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by Linda
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Writer's Cramp 671 Words
Otto's most favorite event of the year was his visit to the Missouri State Fair. A regular since 1969, Otto the Car, taught about safe driving
and visited with the children. The kids watched in awe as he winked his eyes, his long lashes sweeping up and down, and they laughed
as he tooted his horn. When the Missouri State Highway Patrol officer lowered the microphone so the kids could talk to Otto, the fun

"Hi!, my name is Otto, what's yours?"

Most of the kids were shy but in a few minutes they would start answering and asking questions.

"My name is Lisa, how old are you?"

"What do you think, how old do I look?"


"No, Lisa I'm much older, but I still have a lot of zip."

After the fair Otto made a few appearances but mainly stayed in the warehouse remembering the kids and looking forward
to the next fair.

One year Otto received an invitation to the state of Florida. No one told him why a flat bed truck hauled him so far away.
The car show wasn't much fun, lots of adults and no kids. Otto noticed that the grown ups didn't smile and they looked
worried. No one asked him questions and they didn't care about his winking eyes and the toot of his horn.

Finally, the day arrived to return to Missouri. But someone made a big mistake and loaded Otto into a shipping crate.
Docked at the port a ship waited for him and when loaded Otto headed for China.

The traffic in China scared Otto, it was every car for itself. The congestion was horrible and the drivers darted here and
there hurrying to their deadlines. Otto tried to stay out of their way, but when they crossed his path he noticed the
people's faces. Though, they looked different than the people at home they had the same anxious look as if
something terrible could happen any minute.

Otto wondered how he could be so lonely with so many people rushing around. His car shows depressed him. The adults
ignored him and the few kids that walked by laughed at him. He couldn't understand their words and he missed the
microphone and the fair kids. One day a little girl walked right up to his face and she smiled. Otto winked his eyes and
tooted his horn. Before her mother shooed her away the girl winked and said, "Like you."

Unknown to Otto the MSHP worked hard to solve his disappearance. Before long the Missouri Capitol began an investigation.
Then the Federal Government got involved and the "Where's Otto?" posters flooded the country. It wasn't long until cell
phones buzzed, texts arrived and the mystery was solved. Car dealers across the United States remembered seeing Otto
at the "China Automobile Expo." Within the week Otto arrived home and he was ready to get back to the Missouri State

"Hi!, my name is Otto, what yours?"

"My name is Amber."

"Amber, do you wear your seatbelt?"

"Yes, how old are you?"

"Make a guess, I look pretty young , don't I?"

Otto winked his eye and watched the young girl's face. Her delight made him smile, he remembered the girl in China and how
her smile let him know that she accepted him. He thought, "How important are our words and the way we use them." Otto
knew that our smiles and words could make the world a better place.

"Are you twenty-five?"

"Oh, Amber, don't you make me feel good just like a new model. Don't tell anyone but I'm forty-eight years old. Now, you enjoy
your visit to the Missouri State Fair."

As the breeze ruffled his eyelashes Otto smiled, waiting for the shy little girl to come forward. He knew he had the best job
ever. He looked at the crowd and saw the parents smiling and he squawked, "Come right up, welcome to the fair, isn't it
a wonderful day. I'm Otto, the talking car." Toot! Toot!
671 Words
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