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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2136960
A man is miniaturized and enslaved by a woman and her two daughters
Some time during the summer in California...

Tom Johnson was walking down an isolated street in a heavily wooded area, when he saw a lone vehicle that was stuck on the side of the road. A sultry Latina woman of about thirty years of age was standing there, and she flagged him down. Tom walked over to see if he could help. She had a tire iron in her hand and said, "My car has a flat, can you help me? I don't have the slightest clue how to use this thing."

Tom took the tire iron from her and asked her which tire needed changing. She pointed at the right rear tire, which was facing the curb. Tom went to check it out, but when he looked at the tire, it was fine, and didn't need to be changed. When he turned his attention back to the woman, she was aiming a strange device at him. She pulled the trigger, and zapped him. The world expanded around Tom, as both he and the tire iron he had been holding were reduced in stature. The woman knelt down and plucked the tire iron from his hand, and placed it on the curb. She re-set the shrinking device, and zapped the tire iron, and it returned to normal size.

The beautiful woman scooped Tom up in her hand, and she tossed the tire iron into the back seat, and shut the right rear passenger door. She pulled out a roll of fabric measuring tape and as Tom stood on her left palm, she leaned the measuring tape next to him.

"One inch tall, right on target!" said the woman with a confident smile, and she placed Tom inside a plastic jar that had tiny air holes cut into the top that were too small for him to climb through. "You're going to be the perfect toy for my daughters! They've been begging me to shrink someone ever since I acquired this miniaturization device! What's your name?" The woman opened the driver's side door and climbed in, then closed the door and put her seat belt on and started driving the vehicle.

"Tom Johnson," Tom answered. "Who are you? And how did you acquire a shrink-ray?" Tom asked. His jar was in the console between the two front seats of the woman's car, so she could hear him clearly.

"My name is Paisley Patterson, and I work at a top secret facility as a software engineer, and the government recruits the agency I work for to reverse-engineer technology recovered from an unidentified craft that crashed in the desert a few years ago."

"If my atoms are compressed, why do I weigh less?" Tom asked.

"The device I used on you is known as a neutrino dissimilator," the woman responded. "It strips neutrino particles from the quarks and gluons of the protons and neutrons composing the atoms of your body, and also reduces the size of your body's electrons. A dimensional membrane surrounds your body, so if electrons leave your body, they return to normal size, and if electrons enter your body they shrink down to the scale of the electrons in your body. Your size weight, volume, and mass have been reduced in stature. Over ninety-nine percent of the mass of your body has been subtracted and shot off into outer space! For as long as you live, from this day forward, you will remain one inch tall!"

"I saw you re-enlarge the tire iron," said Tom. "Can that thing re-enlarge me, too?"

"It could, but I won't use it for that purpose. What do you do for a living, Tom?" Paisley asked.

"I'm an electrician's apprentice, but my real passion is sculpting."

"That will work out great," said Paisley, "You can use your electrical skills to wire the habitat I will make for you to live in, and I can buy some clay so you can build statues to pay tribute to my daughters."

"Was the craft alien?" Tom asked.

"I don't think so," the woman responded, "I think it was a human ship from the distant future. The software was in English, although some of the computer languages haven't been invented yet."

"So they just let you keep some of the tech you recovered?" Tom asked.

"There was a replicator device, and I simply made a copy of the neutrino dissimilator that was on board the craft. They'll never know a copy was made, or that anything is missing," said the woman.

"So you're just going to give me to your daughters?" Tom asked. "As some kind of a pet?"

"My older daughter Pallas is a bossy thirteen year old, and she's been wanting a pet for the past two years. Jerrica is eleven years old, and she wants whatever Pallas asks for, and I'm a single mother with not enough time to care for a cat or a dog. I figured a grown man who has been shrunk down to size would be able to pretty much take care of himself, so there will be less headaches for me."

"So you decided to abduct a living, breathing human being?" Tom asked.

"You won't be missed," said Paisley. "And my daughters need you more than you need your freedom."

"How is this going to work?" Tom asked. "Are you ever going to restore me back to my normal size?"

