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Was it an omen or a coincidence?
The Dream

It started as a normal dream my mum, and I were having coffee in her bright, cheery kitchen. Then the dream changed and we were standing in a cold dark place. It wasn't natural darkness it was a complete absence of light.

Mum grabbed my arm and said, “What are we going to do now?”

Without hesitation, I said, “I suppose we'll have to buy a coffin.”

I woke up from that dream shaking and drenched in sweat. I couldn't get it out of my mind, and I spent the day cleaning, doing laundry, defrosting and cleaning out the fridge, but the dream stayed with me.

Nagging thoughts tugged at my mind, was Mum sick? I told myself I was over-reacting to a bad dream. That afternoon a friend came over for coffee, and I told her about the dream hoping it would put it in perspective. Still, it kept troubling me.

That evening I packed some clothes and went home for the weekend to visit Mum. She seemed fine, but my step-dad got up several times during the night. He said he couldn't sleep because he felt nervous inside.

Saturday morning after breakfast, my step-dad attached a wagon to his tractor and set off to get the winter's wood. He never got to the woods, the tractor hit the soft-shoulder of the country road and overturned into the ditch crushing him. He died instantly.

I never forgot that dream, and I wonder to this day if there was something I could have done to prevent that tragedy.

Was it an omen or a coincidence? If it was a warning, why wasn't it clearer? It never occurred to me that the coffin was meant for my step-dad. My only worry was for Mum. I guess I'll never know the answers to these questions.

Word Count: 306
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