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by Brown
Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2142810
Some of the Loud House sisters get a little too hungry......
As the years passed the members of the far too crowded Loud Family was getting older,a lot older as in those around 4-10 were suddenly 18 and now all of a sudden both Lynn and Rita Loud,the parents had their hands full with eleven 18 year old kids but somehow with the aid of their next door neighbors Howard and Harold Mcbride were able to handle this unfortunate turn of events without too much trouble(well maybe a little)but despite now being 18 most of the siblings had still retained their childlike personalities especially Lincoln himself.

But at this very moment both Leni Loud(the second of the oldest with her very pretty blond air head self)and Luna Loud(the British styled musician sister)were bored beyond belief

"Ohhh it's sooooooo boring today!" Leni moaned flopping herself on the couch "There's nothing on TV and none of our friends are cool anymore!"

"For once I agree!" Luna said also sitting in a chair looking through her numerous music on her phone "I've listened to every piece of music on my phone and am still bored stiff! There's just gotta to be something we can do!!"

"Hmmmmmm maybe we should go look through Lisa's room for some mischief,she's got a built in lab now remember?"

Lisa was their previously younger sister only 4 years of age but incredibly intellect in fact earning both a PH.D and Nobel Peace Prize by 6 most of the other students were highly jealous of her achievements especially since she was accepted at numerous universities around the nation and globe!

"You mean rummage through Lisa's room?" You know how she feels about people touching her stuff!" Luna said sternly and put on a pretty good imitation of Lisa Loud "Ahem no going in my room or touching my stuff! KEEP OUT THAT MEANS YOU LINCOLN!!"

"Yeah but we're actually more trustworthy than Lincoln aren't we?" Leni said with a smirk "She'll never know she's at the science fair remember? We'll just sneak in look at a few of her stuff then sneak back out no harm done come on unless you want to remain on this couch for eternity!" Getting up and heading upstairs Luna stuffed her phone in her pocket and followed.

Once upstairs the two sisters first had to figure out the 16 digit passcode installed on Lisa's door this took a while but with the aid of some computer/phone hacking they bypassed the code and went inside

"Whoa look at all this stuff Lisa's really been busy hasn't she?" Luna muttered staring and picking up a prefect replica of a molecular structure

"Gee what a complete nerd of a sister we have!" Leni rolled her eyes "Ugghhh it's even more boring in here come on let's go back to....hey what's that?" She stopped midway between opening the doorknob to glance at a weird looking object stationed at the back both sisters curiously walked over to it

"What is it?" Luna asked

"Really isn't it oblivious? It's a shrink ray! Duh I'm a complete air head and even I know what one looks like!" Leni said once more rolling her eyes due to all the old fashioned 1950 films and comic books her boyfriends had her watch and read she picked it up it looked like one of those water squirt guns

"A shrink ray? Funny it doesn't look like one!"

"That's because she made a miniature version Luna! Sheesh! Oh cool look its got three settings:Small,Really Small and Extra,Extra Small......." Both sisters stared at one another grinning mischievously

"Are you thinking what I'm think sis?" Luna smirked

"Yep! Come on!" Leni said grabbing hold of the door and wrenching it open "Time for some fun with the rest of our siblings! *wink wink*"

The rest of the Loud siblings were either lounging around or just goofing off as usual so the two girls split up to target each one individually but since there was only one ray gun between them they met up at various points to trade it off.

First Leni went for the only male member of the family Lincoln himself who was about to meet up with his still best pal Clyde for their annual belching contest later on sitting in his room playing those crappy video games

"Doesn't he have a real life?" Leni muttered to herself as she stepped into full view where she had a good shot of her brother then aimed the ray gun right at his head

"Ahh man I still can't beat this level! Where's my cheat code book at?"

"Hey Lincoln SMILE!!" Leni shouted

"Huh?" Was all he could say before ZAPPPPPPPPPP! He was tiny while everything was super sized including Leni who resembled Godzilla!