"I'm not planning on it," said Paisley. "I initially planned on scoring about a half dozen captives so my daughters wouldn't fight over them, but they would just end up swallowing most of them if I got them more than one."

"Swallow?" said Tom.

"Yes, whenever I read them stories about giants, they want to be giants, and in those stories the giants are always eating people, so my daughters want to know what it's like to swallow someone."

"Is that why you made me an inch tall?" Tom asked. "So I'd be easier to swallow?"

"I'll do my best to keep you from getting digested and killed by one of my daughters, but it's a given that they will both swallow you eventually, maybe numerous times. Let me make one thing clear to you Tom, you are no longer part of a democracy. This is a theocracy, and you will worship myself and my daughters as gods! You will view me as an empress with power beyond dispute! As far as my daughters are concerned, you will venerate my older daughter Pallas as a thunderous thirteen year old, and you will worship my younger daughter Jerrica as an eminent eleven year old. If you defy them, you defy me! When you're alone with me, you will surrender to my commandments, but when you're alone with my daughters, their word is law! Is that understood?"

"Loud and clear," Tom responded.

Just then, the vehicle pulled into Paisley Patterson's driveway. She collected Tom's jar with Tom inside, and said, "Enough small talk for now, I want to give you to my daughters. Now, not a peep from you until we get inside my home, or I'll swallow you myself, is that understood?" There was a leather duffel bag where Paisley had put the shrink ray device, and she placed Tom's jar inside the duffel bag.

Tom remained silent as Paisley got out of her car, locked it, and carried the duffel bag with him trapped inside. Paisley walked to the door, and entered. She brought the duffel bag and set it on the dining room table, then pulled out the jar. Tom could see two girls run toward the table. Paisley unscrewed the jar and dumped Tom out onto the table. He stood there gazing up at his triumphant captors, his majestic Latina mistress, and the deific duo that were her two Latina daughters.

"This is Tom Johnson, I shrunk him down to one inch tall. He's going to be your new toy from now on. When I told him I was giving him to my daughters, he was so happy that he agreed and never ever wants to be restored to normal size!"

The older girl, Pallas, set her left palm in front of Tom. "Step onto my hand, little man!" Tom stepped onto the girl's hand, and she smiled. "He's so small!"

Jerrica, the younger girl, tried to grab Tom from her older sister's hand. "I want to hold him!"

"Not yet, I'm still commanding him!" said Pallas. "You'll get your turn."

"Take turns bossing him around, but you girls try not to swallow him, okay? If he gets digested by either of you, I can't get any more of them, because I don't want to draw attention to this area by having too many missing people around here." Paisley grabbed several brown glass bottles from the duffel bag, and set them on the table.

"These bottles are syrup of Ipecac, they induce vomiting. If you ever do accidentally swallow Tom, you can take a drink from one of these bottles and you will throw up." Paisley turned her attention to Tom, who was standing astride her older daughter's palm. "Tom, how does it feel to be a toy? Do you feel like you've fallen under the dominion of a the Patterson pantheon?"

"Yeah," said Tom, "I was thinking they seem like a pair of juvenile juggernauts!"

"Just remember, little man, when one of my daughters speaks to you, you're being addressed by your mistress! You will surrender to their every command."

"Yes, mighty one!" Tom replied.

Paisley took the duffel bag, and walked toward the stairs. "I'm going to put the neutrino dissimilator away in my bedroom upstairs, you two can play with Tom while I'm upstairs. The two of you are like gods to him, he'll do whatever you command him to do."

After Paisley disappeared upstairs, Pallas, the older of the two girls, began bossing Tom around.

"Okay, toy! What can you do? Can you jump around or juggle?" Pallas looked at her sister, "Jerrica, get some small pebbles so he can juggle them. Go outside and find something small enough for him to hold, they can't be too big."

Jerrica went outside as Pallas instructed, and Pallas said, "You're going to be the best toy I've ever owned! It's too bad I have to share you with my sister, I wish she had her own little man."

Jerrica returned with some small pebbles that were small enough for Tom to juggle. Jerrica placed them at Tom's feet, while he still stood astride the left palm of Pallas.

