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20 new members have arrived and reworked, now it's 60 NanoCorps' members.
Male NanoCorps’ Members

Male NanoCorps’ Members

The Ancient Golem
Name: Boulder (named by the NanoCorps)

Age: +5,000+

Height: 14’10”

Race: Golem

NanoCorps' Rank: Frontline/Protector

Gender: Genderless (though most call the golem a ‘he’)

Appearance: Before joining, Boulder’s massive and bulky body is made of rocks and boulders (which he gets the name from), though his body starts to decompose. After Beta repair and changing his body by replacing the rocks with the hardest minerals in the world: the carbon nanorods, Boulder’s body is silver colored with a few lights on his torso, arms and legs, large hands with five fingers, a single glowing blue ‘eye’, and has the letter ‘NC’ engraved on the torso.

Personality: As a golem, Boulder cannot talk and only has one simple, but limited personality: loyalty. He only follows orders from anyone back in the days. Once Beta implanted a chip to make ‘more intelligence’, the golem becomes more intelligence yet loyalty, able to understand the situation he’s in and join in to save his fellow teammates.

Powers & Abilities: Boulder possess superhuman strength and durability, and has the body of the strongest mineral makes him a dangerous opponent for his challengers. Like Zaviera, Boulder learns geokinesis as he can fuse rocks and boulders with one hand to gain more power.

Trivia: Excluding the Big 6, Boulder is the second tallest member in the NanoCorps, second only to Revenant.

The Justice Frieza’s Race
Name: Froze

Age: Unknown

Height: 4’9”

Race: Frieza’s Race (Frost Demon)

NanoCorps' Rank: Recon/Stealth

Gender: Male

Appearance: Froze is quite short, about the same height as Slick and has a mixture appearance of his relatives, Frieza and Cooler. His skin is pure white and has silver armor-like carapaces on his chest, shoulders, shins, and head, his face is masked by a visor that covers all except his red eyes, long metal blade-like spikes on his arms and shins, three talon-like toes, long tail with two spikes at the end, and blue spots on his legs, head, arms, and stomach.

Personality: Unlike his evil relatives, Froze is more heroic, brave and a sense of justice, wanted to destroy evil by his hand. He enjoys helping people despite some fear of his appearance and, like Sumiye follows the codes of the NanoCorps.

Powers & Abilities: Froze possesses similar abilities like his relatives have and moves really fast at high speed, making him one of the fastest mercenaries in NanoCorps. Like Frieza who acquired a new transformation called Golden Form, Froze possess a unique transformation that no other Frieza’s race has: Ruby Form. The Ruby Form is much like Golden Form except it changes his skin into shiny ruby color and massively boosts his abilities.

Trivia: Froze was recruited by Danny after he was told a ‘strange looking alien’ arrive at the city, assisting people in need. He joins them in order to improve his reputation and hopes his other relatives will follow his heroic path instead of conquering planets.

The Wind Minish/Guardian
Name: Richie

Age: Unknown (He stated he is in his 20s)

Height: 2.55 inches(Minish), 6’1” (Guardian form)

Race: Wind Minish (Picori)

NanoCorps' Rank: Recon/Swordsman

Gender: Male

Appearance: Richie is a very small humanoid Minish who, surprisingly, develop a well-built physique body unlike other Minish, and wears a tiny white and green jacket with ‘N.C.’ on the back, green hat ,white pants with green wind like pattern, and green boots made by Beta and equipped with a Guardian Sword and Shield. After he transforms into the Wind Guardian, he has grown to 6 feet tall and wears a full suit of silver armor with cape, and the sword and shield grew along with him.

Personality: Richie is very adventurous, cocky, and fearless, unlike other Minish who is quite shy and timid. He doesn’t mind doing the big stuff and sometimes likes to cook food which surprises the members due to his small structure. Most of the female mercs adore Richie’s size and ‘cuteness’ which kinda annoys him, but doesn’t seem to mind and does not show any flirting or perverted actions from him. Richie tends to flirt with Sapphire, so does the latter, hinting he may have a crush on her.