"Hey what Th-I'm tiny!" Lincoln screamed then he looked up and up and up "Len-Leni is that you? What did you do to me? Wh-what are you doing?" As she slowly lowered her gigantic foot over him

"Bye-bye Lincoln you've been a pain on my side for too long!!" She giggled evilly

"Huh wait-Leni Nooooooooooo!" But too late all was left once her foot flattened him like a pancake was a bloody blob shape

"Ewwwww yuck who knew Lincoln could leave such a mess! Oh well one down,more siblings to go!!" Leni said savagely as she left her late brother's room.

Luna meanwhile swapped the ray gun from Leni once they passed by the foyer and Luna saw the once person she hates more than anyone else: the eldest of the siblings bossy mature Lori Loud even at 18 she still thought of herself as the boss of them all and ordered them around like servants,always in their faces whenever something was amiss

"Now I got my chance for some revenge!" Luna hissed pointing the gun at Lori's torso while she was talking on the phone with her boss at the pizza shop

"What? What do you mean I got to come in at five in the morning? I got a life you know! You guys have been working me to death at that place and....."

ZAPPPP!!! Lori was really,really tiny "Hey what happened?" She screamed utterly terrified Luna smiled as she reached down to pick her up for some well deserved torture but Lori being the smart one dodged her fingers and started climbing up her younger sister's body crying out

"Shrink me down to microscopic size will you?" But Luna had the last laugh when she allowed Lori to climb as far as her really small(well larger than life breasts)and SPLAT! Lori was as dead as a door nail when Luna laughing gleefully squeezed her boobs together

"There that wasn't so bad was it?" Luna giggled as she departed to find another sister.

If there was one other person Leni hated more than her brother Lincoln it had to without a doubt be Lynn Loud,the all star member of the family unnaturally talented in every single sport known to man despite the tender age of 12 she was said to be her father absolute favorite of the bunch,Ohhh how Leni despised her! And now she was going to show her what a real game was as she slowly crept around the corner where Lynn was polishing her shiny 100 trophies and ZAPPPPP! Lynn screamed and fainted at the sight of her tiny state.

When she came to Lynn was utterly surprised when she found herself glued to a chair unable to move at all

"Huh hey what gives? Is this someone's idea of a joke? Get me out of here please!!"

"Shhhh no need to shout sis! I'm right here!" Leni said appearing out of nowhere with a cold smile on her face

"Leni? You-you did this but why?" Lynn started to panick for this was the last thing she ever expected for one of her siblings to turn on her like this

"Ohh yeah! I did you see I'm soooooo sick of you prancing around here thinking you're the ultimate sports star! So I decided to show you what a real sport is!" Lynn couldn't make heads or tails what this meant she was terrified beyond belief and started begging for her life but Leni wouldn't hear any of it instead she began lowering her enormous assets onto the chair

"Noooo please! Leni whatever you're going to do please DON'T NOOOOOOOOOOO!" But her frantic cries were cut off as Ka-Plow! Leni's massive behind came upon her like a ton of bricks there was no way Lynn,the superstar could have survived otherwise absolutely nothing was left of her not even a bloody spot

"Awwwww too bad Lynn there was a football game today and you were asked to stand-in for the head quarterback oh well!" Leni muttered as she got up brushing her butt off and went to find Luna.

As for Lucy Loud,the 8 year old self-styled goth girl was listening to her incredibly loud rock music while muttering how life stunk as usual when Luna snuck up behind her and fired the ray gun at full blast....

"See how much you like this weirdo!!" Luna hissed "I never liked your style of clothing or music anyway!"

"Ahhhhhhhhh what the hel-Luna what the-wait what are you doing? Why are you opening up your mouth like that?" For the first time Lucy was shivering like the 8 year old she was but Luna felt no sympathy and simply popped her into her mouth just like that,the last thing she heard was

"Edgar Allen Poe avenge meeeeeeeeeeee!" Lucy screamed as she was forced helplessly into Luna's stomach

"Burp! Mmmmmmmmm quite tasty but a bit on the gloomy side!" Luna muttered as she began the search for the last two Loud siblings.

Lola and Lana Loud,twin sisters unfortunately were out of town so neither girl could have their revenge but there was one more person who could feel their wrath: each other! So Luna wound up shrinking Leni and chewing down on her.

Only there was one Loud member left.

The End

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