugs. Scott reaches over to Elenora and says, “How about tag,” then he tags her, “your it!” She smiles and starts to chase after them. They run around the swing set, near the swimming pool, and all over the field. Then, Elenora starts to loses her speed. She starts to grab her knees and tells the boys, “I'm out of breath. I'm on times.”

“Okay,” they answer back, as they keep playing. Elenora stays on her knees to catch her breath. After awhile, the boys take a break, then Scott asks them, “You want to go swim?” Tom and Adam nod their head yes. They go in the changing room to get their swim suit. Elenora just sits on the grassy floor. The boys head out and jump in the pool. She stays on the nature floor, until she feels heavy breathing on her shoulders that randomly flew from the sky. She stands up slowly. The heavy, warm, evil breath makes her shiver. She has the feeling that it's a… monster of some sort. She spins her head around as her body follows her. Right in front of her face was a big, blue, dragon. His sharp, emerald eyes hold her down. Nothing but the wind moves.

She holds her breath, starts to move, and tries to sprint. Claws yank her foot away as she tries to touch the ground. She screams and yelps, “Help! Dragon!” The boys look up. The dragon roars and rumbles the ground. Tom yelps and the three of them dive in the water. Elenora's heart starts beating. She could feel the blood falling down to her brain as she was held upside down. The wind is turning her eyes into water, but the rest of her body feels dry. She asks the dragon, “Are you going to do what all dragons do?” Then she thinks that was a dumb question, but it flew out of her lips.

“Yes,” the dragon answers. Oh no, she thinks. She becomes afraid to ask him one more question. She takes one big gulp, which practically chokes her, and asks, “Eat me?” The dragon didn't answer. She starts to feel dizzy. Could this be the end of my life? I hope the answer is no! She couldn't stop thinking negative.

Chapter 2

The wind howls as the dragon flies through the clouds. Elenora shakes. I must have fallen asleep, she thinks. She speaks to the dragon, “Where are we? Are we there yet?”

“Yes,” he answers. She swallows hard. She’s dead meat! The dragon flies to a floating island. On top of it was a short castle without a moat. He flies in the castle and sets her down inside. Elenora is shaking like an earthquake. She whispers to herself, “Why does this have to happen? I don't understand why dragons even do that. Why do they even exist?” She pauses, then faces the dark dragon’s face and says to him, “Hey… um, uh…”

“Marvelix,” the dragon introduces in a deep way.

“Marvelix,” she staggers, “Um… can we talk?”

“No,” Marvelix snaps. This is uncomfortable, she thinks for a moment, then says, “Fine. You can eat me!” There floats a silent moment. “But one last question. What's this plank for?” She just realized that she is sitting on a flat, wooden board. She isn't sure why a dragon would need one. “This,” he says as he lifts his tail and wham! Elenora flies in the air, screaming and yelping! Marvelix, down below her, has his mouth wide and ready for her. Her heart is pounding hard, and her head is spinning! She curls up in a ball with her eyes covered. This is the end, she thinks. Goodbye world!

She lands. Whe-e-ere am I? She thinks, and looks up. Marvelix is standing right in front of her. She has survived. For some reason, her words scared him. He grabs her and flies out of the castle. In a snap, they're back at the park. No one is there. “Wait,” she staggeres, “why did you drop me off here?”

“Why not?” Marvelix asks.

“There's no one here!”

He looks back. “Well, you can either come with me, or you can walk home.” Elenora thinks for a minute. Should she trust him, or go home? She sighs, “I'm going with-”

“Stop that dragon!” Elenora got interrupted by the guards. They start shooting their arrows with their bows. They keep missing their target. Marvelix yanks her and soars in the air. One arrow slips right in Marvelix’s wing. He staggers and screeches. “Oh no!” Elenora screams. Marvelix keeps flying. One of the guards turned red and yells at the others. Marvelix flaps his wing as hard as he can. When they get to the floating island, he hits the ground with a big thump. Elenora hops off and checks out his wing. Yep. This will be hard to get out, she thinks.

She reaches over to the arrow and pulls with all her might. Marvelix flips out and roars in her face, “That hurts!”

“Of course it hurts!” She yells back. “Let me try again.” This time, she gently pulls it out. “I got it.” She wraps a bandage on the cut, then looks out at the horizon. The sun is falling asleep. She yawns, and plops on her behind on a soft, warm rug. Marvelix asks her, “You go to bed at sundown?”

“Yeah. My dad used to tell me that when the sun goes down, the monsters come out. I'd always go to bed early, but now I know that isn't true. I go to bed early anyway.”

“That makes sense,” he says softly. Elenora lays down and goes to sleep. Marvelix looks around for a while, then wraps him around her and falls asleep in the castle that shine in the night. The sun’s light turns off for the moon to shine brightly in the night.