Powers & Abilities: Due to his training under the Master Guardians, Richie is very strong for a Minish, able to withstand being the step on by accident and learns wind-based magic. In his Guardian Form, Richie’s abilities boosted and his dense armor can withstand some lethal attacks, but the most amazing ability of his form has is the inside of the armor is hallowed, with no trace of Richie’s body.

Trivia: Being smaller than a human’s thumb, Richie is the smallest member in NanoCorps, making it easier to go on recon missions without being detected and can launch a surprise attack on unaware foes. He was recruited by Aradia who was fascinating at his miniature size as well as his powers, she couldn’t help but grab and hugging the Minish against her chest, must to the latter dislikeness.

The Fearsome Dark Tonberry
Name: Ton (Given by the NanoCorps)

Age: Unknown

Height: 3’0”

Race: Tonberry (Dark Tonberry)

NanoCorps' Rank: Frontline/Assassin/Swordsman

Gender: Male

Appearance: Ton is a legendary Dark Tonberry that has a similar appearance of the regular Tonberry. His skin is colored black with red eyes, round head with a small snout, and a fishtail. He wears a black cloak with a hood and carries a longsword on his back with a small lantern attract to his waist.

Personality: While Ton cannot talk, only responded with grunts, he is very intelligent, calm and collected Tonberry. He enjoys exploring new areas and studies culture and civilization. Ton is quite laid back but can be very hostile if he’s provoked a lot.

Powers & Abilities: Ton is one of the strongest, if not the strongest, Tonberry species in his homeworld. Unlike most Tonberries that walks slowly up to their foes, Ton moves very quickly and able to cut them without notice. Ton learns how to wield a sword on his own and proven to be a strong swordsman that Ryx, a renowned master swordsman, and Morrigan, a powerful created life form, acknowledges his skills.

Trivia: Ton and G.O.D had clashed before when the shadow man tries to capture him, but the Tonberry retaliate and was able to wound the shadow man, much to his surprise. Once spotted Sasha and Reza coming to aid the Tonberry and fought for a minute, G.O.D quickly retreated, but not before cursing at Ton. Ton turns his attention to the mercs in his calm state and bows respectfully to them and was offered to join the NanoCorps, which he accepted by grunting happily.

The Mercenary Marksman
Name: Dave ‘DeadEye’ Jones

Age: 42

Height: 7’1”

Race: Human

NanoCorps' Rank: Tactician/Marksman

Gender: Male

Appearance: Dave is a tall man who conceals himself in his personal suit, not many people able to witness him outside his suit. He wears his customized black exo-suit with large painted skull image on the chest, black mask with the red targeting module over his left eye and red skull image, small mounted electric blade on his left arm and mounted gun on his right, jetpack attached to his back, plated gun holders on his legs, and tactician belt to hold his supplies and gadgets.

Personality: Dave is greedy and confident merc who will do anything to get his hands on big rewards when completing missions, but will outright refuse if the reward is small (but still accept it if forced by Zeke or Quentin). He got along with most members except for one member who was his former partner and enemy, Zurge Bane. Dave does work together with the mercs, sometimes flirting with the female mercs, but not as bad as Danny.

Powers & Abilities: Dave is a well-trained marksman, being fourth of the best marksmen in NanoCorps, hand to hand combat expert with the help of his suit and the blade, and learns and uses various weapons at his disposal.

Trivia: Dave is often called ‘Dead Eye’ due to his amazing marksmanship, never miss his target and gets hired often by people who to kill the said target, though mainly gets hired by gangs and criminals, making him the fourth criminal to join NanoCorps. He was recruited by none other than his old partner Zurge, who still have a grudge against him, yet he acknowledges his versatile of skills and knowledge of weapon he can use.

