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Co-ed Co-workers at a business Christmas party.An entry for a holiday writing contest.
Dale had a "puppy crush" on Evita ever since she had came to work for Evergreen Plastics Corporation back in the spring. She hardly ever noticed him, even when they had to work on a couple of projects for the boss man together. Dale was the kind of person who never wanted to stick out in the crowd or make waves. He was the kind of guy who just blended in with the wallpaper. This year, he had made his mind up. This year, he decided he was going to be the "class clown" at the company Christmas party. Dale was simply tired of being "the wallpaper". He had it set in his mind that he would get Evita to notice him.

The plan was falling in place perfectly. The rum spiked eggnog was beginning to drop his inhibitions straight through the floor. He was starting to get a Cheshire cat grin that he couldn't hide. The tipsiness was making anything said to him sound funny. He never felt like this before, but that was mainly because he had never imbibed in alcoholic beverages in his life. But, wow, this feeling...this feeling of elation! This feeling of freedom. Dale felt like he could take on the world right now, and win in a TKO! Dale's coworkers, and even a couple of his managers were beginning to stare at him, and wonder if everything was alright with him.

With all eyes on the stumbling employee, he pranced his way right up to Evita, looked her in the eyes, and asked in slurred speech, "May I have this dance?" She would have said yes, had there been music playing that you could dance to, but she just couldn't see herself sashaying across the floor with a half inebriated fellow to the tune of "O Tannenbaum". After denying his request, she took cover by going over to one of her female coworker friends table, and sat with her and her husband. She felt her face still glowing hot from the embarrassment caused by Dale.

The president of the company had witnessed all this, along with ninety eight percent of the room, so he pulled Dale to the side and reprimanded him for his behavior, and advised him that it was probably best if he were to catch a cab home. "Okay, boss," slurred Dale, "just one thing before I go, though." With that, he toddled over to the entrance, and reached up and pulled the mistletoe down. Then he tipped back over to the table where Evita had thought she had found refuge, he held the mistletoe over her head, and proceeded to give her the most passionate French kiss he could muster with his drunk self. When he got done, amongst the cheering, cat calling, and whistling, Evita gave him something too. A very red right cheek from where she tried her hardest to slap fire from him. Dale didn't feel it, though, from the effects of the booze.
He just gave an awkward chuckle, and then pointed to the mistletoe over their heads, and told her in his best slurred drunk voice, "You're not supposed to slap people when they kiss you under the mistletoe." Then Dale hit the floor from passing out, stone cold drunk.

Yes, Dale the wallflower made a great hit at the Company Christmas Party that year. Too bad he is still looking for work, even today.

570 words

Used the prompt: With an awkward chuckle, he pointed to the mistletoe above their heads.

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