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introducing the boy that causes my heart-aches
I have someone to introduce you. He is a male-choral and a talented person. He has a devil smile and his looks is his father. He wave his hand to piano keys. He move to manila just to enrols in a university. He was the person that I met accidentally when my heart broke. The second time he bent his heart to me. If you know who you are. Youre right. He loves Hambog Sagpo krew songs and always have on writings on his head with his heart. He loves to sing especially shadow and thinking out loud, he recorded them to soundcloud site. He has two brothers , he is second. He do not have medals in highschool because he said its the last time to make fun and naughty. His not intelligent but when it comes to love his active. He doesn't look like a celebrity but a composer. He said he always be there and he really there is. His mom love him so much. His the one to make her mom laughs. His last number is 348 and a touch mobile subscriber. He had one girl friend and you know who was she. He dont give a joy cause he know looking at him make you smile already. His not handsome even his not good in playing guitar but he loves to watch action movies and beforeyouexit music videos. He enroll in the first year as BSIT in lapuyan and switch to Ministerial to COM. He didnt know whats really the reason why he switched. He had many friends. He loves to upload new pictures as well were the same , photogenic. He hashtag thinking out loud on his photo. He is a confident person but he didnt continue his ministerial. When looking him in 3 seconds,you can catch his attention already. He has the face that couldnt forget. If you catch a cold, youre inlove. He got already his heart broke when it dont want to. Well, he knows basic chords in guitar. He didnt say a thing but he really loves his girlfriend. He was a type of a shy person but always keep singing. He introduce himself good rated 100 percent. His things were neat. His hair is untidy. He do not know how to capture a girls heart but I was. To know him better he is the guy who didnt passed the exam of a girls heart. He's always zero. but the girl likes it. I were. When you talk to him it was like a friend but when he talks and begin to laugh, suddenly your heart stop for a minute and the air goes by. He is the person who I love most. He knows and memorize all hambog sagpo krew songs. When he was alone he just make sketches and think of his family. He is a matured person. He does know what is sex means. He talks funny that you didnt notice. Hes ugly he was just feel it handsome. He is not a prince but acting like a prince. His mom is not beautiful but has a beautiful attitude that inherit him. He kinda talks girl stuffs. His interested to women. His facebook name was karlo jacob. He cries and he mean it. He is a guy whose knowledge is more important than career. He listen to his own parents. He was a good guy but his songs were not. He ruin someone life and broke a heart like me, he doesnt care for it. He promise but it is not real. He dont care how feelings of girl being hurt. He is not a caring human. He dont like news but love news. He want to become successful someday. His dream is not really big as I was. He is a gifted child who has the ability to sing, to draw and to report good news. He is updated to latest songs. He is a school late guy. He enroll to school for girls not for education. His motto in life is to multiply kids. He loves to eat pancit canton. He dont like eggs. He ate squash less than malunggay. His young dream is to find a perfect suit women and I thought I was but not. He put his headphone every phone calls. He loves to sleep more than to text. His family has inherit rich family. He dont like cats but birds. He is threaten like the youngest when he was second. He doesnt like taylor swift songs. He loves Christian musics. He dont like speaking english rather cebuano. He dont play sudoko but dota all stars. He loves to join school activities rather than academics. He loves his cousins so much and he cant live without them. He dont like his brother noli theyre not close. He is different. His the guy who you want to throw out but you miss him. Definitely you are reading right now. And you hate it. You will say why did I write a stuff. And will tell me to erase them. You do not want me to scan your life cause completely am not yours now. You hate me because you actually didnt love me. You will really have to forget me but you cant. At this moment, you want to hit a big tomorrow for a revenge but am not. You will dare to win and I lose. You will see happiness and I was crying. Youll see me as a stranger when we were had relationship last time. Youre not going to say sorry because you don like to and why shuld you. You want me to erase me in your mind but period no erase. Am no longer your wife but why am i concern to you. You give a shit to me when I could say those . You tell me a million times I hate you but I cant do it. You want I can move on but am i. You dont deserve thats what you said but you are my deserve man. You actually dont believe in fairytale but I was. You are a stupid person that ever i met! Im not happy to met you but I lied. Im not in love with you but I deny. I shouldnt answer but i reply. I shouldnt waste my time on you but there is a time machine already. I shouldnt met you but i pray. I have your heart kilig that shouldnt i. I love you the most but you faking. You are the stupid guy Ive met. I now anticipate your future and I am your bride. Okay if i were not. I rather die. die. die. thats what you want to make me gone gone gone. princess please lost lost lost. dont dare dare dare. break break break me off.. Of course I can do it. do do do . Sorry I love you.
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