The Ancient Demon Butler
Name: Abigor Deleon

Age: Ageless

Height: 8’5”

Race: Ancient Demon

NanoCorps' Rank: Assassin

Gender: Male

Appearance: Abigor’s appearance is a tall and handsome man who dressed as a butler with black short hair with white at the end, yellow slit eyes, and fangs. He wears a black tailcoat tuxedo with white collar shirt, red rose clip attach to the pocket, rimless glasses, white gloves with ancient demon’s sign, black trousers, and black shiny shoes.

Personality: Abigor is very dedicated and holds great honor to serve his master. He holds great respect to the mercs, even respond to Quentin by saying ‘my lord’ though the Drangua doesn’t like being called ‘lord’. On a mission, Abigor is very focused on completing the mission and shows no remorse for his targets, even have some dark senses of humor when killing a person.

Powers & Abilities: Being an ancient demon and former servant of Rine’s father, Abigor possess superhuman abilities, regeneration, and powerful demonic powers, some say he might be more powerful than Rine, but never witness it as he wasn't too serious with fighting. Abigor is also a strong assassin as he can slip through tight security with ease and kill the target

Trivia: The butler and Rine got along really well when she was young, taking care of her instead of her father, which is why Rine recruited the butler to join the NanoCorps. While off duty, Abigor begins his butler duties and even became the main chef for the NanoCorps, which receive positive comments from his comrades.

The Dreadful Abyss Drangua
Name: Hadaron

Age: 700+

Height: 30’12

Race: Abyss Drangua

NanoCorps' Rank: Frontline/Shield/The Big 6

Gender: Male

Appearance: Hadaron is a giant, muscular Drangua with dark skin, short spiky white hair and beard, dark eyes with yellow silt irises, a large glowing scar that goes down on his chest and stomach, and black horns on his head and dragon wings. He wears an open, tattered black trench coat that shows his bare chest and stomach, clawed gauntlets with chains wrap around the end, black pants with chains around the loop, and armor boots.

Personality: Hadaron is a very strict and serious Drangua who can be very cold to others. He does have a caring side, especially around Quentin, protecting anyone from harm, but not without shouting towards them about protecting themselves.

Powers & Abilities: Possessing superhuman abilities that can match Atomic’s and is at a high rank of Dranguas, Hadaron is one of the strongest members in NanoCorps and one of the top 3 strongest in the Big 6. He learns all the basic Drangua’s abilities and techniques and ability to transform into a fearsome giant black dragon that doubles his abilities.

Trivia: Hadaron and Ethelinda were once rivals back in the day before their homeworld was destroyed and saving the young Quentin from his death. The two were the ones who took care of the young Drangua before he was old enough to take care of his own. Hadaron, later, joins the NanoCorps when he receives a message from Ethelinda of how much Quentin has grown and was curious on how a Blood Drangua, an exiled clan that uses forbidden and terrifying blood power, joins Quentin’s group.

The Chaos Hedgehog
Name: X

Age: 20

Height: 3’4”

Race: Hedgehog

NanoCorps' Rank: Recon/Transportation

Gender: Male

Appearance: X is an anthropomorphic hedgehog with red fur that covers most of his body except for his torso and three black marks on his sides. He has six quails sticking up from the back of his head, red eyes, two large pillars like multi-colored crystals sprouting on his shoulders, short tail, and a multi-colored glowing X shaped scar on his stomach area. He wears a long black tattered scarf wrap around his neck, black gloves with two small crystals at the end and black shoes.

