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Sometimes we run into people for them to give us only one thing.
The Magic of The Universe
I am an earthbound messenger (a fairy, a god, the universe), the man next to me is my helper. We were sent here for one thing, and one thing only, to help her...

I Am
The Keep Sake Message Disposable Messenger


"I cant leave, not until she accepts what I was sent here to give her."
"She doesn't think its for her!"
"I have to show her, it's for her."
They continue to wash dishes in the industrial building.
My helper whispers to me,
"She's walking this way, keep talking so she doesn't think we're talking about her"
Just then the person who my helper and I were talking about walks over.
She looks at me, then looks at him, then focus her eyes back on me.
She nods her head up and down as she begins to speak to me,
"I'm going to help you," she says all while never breaking eye contact.
I just look at her, and after one, two, three seconds of just staring blankly we look away from each other and continue to do our work. In all honesty, she is helping me to keep it together, while I get these dishes in order. But it is me who has to help her with something.

Time is running short so I ask her,
"what are your dreams?"
She replies,
"To have as many hustles as I can have successfully."
I stare a blank concerning stare and think to myself that she is still not ready yet.
I speak into the air...
"send someone to help her open up"
"I'm on it," my partner says.
They send someone who she would want to open up to, in order to help that person, she begins to open herself.
My partner yells,
"Now, ask her again!"
I ask quickly,
"what are your dreams?"
She wants to treat everyone the same, so in opening up to the one we sent for her to help, she feels obligated to stop hiding from me. She replies,
"If I can help save one person from a lifetime of misery by writing my story, I am living in my dream."
"What is the title of your dream?" I ask her that question to see if she is for real about it. If she answers quickly, without me giving her the message I need to give her, she is pretending.
She answers,
"I cant tell you, I don't have the title copyright"
I give her the message I've been holding in me,
"you can do a poor man's copyright"
She looks up with the most innocent childlike eyes I have ever seen.
"Thanks, I needed to hear that," she says to me.
Now she believes, this, is for her.

A voice now is heard only by me
"It's time for you to go now."
"But what if she still needs me, what if she's not ready yet?"
The intercom speaks to me from within...
"you were sent here to show her that everything isn't what it seems, you have given her the message, now remember your name is The Keep Sake Message Disposable Messenger, your mission is over."
I think to myself, that its time for her to make that next step in reaching her dreams. I walk outside to get in the car and I start to cry. Right after that, she walks outside and sees me in my car, and gently nods her head up as if telling me to keep my head up as if she was still thinking it was me who needed her help.

The look into her eyes stopped the tears from dripping down. She helped me to keep it together.
"She will do just fine."
I heard us both say towards one another.

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