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Rated: E · Short Story · Children's · #2144479
Charity and her mother . . .
"Tell me my fortune!" a little girl giggled.

A small box sat in the living room with a large glass mixing bowl upside-down on the box. The child sat on one side. She abandoned looking at her reflection to recruit her mother as a fortune teller.

"I can't," Destiny responded.

"But it's your name," the girl complained, "And you're my mom. Moms know everything!"

"No, I don't know everything, Charity," Destiny explained. She wondered if all children acted like that when they found out their parent's name.

"But you said you do."

"I was just being silly."

"Oh. Could you pretend to tell my fortune?"

"Sure," Destiny sighed, grabbing her daughter's hand with one of her hands and the top of the large glass bowl with the other before she said in an ominous voice, "When you are grown, you will help those who need things like food and homes."

"But mom," Charity whined, yanking her hand from her mother, "My dream is to be a doctor."

"Okay, then. Maybe you could do that. I was only pretending, like you asked me to."

"Do Zoey's fortune now!"

"Your friend isn't here," Destiny explained, "I can only do people who are here."

"Oh. What about Davie?"

"Your baby brother wouldn't care."

"Well, maybe I'd want to be a mama. Especially if they know everything."

"We don't know everything," Destiny told Charity once again.

"Or maybe a fortune teller, like you!"

"I was just pretending because you asked me to," Destiny explained yet again.

"Destiny, when's lunch?" Charity asked, changing the subject.

Destiny rolled her eyes at the name her daughter chose to address her, but was glad the subject was no longer on fortune telling. Destiny Fate had never really believed in that sort of thing or participated in it anyway.
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