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A mysterious crime of 4 missing kids ends up in a small town of Maple Hollow.
The day was normal as it usually is. Mr.Porter, the ice cream man, was selling chocolate and vanilla swirl to kids and teens down the street, across from Maple Hollow's bookstore. The sun brightened the sky up, and making the day as mellow. People of all ages were walking around town, enjoying their peaceful day of fun and no worries. But that ended when the sound of a siren that was a mile away from the parks and people walking.
The police cars drove past the people, turning corners and reaching a small cornered house. A middle-aged woman and her husband stood outside of their house, with worried faces and a white telephone. An officer stopped his car and walked out, closing his car door behind him. He walked slowly onto the couple's lawn and stopped a foot away from them. he took off his sunglasses and stared at the woman. She looked at him and breathed softly. the husband had his arm around her and gave a sad look.
"Ma'am, may I ask what's your name?" he asked the woman.
"Mary Thompson, and this is my husband, Jerry Thompson," she replied to the officers question.
"I'm Willis. May I also ask why you needed a policeman drive up to your house?" he asked quickly.
"Our son, Chris, didn't come home last night. He was suppose to come home after his baseball practice, but he didn't," Jerry told Willis.
Willis took out his notepad and black pen. He cleared his throat and flipped a few pages. Mary and Jerry stood there and watched him. Willis clicked his pen and started to write down something. Chris Thompson, he wrote.
"Describe what he looks like," Willis told them.
"Uh..green eyes, freckles, has a birthmark on the back of neck shaped as a star, brown hair, 5'6, and might have been wearing a blue shirt with shaggy jeans," the parents replied.
Willis nodded, writing all of the information down. he clicked his pen, folded his notepad, and went back to his car. Mary stepped forward, released from her husband's arm.
"You're gonna find him, right sir?" she asked him slowly.
"Look, I can't promise anything, but I assure you he's fine and will be home shortly" Willis replied, getting in his car.
Willis started his car, drove out of the side and started driving ahead. The couple watched his disappear down the street. Jerry hugged his wife, giving a small kiss on her forehead.
"He'll find him. Don't worry," Jerry told his wife.
She nodded and they both walked into the house silently.

Back in town, Willis was in the ice cream shop, looking at the specials. Mr.Porter came up to him and smiled. Willis grinned and continued to look.
"So what happened?" Mr.Porter asked him.
Willis cleared his throat. "The Thompson's home. Apparently, their son is missing and they want me to find him," he replied.
Mr.Porter nodded and looked at the specials.
"Vanilla swirl, Porter. And a coffee, please," Willis told him, giving him an assured look.
Mr.Porter nodded and headed to the counter. He grabbed a cup and served a vanilla swirl with a raspberry topping, which was a special topping for the swirl. Mr.Porter looked at his walls. There were barrels stored on shelves, the size as if a person can fit in one. He grinned at one of the barrels which a gold outline and a red stamp on it.
Mr.Porter returned to Willis with his vanilla swirl. Willis smiled and stood up from the table. Mr.Porter stopped him and ran back to the counter for his coffee. He gave the coffee to Willis and smiled.
"There ya go sir. Hope you find their kid," Mr.Porter told him as Willis walked out nodding to him.
Porter turned and stared at the red stamped barrel. He smiled and continued on with his day.
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