Personality: Ruthlessness, aggression, arrogant, brash, and stubborn. X is a lone wolf type merc and doesn’t want to be friends with others, but he will cooperate with his teammates and answering to Quentin’s orders and nothing else. He also doesn’t like losing to his opponent, especially to Froze as the two race each other to see who is the fastest. Despite his ruthless behavior, X can be nice sometimes as he tends to watch over the young mercs, especially the renegade Jackle and the young reaper Reza

Powers & Abilities: While X have little superhuman abilities, his speed is almost unmatched, making him the fastest hunter of the NanoCorps until it was surpassed by Froze’s Ruby Form, X has a unique ability that’ll greatly assist the NanoCorps: Chaos Control. His Chaos Control can stop time around him and attack his foes before deactivate it, warp into different locations and teleport his allies into a location they describe and another ability called Chaos Rift, a portal created by X that allows him to enter the rift or use it to absorb projectiles and send it right back to the user.

Trivia: Due to Viz’s nickname and the hedgehog’s name, they always answer to someone who called by their names, even the three recons play around their names until they were beaten by the two. His origins are currently a mystery but there are rumors saying that X was created by a scientist from a different dimension and sent him here for unknown reasons. Zark, who somehow enter the rift, recruit the hedgehog to NanoCorps which he agrees. He still wonders how the silent hunter able to enter his rift without his aid.

The Cybernetic Werewolf
Name: Sawyer von Wolffang

Age: 55

Height: 10’4”

Race: Werewolf, Human (former)

NanoCorps' Rank: Frontline

Gender: Male

Appearance: Sawyer Wolffang is a very tall, gray-furred, humanoid werewolf with blue eyes and long claws on his hands and feet, razor sharp teeth, and cybernetic arm for replacement for his lost left arm. He wears a black cyber battle suit made by Beta, and high tech scouter on his forehead.

Personality: Once a savage beast who hungers for destruction on humanity and flesh, Wolffang regains his humanity with the help of Ryx’s meditation and salvation from the NanoCorps. He is calm, polite, and intelligent werewolf who sometimes can be wise. In combat, he retains his savage side, but able to control himself from hurting his allies.

Powers & Abilities: Before becoming a werewolf, Wolffang learns some martial arts and an expert hand-to-hand combat. After becoming a beast, Wolffang has superhuman abilities, enhanced senses, and regeneration. With the help of Vixen’s training, Wolffang’s combat skills has enhanced to the point where he can counter Alpha’s punch, a feat rarely has seen before.

Trivia: Wolffang has a habit of howling at a full moon when shown at night. When teaming up with Anna, Raven, and Boulder, the other members dubbed them the ‘Monster Squad’.

The Sinister Doctor
Name: Zealot (Dr. Zeal)

Age: Unknown

Height: 10’1”

Race: Human(?)

NanoCorps' Rank: Inventor/Doctor/Scientist/Former Criminal

Gender: Male

Appearance: Zealot is a very tall and quite lanky appearing Scottish man who towers some members of NanoCorps. He wears a custom-made black open doctor’s coat with dark green color at the end, a black masked that conceal his face with a tech monocle on his right eye, black top hat, black collar shirt pocket, black gloves with the letters ‘N.C’ on the front, black pants, and polished shoes. Zealot carries a high tech cane made by himself.

Personality: Zealot is a calm, relaxed, and carefree doctor who has a dark history in Scotland, and he is quite humorous and, sometimes, use dark senses of humor when killing his foes, but loyal to his duties as a doctor and as a member of the NanoCorps.

Powers & Abilities: Zealot is well known for his healing technology after being reformed and inventor with the help of Beta. While he does not have any superhuman abilities, the doctor is still a formidable mercenary. His cane can be used as a weapon and can change into a rifle or a sniper rifle, the gloves are equipped with high voltage to shock enemies, and his coat acts as a shield while being under fire

Trivia: Zealot was once a crazed mad doctor that went on a killing rampage in Scotland for months until he was captured and sentenced him to life behind bars. Realizing of what he has done, Zealot begins to train and meditate his inner self in order to control and subdue his evil self which was successful. He was released from prison and handed to a large cloaked man who recruited him to join the NanoCorps which he agrees, making him the third criminal to join the mercs.