"Start juggling, Tom Thumb!" Pallas commanded, and both girls laughed at Tom's new nick name. Tom lifted the three rocks, and tried to juggle them. After several failed attempts, he succeeded in juggling two of them, but couldn't get the third one up. "So your name is Pallas?" Tom asked, trying to make conversation as he juggled for his mistress.

"Yes," Pallas replied, "My middle name is Athena. I was named after the Greek goddess. Now quit talking and juggle!"

Just then, Paisley returned, and said, "I'm going to the store to get some stuff for our new pet. I want to get some solar cells so we can have a little house for him that can have hot and cold running water, and some clay so he can construct statues of the two of you as an act of appeasement. I should be home within an hour."

Paisley left, and after her car sped away from the driveway, Pallas returned her attention to Tom, who was aware that he was completely under the power of these daunting damsels. "Jerrica, go find a spool of thread," Pallas ordered, and Jerrica ran upstairs to find some.

"You're my property, and you have to do whatever I say!" said Pallas. "Do you agree to do whatever I say?"

"Of course," said Tom, "I wouldn't want to make your mother angry. She threatened to swallow me if I didn't obey you girls without question." At an inch tall, all Tom could do was sway to the whims of these domineering damsels.

Just then, Jerrica returned, running down the stairs with the spool of thread. "Here it is, I got you the thread, Pallas!"

"Clench him in your fist, while I tie him up," Pallas ordered, and Jerrica did as instructed. Within a couple of minutes, Tom was tied up, with his hand and legs bound by the thread, which to him was like thick rope. A long strand of thread hung off of Tom, and Pallas lifted his body aloft, raising him into the air above her head.

"I always wanted to know what it feels like to be a giant," said Pallas. "So now that my mom isn't here to protect you, I'm going to send you straight to my Aztec belly!" Pallas licked her lips and smiled menacingly as she parted her lips and lowered Tom slowly toward her open mouth. Her left hand was on her hip, while her right hand was above her head, as she stood in the middle of the living room with her tiny captive. At an inch tall, Tom would be easily overpowered by the thunderous thirteen year old.

"Can't we work this out?" Tom pleaded. "I'm sure your mother has plenty of food in the kitchen for both of you girls, you don't need to consume me."

"I'm not swallowing you because I'm hungry," said Pallas, "I'm swallowing you because I want to feel like a giant!"

"Let me swallow him first!" said Jerrica, and the younger girl tried to grab Tom from her older sister's hand.

"No!" said Pallas, holding Tom high enough so Jerrica couldn't reach him. "He wants to be swallowed by me first!" The possessive teen clenched Tom in her fist in an effort to keep her younger sister from grabbing him away from her. Pallas quickly lowered Tom toward her mouth.

Tom soon found himself plunging into the mouth of the gluttonous goddess. He slammed into her tongue, which was many times bigger than he was, and her lips closed behind him. He became drenched in her saliva, and was forced to the back of her mouth. Pallas tilted her head back, and swallowed. This forced Tom down her esophagus, which had more than ample room to safely contain a one inch tall man. When Tom was safely inside her gut, Pallas stuck out her tongue triumphantly, to show her sister that Tom had been vanquished.

"I'm next, I'm next!" said Jerrica. "Hurry up and drink this stuff so it can be my turn!" Jerrica grabbed a bottle of Ipecac syrup, and forced it into the hands of Pallas.

Meanwhile, Tom had splashed down into the stomach of his mistress. He floated on top of whatever foods she had previously eaten. The gastric acid that was mixed with her chyme caused a burning sensation all over Tom's body, but it would be bearable as long as he could exit her stomach within a reasonable amount of time. He held his breath, hoping that his air supply would hold out.

"Jerrica," said Pallas, "get me a big bowl. If I puke him into the sink, we might lose him in the plumbing."

Jerrica ran and did as her sister requested. She came back with a large plastic bowl, and set it on the dining room table in front of Pallas, who took the bottle of Ipecac syrup and uncapped it, and took a swig. Within less than a minute, Pallas began vomiting, and Tom was forced upwards through her esophagus and down into the bowl. Pallas scooped him out and gave him to Jerrica.