Chapter 3

Elenora is dancing with her friends while her parents get the games ready. Her father lights the candles of the cake after the games were all set. Elenora looks up, then she asks, “Is that a bird?” Her father looks up. He gasps and yells, “Run everyone! It's a dragon!” The kids hide under the table while the parents retreat. Then came a big, red dragon. It roared loudly. Her father tries to fight him. Elenora screams, “No,” and runs after him. The dragon takes the man away. Her father cries for his daughter, “Elenora!”

She yells back, “Daddy!”


Elenora gasps. The sun was peaking and she was under Marvelix. Not another nightmare, she thinks. Marvelix slowly wakes up. Elenora’s eyes water up. “What's wrong?” Marvelix asks.

“I had a nightmare about my father,” she answers.

“What happened to him?” Then Elenora tells him what happened in her nightmare. Marvelix makes a shocked face. It was definitely not him. He is blue and the one in the dream was red. He looked down, then asks her, “So, now what?” Elenora’s stomach growled. At that moment, Marvelix flies down below the island. She looks puzzled. He comes back with fish. “There's a pond below my island. I really like it.”

“That is pretty nice,” Elenora agrees. She hungrily looks down at the fish. “I think I'd think I would rather have cooked fish than raw.”

“Okay,” Marvelix said calmly, and flies down to get wood. He comes back with a pile of big sticks. He set them in front of Elenora, and blows a hot fireball that lit the wood, which made her jump. She grabs a fish and puts it over the fire with a stick. After a meal, Marvelix looks up. He sees 2 dragons in the distance coming toward his island. “Uh oh! What am I going to do with you?”

“What? What's wrong?”

“My buddies are flying over here right now! I need to hide you!”

“Why? Are they not nice to humans?”

“They aren't nice to humans. Dragons are not aloud to keep humans like what I'm doing.”

“Yikes! Well where should I go? They could be here any moment!” There is nowhere to hide. They think hard. They can here them landing on the island. There is only one place to hide. “Under your foot,” she suggests. A green and a red dragon come in. “Hey,” the red one says sharply.

“Hi guys,” Marvelix says.

The green one asks him, “So, any luck with people?”

“No Billy. No luck yet.” Marvelix announces quietly.

“You haven't gotten any dude!” the red one snaps.

Billy looks down, “I don't know George. I think he's hiding it.” Elenora’s heart sinks. She isn't sure how to survive these guys. George pulls her away from Marvelix. Marvelix turns purple, faces George’s eyes, and says, “You can’t do this!’

“Why not?” George asks him. Marvelix makes a guilty look. He looks back at him and yells at him, “It’s just... It’s not right! What did they do to us?”

“They murdered us, so we fight back!” George and Marvelix start a big argument, then Billy decides he wants to join the battle, “Why don’t I have her?”

Marvelix gives him a dirty look, “Oh now you just made it worse!”

“Oh boy!” Elenora moans in the background of the dragon’s roaring. Elenora makes a face at George like she has seen him before. He’s… he’s the one who… took my... , she thinks, then walks away. The dragons don’t see her disappear until Marvelix starts looking around for her, “Elenora?” She sits at the edge of the island with her feet dangling down. He is the one! But… how? Water fills her eyes. George walks over to her, and she turns around to face the red beast. He gives her an evil smirk and growls, “So you recognize me? I know you too. I just wanted to give you a present by taking your father.” Elenora freezes. “I would have taken you too, but I thought, no, maybe when you grow up. Now you are here.”

She shivers. She didn’t know what to do. He picks her up and tosses her in the air. She yells and screams, “Marvelix!” He looks up and sees her flying. He runs as fast as his little legs can carry him, then tackles Georges before he could catch Elenora. The two dragons fall off the edge, but they both catch themselves. George yells at Marvelix, “You are going to be in big trouble when Drack finds out! You should feel ashamed of yourself!” He flies away, and Billy flaps his wings to follow him. Elenora has to blurt out, “Who’s Drack?”

“The dragon leader. George is right. I am in trouble.” Marvelix looks down at his feet with depression. Elenora fells bad for him. She isn't sure what she would fall into. Maybe death? She probably won’t survive this one. Who knows, she thinks.

Chapter 4

Elenora snores as two dragons surround her on a different island. The one just stands still, and the other tries to wake Elenora up. He looks down at her face, then pokes her. She keeps snoozing. He stands up straight, then stomps really hard and shakes the floating island. She keeps snoozing. He narrows his eyes and plants his face next to her face. A pink, long to tongue covers her body, which startles her. She yells and wakes up, then pauses. Her eyeballs looks for Marvelix. Could this be the place? She isn't sure if it is or not. The two pick her up, and she yells at them, “Hey! Let go of me! I want to see Marvelix!” She gets thrown in front of a black dragon. The dragon opens his eyes slowly. They stare at each other firmly.

