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a look at my goals for the new year
To Me, Myself, and I, this is a look at a new year, I plan on concentrating on my life more than ever before. The year 2017 ended with a sour note for me. I had a couple rent a house from me and they stole my mail from my mailbox and got a hold of my personal information. Like my social security number and my husband's. They got credit cards and my bank statement, which contained my account number. They ordered thousands of dollars worth of stuff in my name, leaving me with the bills. I was able to catch them red handed using one of my credit cards on security cameras.
I pressed charges against them for this. They also got my keys from my storage unit and stole all of my furniture and other house hold items. I am pressing charges on them for that as well.

Now for the new year I am having the couple evicted from my house, for non payment and for obvious reasons of thievery. They refuse to leave my house, therefore I had the sheriff to evict them, but they still will not leave.
Now I'm going to court and trying to get them out legally. My lawyer told me there is a good chance they will burn my home, so I need to have my insurance up to date. I'm sure they have already wrecked my beautiful home. I will never rent it to anyone ever again.

I am dealing with all sorts of legal problems this year. All of which stem from the man and his wife who rent my house. His name is Charlie and he has caused me so much grief. He is now trying to harass me and my mom.
He calls our home and then will not say anything. He called once and threatened us with violence. The man carries a gun so I do have the right to be a little frightened. My goals for the new year are to get rid of he and his wife from my home, and to see him in jail. The state is threatening to take his four children from him due to drug use and endangerment. I hope the state does step in because those children don't have a chance at a good upbringing with them.

My other goals are to practice my writing, I love poetry and I want to learn more forms of poetry. I want to enter more contests. I also hope to get back to reviewing the way I used to. I have had so much personal turmoil going on the last five months that I've not got to review the way I like to.
I got a little Yorkie puppy for Christmas and I want to train it to walk on a leash, so I can take it for walks this Spring and Summer. Well myself, you have dealt with so much. Not to mention being hospitalized three times since October. Another goal I will add to the list is to quit taking BC Head ache powders, they have caused me to have internal bleeding. Well I guess that is all I can think of right now. I plan on making my life a little more cautious. I have always accepted people at face value, after all that has happened to me over the passed five months I have learned my lesson.
Thanks for giving me the chance to rant and vent a little bit. God Bless the readers of this letter.


Lisa Noe
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