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Ellie makes new friends.

Ellie-Anna was born in a city of lights
in a high-rise with many elective delights,
but then moved with her parents to the countryside
letting urban Urbana folk gladly abide.

Though young Ellie cried silk tears because of their go,
she decided she’d structure new friends out of snow
since her old friends in city were now far away
and because she desired friends with which to play.

Rusty was the first friend built from snowy expanse
and when done Ellie broke into her happy dance.
Rusty grinned with an icicle smile all right
with a gleam in his eye from a face full of white.

It was Sally appearing as snowy friend two
with some curly red hair and bright eyes colored blue.
(There remained color in Ellie-Anna’s new world
  though the site burst anew and the change had unfurled.)

Sally stood by a drift as young Ellie went on
rolling snow on the ground--then it wasn’t ere long
before Andy appeared, named by Ellie with glee
who remained shy and staid underneath an oak tree.

Then when Ellie created Amanda for fun,
crystal countenance shone in the rays of the sun.
Ellie added essentials like designer clothes
and attended to friends, shaping cheekbone and nose.

Ellie-Anna continued in friendship and love
packing snow with aplomb in her pink cotton glove
seeing friend after friend rise from flocculent* state
adding to each new friend a unique snowy trait.

(It was Frosty who Ellie bestowed with a mug
  so endearing that it enticed others to hug
  and, instead of upsetting the old applecart,
  feel a longstanding warmth in the depth of their heart.)

All the snow friends en masse (being far from forlorn),
gave out gelid guffaws when wee Wall-E was born.
Ellie made him with traction for icy terrain
at her new country home on Nineteen County Lane.

Ellie bonded with friends like a child is want
in the sub-freezing air at her new country haunt.
Yet then one more snow friend--as if an afterthought:
a cool collie she made right away on the spot.

40 Lines (Anapestic Tetrameter)
Writer’s Cramp


*flocculent...containing, consisting of, or occurring in the form
                    of loosely aggregated particles or soft flakes.
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