Female NanoCorps Members

The International Officer
Name: Sumiye Wakahisa

Age: 21

Height: 5’5”

Race: Human

NanoCorps' Rank: Recon

Gender: Female

Appearance: Sumiye is a young attractive Japanese woman with a slender yet curvaceous body and large breasts, brown eyes, and long, full and wavy brown hair that reaches to her waist and bangs framing her face. Before joining the NanoCorps, she wears a navy blue officer's uniform with a pencil skirt, matching the hat, white gloves, and black pumps. After being implanted with Atomic’s Ω DNA, Sumiye wears the same clothing but colored black and her eyes become red when ready for combat, and smiles most of the time, showing her row of sharp fangs.

Personality: Sumiye is an independent, caring, humorous, and fearless woman who been praised during her police academy days. She is quite obsessed with codes and rules, following every rule that printed and loves to read geography books, learning different cultures of different continents. When using the DNA, she becomes very imitating as she smiles like Atomic does which cause most people, especially criminals, thinking she's a murderous psychopath.

Powers & Abilities: Sumiye is said to be one of the top officers in Japan before moving to the U.S, has excellent marksmanship as she can shoot her target with just one shot and knows martial arts skills in case of close combat. After implant, she becomes one of the strongest mercs in NanoCorps. The DNA gives her superhuman abilities, regeneration, tough skin and makeshift her coated hands into weapons like a sword.

Trivia: Beta found Sumiye outside of rehabilitation center after being ambushed by a gang and receive a broken leg. He offers an invitation to join NanoCorps and Atomic’s Ω-DNA to be implanted into her, the policewoman was reluctant at first but agrees to join the NanoCorps.

The Female ‘Godly’ Saiyan
Name: Rive

Age: Unknown

Height: 5’5”

Race: Saiyan

NanoCorps' Rank: Frontline

Gender: Female

Appearance: Rive is a young female Saiyan with a slender build, shoulder length white hair with locks slightly upwards and bangs that nearly cover her right purple eye, and her most distinctive feature of it is her skin colored light blue, which is very rare and unique among the Saiyans. She wears a black and orange 4-Star Dragonball costume with matching gloves and a single bracelet on her right wrist, a circlet around her forehead, orange socks and black Mary Jane shoes.

Personality Unlike the Saiyans who enjoys fighting and barbaric activities, Rive is calm and quiet who will fight if needed and does not shows fear. She is a bit lazy and can be sarcastic sometimes, but she enjoys the company of her fellow teammates, especially around Orn, Amber, Froze, and her teacher Zyla.

Powers & Abilities: Rive is not only a very powerful Saiyan, but she’s also a candidate for God of Destruction, making her one of the strongest fighters in NanoCorps and in a Top Ten Strongest Female NanoCorps’ Members. Rive can access to Super Saiyan 1 and 2, and Super Saiyan Blue. She also can enter God of Destruction state by unleashing her ‘godly ki’, becoming more powerful and able to use Destruction, a powerful ability that will destroy almost anything.

Trivia: Rive and Zyla came from another universe in search of their God of Destruction who went missing five days ago and stumbles upon the NanoCorps headquarter. When they were questioned by Zeke, Rive mention that the God of Destruction was confronting a mysterious man made of shadows and suddenly disappear along with deity, raising the mercs’ suspicion that it was Gentleman of Darkness. The two decided to work together with the NanoCorps to find the deity and becoming members of the NanoCorps later on.

The Kani of Ice
Name: Michiko

Age: 35 (565 relative years)

Height: 6’2”

Race: Kani (Japanese Spirit)

NanoCorps' Rank: Recon/Swordswoman/Assassin

Gender: Female

Appearance: Michiko is a female Kani spirit whose skin is white, dark eyes with glowing icy blue irises, light blue flower attached to her long flowing black hair with bangs, row of sharp teeth, and has a curvaceous figure with large breasts. She wears a white kimono dress that reveals her ample bosom with a grey sash wrapped around her waist, side shoulder armor and shin guards, pair of tabi and sandals. Michiko carries her ancestor’s katana in her sash.

