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Rated: E · Short Story · Home/Garden · #2145326
Charles is afraid his potatoes are watching him.
"Pa, could I tell you something?" Mandy asked.

"Wait 'til we get inside, Mandy," he answered as he stepped away from the heap of potatoes.

"Why, Pa?"

"'Cause the potatoes, they has eyes. I wouldn't be surprised if they was workin' with the corn to learn all our secrets. Or mayhap they can read lips . . . or minds. Mandy, you best get away from those abominations to vegetable kind."

"Alrighty, Pa," Mandy said, backing away from the pile, "But why would they want our secrets?"

"Well, Mandy, I reckon I don't know. Mayhap they gonna tell them to our enemies. But, really, it's a mystery."

"So, are we gonna get inside so I can tell you?"

"Sure, Mandy."

Mandy walked with her father into the log cabin.

"What was you about to tell me?" Mandy's pa asked when they were nearly inside.

"Ah, there you are, Charles!" a thin woman inside scolded, "You should'a been in a while ago. I told Mandy to tell ya supper was ready. Did she not do that?"

"Sorry, Ma," Mandy appolagised, looking down at her feet, "But Pa said that the vegetables was listenin' to our secrets . . ."

"And the fact that supper is done is a secret, Mandy? Hm?"

"No, Ma, but Pa convinced me not to say it. I figured they might use even what wasn't secret."

"Well, Charles, look what you and yer superstitions got ya! Now supper's cold."

"'Tis no superstition, Mary, 'tis true. The potatoes, they can see everything. And the corn –"

"And you need yerself some supper. Come on, sit down."

Meanwhile, outside, one potato opened a seedy eye. He looked at the surrounding area before opening the rest of his eyes.

"All clear, guys!" the potato called, and the rest in the pile opened their hundreds of eyes, "Time to collect secrets!"

All of the potatoes sprouted arms and legs. They began to spread out.

"Why do we need secrets?" a small potato asked.

"Because they power our spaceship," the first potato explained, "And, once we get enough power, we can return to our home planet of Potate."
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