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Holiday bliss...now THERE'S fiction for ya.
         “What The HELL did you do to this turkey? Did you slice it with a weed whacker, or something?”
         “If you’re so off...offended by my efforts to feed you, don’ eat it. You c’n go home an’ eat a god damn b’loney sandwich f’r all I care!”
         “Sam, please…”
         “Jesus, Dad. Are you drunk already? Is that why you attacked the holiday bird with a hatchet? What the--”
         “Only thing I’m tham...thankful f’r this year’s zat you won’t be here when I wake up!”
         “It’s alright, Mom. Just another thanksgiving with old Mr. Kempton, the grinch that steals every fucking day of the year--”
         “Charlie! Oh--!”
         “Mom, I’m sorry. Mom! Come back, don’t cry, huh, Pal? C’mon… Come out of the bathroom.”
         “Eileen, I gotta take a piss! Git outta the bathr’m ‘fore I use the sink!”
         “Dad...just...Can you shut UP for a minute?”
         “Shut the fuck UP! Mom, come on; come back to the table and have some little sad chunks of annihilated turkey with me, okay?”
         “Yeah, Mom. I’m gonna need someone to talk to after he passes out in a few minutes, anyway.”
         “Okay, Charlie. I just wish you two--”
         “‘M I outta beer?! I gotta go t’the store.”
         “Sam, no…”
         “Let ‘im go, Mom. He’s gonna go anyway, no matter what we say.”
         “Oh, Charlie…”
         “Happy Thanksgiving, Ma. 2018 looks like it’s gonna be a hell of a year, too…”

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