Personality: Michiko is a calm and friendly spirit who is very friendly towards her teammates, and, surprisingly, tolerate Danny’s perverted actions. She is very calculated and level-headed when in combat, never seen in rage or anger. Michiko and Ryx respect each other while the swordsman comment how radiant she is, enough to make the Kani blush, hinting the two have feelings for one another..

Powers & Abilities: Michiko can phase through solid objects and little to no physical contact. She is a strong swordswoman that can slice through her foes with ease and her superhuman agility makes her a dangerous fighter. One of Michiko’s special ability is her blue colored katana can cut through heavy armors without making outside contact and able to wound them. Another one is her ice magic powers that can instantly freeze her target when either touched or cut.

Trivia: Michiko was once hail as ‘The Yuki-onna (Snow Woman) Swordswoman’ back when she’s alive. Her spirit rises from her shrine when she felt an evil presence nearby who happens to the notorious wanted man, G.O.D. The two clash each other for a brief moment until Esme emerges behind the shadow man and takes his leave before being captured by her. The two greeted each other before the assassin invites her to the NanoCorps. Michiko hesitates for a moment but agrees to join her to ward off any evil that disturbs the peace.

The Foreign Warrior
Name: Apollonia ‘Apollo’’ Zhawra

Age: 20

Height: 5’7”

Race: Human

NanoCorps' Rank: Recon

Gender: Female

Appearance: Apollonia is a foreign young woman from a different continent with no memories of where she comes from. She has a curvy and athletic body with tan skin, long dark grey hair with bangs on the sides and between her amber eyes, and a small X shaped scar on her left cheek. Apollonia wears a black off-the-shoulder crop top, a traditional teeth necklace and tooth earrings, three feather hair clip, grey sari style skirt, black mini shorts, and black leather open-toed boots with fur on the top. She carries a long spear and bow on her back.

Personality: Apollonia is very curious, open-minded, and carefree woman who speaks in an accent and referring to herself in the plural. She seems quite interested in technologies and likes to eat anything that is tasty. When on a mission, Apollonia changes her curious personality into a fearsome warrior that many believe she fights like a savage animal.

Powers & Abilities: While she has no superhuman abilities, Apollonia is still a worthy huntress when it comes to combat. She is very adaptable to close combat and surprise attacks, very sharp keen sight and seems to have an ability to see oncoming attacks and sense danger while the others aren’t aware. Her choice of weapons is her spear for close combat and a bow for long range.

Trivia: Flare brought Apollonia to NanoCorps’ headquarter when she was hearing complaints of a ‘wild woman’ stealing food. The foreigner apologized to the mercs for stealing and ask them for forgiveness, but to her surprise, Quentin invites her to join the NanoCorps for her ‘redemption’ to which she agrees.

The Terra Ogre
Name: Zaviera

Age: Unknown

Height: 30’12”

Race: Ogre (Gigantes)

NanoCorps' Rank: Frontline/Tank/The Big 6

Gender: Female

Appearance: Zaviera is a gigantic female ogre, matching the height of Atomic and Alpha’s height, and often called cute and pretty. Her body is curvy with large breasts, long flowing dark brown hair, amber eyes, tan skin, fangs, pointed ears, and two horns that connect directly to her skull. Zaviera wears a customized outfit for her size by Beta: a black long frilled dress that has a high collar and showing her cleavage with NanoCorps’ symbols on the back, black beret, gold bracelets, and black pumps.

Personality: Zaviera is laid back and carefree, and very kind to her friends and teammates, yet not so kind to criminals and supervillains like G.O.D. She’s a big fan of NanoCorps and their leader Quentin, often hugging the leader, pressing his whole body against her large breasts.