“Who are you?” she asks, shivering.

“I am Drack. The dragon leader,” he announces to her in a dark, deep voice. It was him, she thinks.

“What are you going to do to us, er.. Marvelix and me?”

“What do you expect?” he booms. “Marvelix gets executed and you get to be breakfast!” Elenora flops on the floor feeling anxious. She starts sweating of fear so much that she’s melting. This must be the end right here, she thought. Her body is dead flat on the floor, then it forces her to get up. She takes in a big, deep breath as she gets up. Her eyes wander around. After a while, she faces Drack and says, “Well, I got plans, so I'll just head out,” then she sprints away. Drack luckily caught up with her and stopped her. She trips. She meets his eyes, sweating. Who knows what he's going to do? No board under her feet, so she felt a little more safe. Drack seems to act like there was one by lifting his tail and wham! It shakes the ground so hard Elenora actually touches the sky. Screaming fills the air as she goes down the drain. Down the hatch, I guess.

She splashed the warm ooze in a dark cave like place. Somehow, she forgot where she went until she actually thinks about it. Oh snap! I'm inside of him, she thinks, panicking. Well… game over. She just sits there. After a while, a light bulb goes out! There's only one safe way to get out, she thinks. Up. If she could just get a good jump, she could make it out. She has to be brave, but it's hard for her to feel that courage. She bends her knees until she touched the dragon’s floor, and she give a big jump. Her hand lost grip of the slimy throat. She splashed. She took another jump. She reaches, and grips. She hates the feeling of body parts, but she's doing this for her life. Squeezing through, then ends up flat on the tongue. Drack didn't feel comfortable anywhere, and she goes soaring through the sky.

She gets dizzy. She didn't realize she was soaked until she came out. She has to blurt out, “Ew! You had to do that! Nice,” she complained, rolling her eyes.

“Get her!” Drack announces loudly to all the dragons. She breaks a run. She finds a big cage with Marvelix in it. Dragons running after her, she tries to bust the lock that kept him in there. Rattling the lock, dragons not too far now. I don't think I'll make it, she thinks. Rattling the lock still, then she finally, somehow, breaks through the lock. Marvelix zips out of the cage with Elenora gripping him. She gets to his back as he flies away. When she looks back, she hears Drack yelling, “You won't get away with her, Marvelix!”

“He was pretty hard to deal with. How did he shake the ground so hard?” Elenora asks Marvelix as he soars through the clouds.

“He didn't shake the ground. There is some platform in the floor that rattles easily, and you were standing on it. That is how you flew,” Marvelix explained.

“Oh.” Elenora says, tired. Before she fell asleep on his back, he told her, “I really need to do something with you. If I keep you any longer, we both will lose our light.” Marvelix lands on his island. “I'll let you sleep, but I have to drop you off in the morning.”

“Ok. I'll miss you.” She falls asleep on the floor.

Chapter 5

The Sun creeps through Elenora's eyes and wakes her up. Marvelix takes a huge yawn. The sorrow in his droopy eyes depressed Elenora. Today is the day to leave. He yawns again, “I have something for you,” he goes the opposite side of Elenora and grabs something, “This is a suavemente. When you blow through it, it plays a song. If you want to see me for any reason, give it a blow.” He hands it over to her. Elenora’s eyes fill with water, and wraps her arms around him. She starts to say thank you through the tears, but the tears were drowning her. She hopes on his back after a while, then Marvelix flaps his wings. This is the last time I'll touch the clouds, she thinks. She doesn't want to leave Marvelix, but she doesn't want to get eaten again.

He lands and Elenora hopes off. When Elenora starts to walk away, Marvelix calls her, “Elenora!” She turns around. He continues, “Without your courage, we wouldn't be alive. You are a brave, young girl.”

“Thank you,” Elenora says, and walks home with the suavemente. Marvelix almost starting crying as he sees her steps in the grass, but he flies home. When she crosses the bridge and through the gate, her mother runs at her and yelps, “Oh sweetie! I thought you got eaten from a dragon!”

“No. I survived,” she tells her mom.

“I wish your father did the same.”

“Yeah. That would have been nice.”

“What's that in your hand?”

“I don't know. I found it on the ground on my way back.” The light blue color of the instrument shined in the sunlight with a black dragon in front.

“How did you get back? What was it like?”

“Now that's something I want to talk about at home.” Elenora and her mom walk to their house. They live safely at home, and when Elenora is alone in a field, she finds shelter instead of standing around. She learned a lot while she wasn't at home, and she acted like nothing happened, until she played the suavemente.

The end

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