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by K.HBey
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War disaster,death ,victims and consciousness remorse which push someone to apologize but.
The 1st January 3000th
Walking alone and all it can be seen are remains. The sky is black. There are a few sun gleams. There are only clouds. A great smoke is high over there in the sky. Black and gray is the horizon which seems closed forever. The earth is a disaster. The nucleic war has put nations in confrontation and all have fallen apart. The human species is about to disappear .All have left, there are only a few people alive.

Only remains are still alive revealing loudly human war and its crimes against humanity. All has gone and only such stones are here saved forever writing human history. Famine, cruelty and crimes all together have destroyed the world earth planet forever.

Sammy out of his breath tired is lying on the ground. He is completely unconscious. However in his sub consciousness a movie of his whole life is defiling. Such hour of the last moment of life where truth is the queen and then how can consciousness live hard moment of torment, remorse and torture. Indeed all the actions are revealed together.

In this path, where he is in the command of a great satellite; there is a great planets war. He is the leader of it, the engineer. The concept is to search for a new planet where human beings can live.

Sammy: "charge the batteries we will lead to satellite at north tangent to the Adonis planet. We are about to be there".
A red globe is getting near the satellite. The atmospheric layer is achieved and the satellite crosses it. The planet earth appears again and most there is blue color dominating. This is water.

Samuel, the captain of the satellite says: "Look Sammy, diverse nations are about to leave the earth which is now a real disaster and are about to reach us".
"All have one direction: Planet Adonis. It gets most the same conditions of life than earth. There is a great satellite "Pirate" which will reach ours in one million years it means in few hours. We have to get ready to fight against them and to be the first arrived on Adonis. As you know Adonis has less superficies than Earth and cannot bear all human beings. Also we are the first to put the path on it. We have made endeavors to reestablish adequate conditions for life there. So Sammy, let your team turn at 150 degrees left and be on the orbit five in order to arrive quickly."
Sammy: "We cannot do this. The engines are perfect but we have already lost the command of direction 50 years ago. I won't tell this to my team and let it be secret in order not to add any stress on them." "The only thing which stays is our first direction program set first and that our satellite is still following so we cannot change direction". "We have to do with".
"If any confrontation would be needed we will use the freezing". Samuel: "what do you mean by this?" Sammy: "We can create a magnetized field now behind us so that no satellite can pierce it and go beyond and achieve Adonis".
"OK"; Says Samuel.

The more they get near the more Adonis appears catching the eyes, it seems as Eden. It is full of vegetation, water and gold. The researchers have found no populations there of any kind of specie.
The radar detects "Pirate" satellite strayed in the orbit two. "Innovation" satellite is going further and in one hour will be on Adonis.
Tired, all the team is glorified .Finally they are there at Adonis, the heaven.

Sammy and at this moment is too sad. He remembers the last words of his wife Miriam who lost life in this nucleic war. She said: "The man I have loved first is indeed Sammy but it is for sure not you now. Your ambition renders you blind and you have sold all your human values. You have created such evil nucleic war weapons and it will first revolve against you. I am happy to leave such world and you, the monster".

Sammy has tears flooding his eyes and has shame on himself. He is very miserable and his heart in empty. No love, no tenderness and no pity. He is alone. He has so wished to be with his wife in this moment and live in paradise forever. However he quickly realizes that he is now paying the price of his acts and all his last innovations done in order to create a new world instead of war have not succeeded to redeem his soul, his consciousness and assures peace to his dead wife whom he still loves and does all for her memories.

This is the way for him to apologize to her for all his crimes committed against humanity and which harvested the life of his wife. However this comes too late.

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