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A fictional story written based on an event that happened in 2017. Contest Entry
Note to Reader and Self: No edits until after January 2018.

Word Count: 730

What's this? she thought to herself as she sat there looking at the unfamiliar layout that was now Facebook. After moving to China, she had all but forgotten this addictive form of antisocial social interaction. Only a week ago had she decided to try to climb over the Great Firewall of China to try to gain access to this long forgotten pass time.

Thus far, she has found herself falling back into old habits of wasting enumerable hours staring at phone screen watching videos that usually consisted of useless nonsense. But today was different, today was unexpected in the sense that after past events, this day should have never come.

This day marks the date, of the unexpected friend request from the one person who she believed, would never talked to her again. Especially, not after the way that things had ended more than half a dozen years ago.

Friendship is a funny thing, so strong, yet so frail and easily destroyed. Forming a friendship is much more difficult than destroying one. That is of course, unless you are a child on the playground. Then each task is equally simple. But for the rest of us, it takes large amounts of time to even begin kindling the small flame of acquaintanceship into a much larger fire of friendship that burns brightly.

Like all fires, once you have dumped water on the flames, the likelihood of rekindling it is near impossible. This request is beyond unexpected as it wasn't just a fire of friendship that had been extinguished but the red hot flames within the hearts of two lovers.

This has to be a joke. Maybe his account was hacked? But why would they add me? I haven't been in contact with him in at least six years. Surely there is no trace of me on his Facebook by now.

After spending nearly half an hour scrolling through pictures and posts, trying to decide whether to accept the request or not, she finally made a decision.

Tap. She accepted the request and began to wait.


After nearly two weeks of no communication, no messages, no posts on her walls, not even a like to a post that she had shared. Her skepticism grew stronger. Had she fallen prey to a terrible joke? Did he request her by mistake? Was he just adding her to brag about getting married?

The anxiety was building and she finally gave in. She couldn't wait any longer. She typed a simple message, trying not to sound too curious:

"Hey, you sent me a request a few weeks ago but I haven't heard from you. I just thought I would say hello."
Again, she waited. Continuing to not really know what to expect considering their history. Maybe he was just as curious about what she had been up to for the better half of the last decade as she was of him? At this point, only time would tell. He might not even respond.

It felt like she had been waiting for days but in reality, it had only been a few hows. A respond finally arrived. It was simple, "Hey. Yeah. I meant to say hello but I kept forgetting. How are you?"

From there, the conversation continued with several months of what seemed to be a never-ending trip down memory lane. Once it seemed that they had both received the much-needed closure from past events, they moved on. Taking turns discussing and discovering who they had become since the heartbreaking end of what had once ripped them apart.

Now, with the flame of friendship once again rekindled from the all but completely annihilated coals in the bottom of the two lovers' hearts, they will just have to see what the future has in store.
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