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An interview about the different places that should be in WDCity.
Thank you Hazel, for coming today.

Oh, it's my pleasure, Mr. Wright.

So Hazel, we've been trying to contact you and the other citizens, including yourself, and have only gotten contact from two people and now you have answered our call. Why has it taken you up to this time to answer our call?

Well, stuff has been going on. I've been busy with the construction of my house, working at Mickey Dee's, and thinking about your question.

Ah, so you have been thinking about it. Tell us, what do you think should be in this fair town?

Well, the usual things, more restaurants—people can't just live off of McDonalds forever, you know.

Yes, I do know. Since I have eaten there so many times, now I can't stand any of their food!

And um, a police and fire station, a hospital, clothing stores, a mall, and an arcade.

Yes, those sound very good, but what specific one do you want the most, Hazel?

Well… The arcade. I heard from a very, very reliable source—our mayor Elycia—that we're going to be stuck at the library, and possibly McDonalds! So if you're bored, I guess there are three choices available.

And what are those options, might I ask?

Either go to the library, go to McDonalds, or go home, ask yourself why you bothered moving here, and move somewhere more exciting.

Ah, those options. Well, I'm sure that with those options, everyone would go with the latter.

There was no ladder in any of my options.

No, no, no, not a ladder that you can climb; the latter, it means… Um. What does it mean, Joe?

It means denoting the second option of two things.

So, did you mean that people would want to go to McDonalds, Mr. Wright?

No, no, I meant the third option. The one about moving from WDCity.

Then you shouldn't have said latter.

Oh, forget it. Can we move on?


So, what else did you want?

Well, in this arcade, I want there to be games lining up shoulder to shoulder against each wall, so you can barely see the wall.

So, what do you want the walls to look like?

Black. With maybe painted stars on them and on the ceiling, so it'll look like the night sky.

Simple enough. What next?

Well, I also want the arcade to be for everyone, including the people who aren't all that good at video games and whatnot, or aren't interested in them. So I thought of having a skating rink, or a bowling alley, or both even!

Well, I've heard that in WDCity, anything's possible!

That's our slogan, Mr. Wright. Everyone knows it. It's on billboards everywhere.

Oh, right. So anything else?

Well, maybe a restaurant, so if people get hungry, they can get something to eat while they're bowling or when they're taking a break from skating.

That sounds reasonable. What about the flooring?

Hmm… Maybe concrete that's painted green, so it looks like grass, so you can imagine that you're on a hill, looking at the stars.

You seem to be somewhat of a stargazer.

I kinda am, but I also like sci-fi stuff, so that may also play a role.

So, anything else that you like to add?

Yeah, about the skating rink.

What about it?

Well, I was thinking of making it look like the 80's.

Ooh, bring the childhood back to some of the adults?

Pretty much, plus that's the only theme that I can think of for that rink. Also, everything about it is going to be neon.

Neon colored things?

Yep, the whole shebang. Neon pink, neon green, and neon blue.

What about neon yellow, and neon red?

I don't think that there is such a thing as neon red, plus yellow is already neon as it is! Make it any brighter and we'll be blinded!

Yes, that is true. So, will the shoes be neon?

Yes, the rental roller skates or blades, if they want blades, will be in neon colors and will vary in color, of course.

What about the bowling alley?

Well, I was thinking of the same concept in colors for the bowling alley, except they won't be neon colors, and the pink will be replaced with red.

What about the people who are obsessed with the color pink and want pink bowling shoes?

Well, they'll have to bring their own shoes. Though, I will be gracious and have it where you can buy pink bowling shoes, if you want them.

Well, that's slightly more generous than not having any pink shoes at all.

I guess.

So, you don't like pink, huh?

Aren't we getting off topic?

Are you trying to change the topic?

No, it's just you're getting off topic, so I'm trying to get you back on topic!

Just answer the question! Do you…

Yes! I don't like pink, okay!

And yet, you still have pink in your rainbow hair.


Please Hazel, you don't have to shout. I was just trying to get back on topic, but you kept going on and on about the color pink and how you don't like it.

Can someone please restrain me from punching this nerfherder in the face?

What's a nerfherder?

Ugh. … So, are we done?

Do you have anything to add?

Well, yeah. The bowling alley's theme will be in the 90's.

But bowling wasn't invented in the 90's.

Well, neither was roller-skating and it's set in the 80's! Besides, it doesn't matter, Mr. Wright. It's just the theme.

I feel it should.

Ugh. The reason for this, Mr. Wright, is because I feel that roller rinks were most popular in the 90's and bowling was most popular in the 80's. If anyone has any objections and a theme that you think would fit either one, let me know. I'm leaving.

Thank you, Hazel. That was Hazel Brock from WDCity. This is Wright News. I'm Wright and you're wrong. Ha ha. Hey Hazel, one what? Why's everyone gasping? She just showed me the number one with her middle finger. That's not bad. Is it?
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