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A short preview of my novel "Reach for the Stars"
I am going to be publishing my first book very soon. It is a Historical Fiction novel based on the revolutionary war. The novel is told from the perspective of a slave named Michael Shay. The main conflict of the story begins when Michael is sold away from his two younger siblings and he has to fight through many obstacles to try and find them. Here is a preview :)

It is a little past dawn, about an hour or two. I have barely even moved since last night. I am still leaning against the bars holding Elizabeth's hand. It doesn't really matter if anyone sees, the penalty is the same as it will be tomorrow. Elizabeth is asleep, resting her head on her arm. She looks so peaceful. I haven't been able to sleep, my eyes feel very heavy, but my body refuses to let me drift off. It feels as though sleeping is no longer a part of my human nature, but I would rather be awake. I don't want to spend my last day alive asleep in some fantasy dream that will wither and turn to ash the second I open my eyes. I'll just accept reality this time.
Back on the plantation, I wanted nothing more than for my suffering to end. I just wanted death to relieve me, yet now that I am standing at death's doorstep I don't want to die anymore. I have come so close to finding Matthew and Monica...and they'll never even know that I tried so hard to find them. I don't want my life to end tomorrow; seventeen years isn't enough, not for me or Elizabeth.
My throat doesn't hurt as bad anymore, but still I do not have the will to speak. There is nothing to say and no questions to ask.
I turn my head to look at Elizabeth. She seems completely at peace. I sigh in sadness. She may have given up her freedom for me, but I have taken everything else from her. I have taken her family, her happiness, and her life. She has done everything in her power to save me, and what did I do in return? I got her thrown in prison and tomorrow she will be killed alongside me.
I want her to live. If only one of us has to die tomorrow, I want it to be me. Never in a million years would I put myself above her. She deserves so much more than this.
I squeeze her hand a little tighter as if it is the last time I will ever see her.

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