Powers & Abilities: Matching to Atomic and Alpha’s strength, Zaviera is the strongest female hunter in NanoCorps, able to surpass Delta’s strength. She possesses superhuman abilities, very dense skin, and ability to regenerate her wounds. Zaviera seems to know Geo and Terrakinesis as she can create massive tremors and earthquakes just by stomping on the ground and forms a pair of ‘earth gauntlets’ by rapidly pounding into the ground with her fists.

Trivia: Zaviera was actually the first new member to join NanoCorps when hearing the news about the recruitment, rushing to their headquarters to join, but not without little destruction to a small city, forcing to clean up the accidents before she officially joining the NanoCorps

The Poisonous Arachne
Name: Raven

Age: Unknown

Height: 9’9”

Race: Arachne (Large Breeds)

NanoCorps' Rank: Assassin/Recon

Gender: Female

Appearance: Raven's upper body is that of an attractive young woman with large breasts and long black hair that is worn as a large braid down in front of her body, six pupil-less, yellow eyes and her teeth are all fangs. Her most noticeable physical trait is the lower half of her body which is that of a giant spider adorned with yellow lines on the back and small spikes on its legs. She wears a black, high collar, zip up vest that is halfway zip up, revealing her cleavage and has ‘N.C.’ on the back,

Personality: Raven is a serious, confident, cold, and fearless Arachne who likes challenging missions and dislikes anyone who interferes her work. Despite this, she is actually nice and loyal to her teammates.

Powers & Abilities: Raven is one of the strongest assassins in NanoCorps and a very dangerous one. She can move at high speed and can move silently, making her one of the fastest mercenaries despite being a large breed Arachne, and has superhuman reflexes that can rival Shadow. True to her title, Raven posses venom, that said to be a combination of all of the deadliest spiders, inside her and uses it to harm/poisons her targets. Her body is covered by a hard, though light, an exoskeleton that allows her to protect herself from harm.and sharp claws on the ends of her fingers to slice and pierce her target and can produce silk from her abdomen to webbed or wrap her targets.

Trivia: Raven was recruited by Athanasia who actually met and fought the Arachne back in the days before joining NanoCorps and comment how dangerous her venom was, almost passing out when infected by it and she’s immune from most poisons.

The Genius Android
Name: Android 100 (Hundred)

Age: Unknown

Height: 5’9”

Race: Android

NanoCorps' Rank: Tactician/Inventor

Gender: Female

Appearance: Android 100 appears to be a beautiful woman with pale skin, pointy ears and curvy body, long wavy blue hair, and light blue eyes. She wears a long navy blue scientist coat with a black tank top underneath, light blue high tech visor on top of her head, navy blue bell-bottom pants, and black closed-toe wedges.

Personality: Android 100 is highly intelligent, rivals that of Beta, cunning, and witty, but can be cold and sarcastic if not amused. She is very loyal to Quentin and the rest of the members but admires Beta’s intelligence and his collection of successful creations.

Powers & Abilities: While she rarely fights in the front line and spends time creating new projects, Android 100 is a very powerful android with superhuman abilities, able to match Delta’s strength and ability to mimic her opponent’s movement with the help of her visor.

Trivia: Android 100 seems to know Zeke’s secret history and often teases him about it, making the gunman quite uncomfortable, but she promises she won’t reveal his secret to others. She was recruited by Delta outside of the deserted building when the robot detects an ‘unusual energy’ within her.

The Legendary Silver Drangua
Name: Ethelinda Daenerys

Age: 700+

Height: 30’11”

Race: Silver Drangua

NanoCorps' Rank: Frontline/The Big 6

Gender: Female

Appearance: Ethelinda’s appearance is a giant beautiful female human-dragon hybrid with some silver scales on her arms, slender body with large breasts and narrow waist, red eyes, sharp fangs, long flowing silver hair with red at the ends, silver horns on her head, and dragon wings with some fur. She wears a long white furred dress that shows her ample bosom, silver accessories attach to her dress, and knee strapped brown sandals.

