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Something new and different for dinner-A Screams!!!-Win
Cooking with Love

         The newlywed married life was taking its toll on Amelia. In just the six months from her wedding day, life had become a strain with all of her efforts to please her new mate. Josh was a complainer but Amelia had failed to notice this little tidbit. It was infuriating Amelia's attempts to make a happy life for Josh were met with contempt and snide remarks. The honeymoon period had long since evaporated in Amelia's mind

         Josh's biggest complaint was Amelia failed to do things like his mother did. With the laundry, his shirts were never white enough or pressed to perfection. Amelia was incapable of folding his clothes or rolling his socks quite like mom. The flowery smell of the freshly laundered clothing was even questioned by Josh. Amelia had purchased the exact same detergent she had seen at her mother-in-laws but to no avail.

         House cleaning was another wifely task of Amelia's that needed improvement. Josh didn't own a white glove for checking dust but he made you feel like he did. Amelia's pride was suffering. Josh never stopped telling Amelia his mother would love to help her learn to be a better wife. Amelia had rejected the offer many times.

         Comments about her cooking from Josh were the things that angered Amelia the most. She had made a great effort to learn to cook. She spent time planning meals and purchasing quality foods while maintaining a budget. She had tried desperately to make each meal exciting and new. Amelia searched every cookbook she could find to deliver healthy and tasty cuisine.

         Josh's response to every meal that Amelia created was," Pasta and vegetables. That is all you ever make. Mom made sure we had meat and potatoes every night. Can you not try something new and different?"

         His statement played like a tape recorder in her head with each journey to the kitchen. Tonight would be different. It was their six month anniversary and Amelia was sure tonight was the night Josh would finally be pleased. She had slaved over the proverbial stove all day. She had created a meal fit for a king or at least Josh. It was something new and different just as he had requested. Amelia couldn't wait to surprise him.

         The table was set with the fine china gifted to them by Josh's dear old mother. The linens that covered the table were neatly pressed and starched. The napkins were folded in the fan pattern of the greatest restaurants. Roses and candles graced the decor as centerpieces. The lights were dimmed for ambiance. Amelia was dressed in a dainty flowing gown. She had laid Josh's dinner jacket out for him to wear when he came home from work. Every last detail was accounted for to make tonight new and different.

         Josh entered the home at five-o-five pm. Amelia had been expecting him. He looked a little smaller today than his height of 6'5. She thought to herself that he wasn't quite as handsome as she remembered. His charm had definitely worn off but she would continue with the dinner as planned. He would be so surprised, of that she was sure.

         Josh's big booming voice was all Amelia heard. His comments were snide, just as she expected them to be. He said gruffly," Why are all the lights off? Did you forget to pay the damn bill? Look at that, a fancy dinner table, is something special happening tonight? By any chance did you get some help from mom making dinner so maybe we can have a decent meal?"

         Amelia smiled and sweetly lured him to the dinner table. She handed him his dinner jacket to wear. "Honey, it is our anniversary and yes tonight is very special. Take your shoes off and get comfortable at the table. I will bring in our dinner. We shall dine in style tonight, my love"

         Josh sat at the head of the table. Amelia could hear his grumblings in the kitchen but she paid no mind. She wanted nothing to ruin his wonderful surprise.

         "I did get help from your mother with tonight's dinner. I just know you will love it. She was so helpful in creating something new and different for our dinner. I should have asked her sooner. I could have saved myself so much trouble." Amelia yelled from the kitchen.

         Amelia entered the dining room carrying dish made of sterling silver. The dish was covered to add to Josh's curiosity. No sneak peeks were allowed until Amelia was ready. She carried all of the side dishes to the table. She noted that Josh offered her no help in this task.
"Look Josh, cheesy potatoes just like your mother used to make. She was a good woman to give me the recipe. Your mother was the most helpful of all when it came to the main course. Ta-Da!"

         Amelia lifted the lid from the sterling silver chafing dish. There sat the head of her mother-in-law roasted to perfection. Between her lips rested a finely toasted apple. The pineapple on her crown was the piece-de-resistance. Josh did say he wanted something new and different for dinner.

Word count 871
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