"Okay Jerrica, it's your turn!" said Pallas.

"Isn't once enough?" Tom asked. "I don't need to get swallowed again, do I?"

"We can do whatever we want to you," said Jerrica, "you're just a tiny little man. You have to do whatever we tell you to do!"

"If my sister wants to swallow you, there's nothing you can do about it!" said Pallas. "Jerrica, let me get a glass of water to clean him off before you swallow him." Pallas went into the kitchen and got a glass of water. She returned, and as Jerrica held him over the bowl, Pallas bathed him in water to clean him off.

"That should do it!" said Pallas. "He's all yours!"

Tom stood astride Jerrica's palm, still bound by the threading. Jerrica lifted one end of the thread, and Tom rose into the air.

"It's tummy time, little man!" said Jerrica, and she dropped Tom into her mouth. He fell against her tongue, but try as she might, Jerrica just couldn't force him down.

"I don't even know how to swallow aspirin," said Jerrica, "so I'm having trouble swallowing him."

"That's okay," Pallas replied, "we can think up other games to play with him."

Pallas left Tom on the table and went upstairs and came back with a checker board and checkers.

"Okay toy, I found a job for you!" said Pallas, as she set the checker board on the table. "Start arranging the checkers so me and my little sister can play a game!"

Tom instantly complied. Before long, the girls were playing a game of checkers, with Tom moving the pieces around at the command of the tyrannical thunder children under whose dominion he now dwelt. When either of the mighty maidens commanded him to move a piece, he was obligated to comply with each of their commands. Pallas got up to serve themselves root beer in large glass mugs, then brought the mugs to the table. The girls sipped as they played their game, with Tom at their beck and call.

Tom began to get tired, the checkers were heavier than he was, and it took him a lot of effort to move them into the positions the girls commanded him to. When he moved too slowly for the whims of Pallas, she slammed her right fist onto the wooden table and said, "I've given you a command! You're nothing but a pathetic toy, you need to move faster!"

"If you don't obey us, my sister will swallow you again!" Jerrica threatened.

Tom tried to move faster to get one of Jerrica's pieces off the checkerboard, when Paisley walked through the door carrying bags.

"What's that bowl doing over there?" Paisley asked.

"Pallas threw up," said Jerrica. "She swallowed Tom, then drank that brown stuff you gave us."

"You're not mad, are you mom?" Pallas asked.

"Is he okay?" Paisley asked. Tom waved at her, indicating that he was fine.

"He's fine, mom." said Pallas.

"There's nothing wrong with swallowing Tom, as long as we have Ipecac syrup," said Paisley. All three of them burst out laughing, and Tom stood there on the table, silent.

Paisley walked over to the table and addressed Tom. "Tom the toy! So how did you like your first day on the job?"

"I'll get used to it, I guess," Tom replied.

"If you try to escape, I'll let one of my daughters swallow you for good, and there will be no Ipecac syrup that time. I went through a lot of effort to obtain you, and I'm not about to let you escape on us. Besides, even if you did escape, you'd just get eaten alive by some animal in the neighborhood."

Paisley picked Tom up and set him in her other hand. "When I was Jerrica's age, I always wanted a little man like you. I always knew that if I ever obtained one, I would force him to worship me as a god. Do my daughters seem like gods to you?"

Tom hesitated as Paisley held him up so he could have a good view of her two daughters.

"The correct answer is yes," said Paisley. "I expect nothing less than complete devotion to my two girls from you, Tom. From now on, you belong to the Patterson family, and we will do with you as we please, and we will treat you like property. Nothing you say or do will ever change that, is that understood?"

"Absolutely!" Tom replied.

She set Tom down on the table, and said, "Power to the Pattersons!" then high-fived her daughters. Tom felt like he was living on borrowed time, and that it wouldn't be long before one of these mighty maidens sent him plunging to his doom! The bigger question was, in whose belly would he end up inside of when the final curtain call was made? Would it be the monolithic matriarch, the prodigious preteen, or the tyrannical teenager? It didn't seem like there was any possible hope of escape from this titanic trio!

To Be Continued!
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