Personality: Ethelinda is laidback and carefree like Quentin, and is very wise, kind, and friendly to non-Dranguas and her teammates. She can be motherly towards Quentin and Cross, often snuggle and hugging the Dranguas, much to their dislikeness. She can be very intimidating when someone threatens or arguing with her just by staring at them.

Powers & Abilities: As part of the legendary Silver Drangua clan, Ethelinda is an extremely powerful yet graceful Drangua that can match Zaviera’s strength and can move quite fast at her height. Like Hadaron, she learns all the basic abilities and techniques of the Drangua and has an ability to transform into a giant silver dragon that increases her abilities, and can conjure a giant silver colored Zweihänder(two-handed weapon) with glowing red dragon’s eye at the center.

Trivia: Ethelinda and Hadaron had been rivals for years until their homeworld was destroyed by unknown force, forming a truce to their never-ending rivalry and arrives at a new world called Earth. Upon hearing Hadaron rescue a young Drangua survivor, she and the Abyss Drangua watch after him until he was old enough to take on his own. After hearing Quentin becoming popular among the human race and form a group called NanoCorps, the Silver Drangua, along with Hadaron, arrives at the front of the NanoCorps’ headquarters which surprised the Drangua. Quentin, after their reunion is over, immediately invites the two to join the NanoCorps which they agreed.

The Saiyan’s Teacher
Name: Zyla

Age: Unknown

Height: 7’1”

Race: Angel

NanoCorps' Rank: N/A

Gender: Female

Appearance: Zyla is a tall humanoid with pale blue skin, violet eyes, and short white hair with bangs between her eyes, large light blue ring around her neck, and carries a long scepter with a gem that floats above it, She wears a black robes, orange cuirass with red circle decorations and a black sash, and white high heeled shoes with black soles.

Personality: Zyla is a kind-hearted woman, yet can be witty and mischievous as she enjoys watching the three recons fight over a piece of cake when telling them there’s only one piece left(which is a lie). As Rive’s teacher, Zyla is wise and a proud instructor, but can be disciplined if Rive slacks off from training.

Powers & Abilities: Being a former teacher of the missing God of Destruction, Zyla is the strongest being in her universe and becomes one of the Top Ten Strongest Female NanoCorps Members. Even Atomic, the strongest member in NanoCorps, felt a slight tingle when she chops his neck for eating the last slice of pizza that was for her, which the latter never felt this before in years.

Trivia: Zyla and Rive were often mistaken by many who asked them if they are relative due to their skin color.

The Darkest Eclipse
Name: Lunar

Age: 25


Race: Human

NanoCorps' Rank: Recon/Assassin

Gender: Female

Appearance: Lunar is an average height female ninja hail from the same country that Shadow is from. She is considered to be a beautiful and quite busty woman with full long black hair with large silver colored bang covering her left eye and has heterochromia as her eyes are colored light blue(right) and silver(left). She wears a black, side tie dress that reveals her cleavage, black leg guards and arm-guards with three small attached blades, a silver sash tied around her waist, a silver-colored scarf around her neck, and black low heeled sandals.

Personality: Lunar is very calm, level-headed, cool, and collected just like her brother, and doesn’t lose her coolness in a mission even in a tense moment. Though doesn’t mind working with others, Lunar tends to partner up with Shadow when going on a recon or assassinate mission.

Powers & Abilities: While not on the strength level and has superior reflexes and swordsman skills, Lunar is one of the fastest members of NanoCorp, able to keep with other high-speed members. She carries a special pair of cybernetics knives that generates electricity and able to slice and pierce through dense armor with ease

Trivia: Lunar is the last member to join the NanoCorps who was recruited by her brother Shadow. If team up with her brother and the other assassins, the others will called them the ‘Hire of Blood’.
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