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Trying to fit the box.
I have found a box, a small one at that.

It has no name, it is merely the space around us: the air we share, as we sit together and repeat our histories.

In this box, there can be feelings beyond repair, echoes of the past and glimpses of, what could have been.

In this box are we.

Humans with different destinies, qualities and so, we have to learn to grow.

Some may flee the box, yet others choose to stay.

What makes the box so special, is that all we really need, is each others presence, to conquer this sad fear which grows within the void of our nature.

How can we learn to raise ourselves over what, we have been raised to become?

How do we learn to dream, when our thoughts are less than air to these wicked people, who carry our leashes?

How do we free us, from these unknown masters, who wage war outside the box?

Can the box exist, without the shadows surrounding it, or will it fade in the sunlight of what has yet to come?

In this box, we Live for the moment, for the New, and for what has yet to be.

Let your dreams into this empty box.
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