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Development can be seen under different angles as be measured by different index, criteria
What is development within such 21st century?

The technology has achieved a giant path and many countries live in wealth because of the realized development in many fields.
Asiatic countries are the example of such development. Most of such countries have been deeply damaged during the Second World War. They get a great challenge and work hard and do immense endeavors and realize a great technology development which propagates at light speed and by contiguity to the most of Asian countries.
Now we see such high concrete development sets in such continent because of technology.
Japan now has achieved high level in robotic. South Korea is very developed in electronic devices. China recently has emerged because of such kind of development.

Does development mean to be in advance in technology? Does development mean that the population lives in wealth and that GDP is high?
Around the world there are also many developed countries .North American countries, Scandinavian countries, South Africa, oceanic countries and some European ones are also developed and live in wealth. Their GDP is high and most of the population lives above the poverty threshold.

Is development seen according to the health level and the eradication of most diseases?
The more humanity has achieved a high level of development the more we notice an increase of diseases. There are more venereal, cancer and cardio vascular diseases. What has really development brought to health?
Are such diseases the resultant of the development and modernity; the famous century stress?

Is development seen according to the matter only which means living in wealth whatever the increase of all kinds of crimes is?
Indeed all kinds of crimes have increased in such century. Drug addictions, wars, killing, robbing and sexual assaults have increased during such century. Are they the consequence of any development? Has development neglected human values?

Does development concern some countries only? Indeed we see a flagrant contrast between the developed world and some parts of the earth that live at vegetative stage in such 21st century and in full obscurantism. This is the case of some African and Amazon countries.
Are donations to such countries sufficient to help them or it lets them in fact strayed in their stage? Do they need other kinds of help to render them in fact autonomous by both training and jobs creation?

How can humanity in such 21st century measure development? What are the criteria that human beings have to put in order to situate development according to the individual human being one and according to the full humanity one?
Indeed to be a developed country is the fruit of long endeavors. Also each country gets the most part of responsibility in its poverty and obscurantism.
However illnesses, poverty, civil wars (refuges) and all earth world crimes have international repercussion. That is why the development definition needs some adjustments.

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