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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Comedy · #2148457
The end of a romance with Writer's Block.
Winning entry February "Pretty Pesky Prompts

Dear Blockhead,

Yes, Mr. Writer's Block, you two-timing fool. I'm talking to you. Think you can get away secretly visiting Abby, Lilli, and who knows how many others? All this time I thought I had you all to myself.

I'm devastated, heart-broken, and oh so angry. I'm so mad I can't seem to stop writing.

Thank goodness they outed you on 'Me too' or I would never have known you were so intimately involved with others. You would have had your way with me for who knows how long?

All those long walks around your writer's block together. We shared everything. There was nothing but you on my mind. When I went to sleep at night, there you were in every dream. When I awoke, you were my first and last thought.

I felt connected to you like I had to no other. You made me forget writing to all my past loves... my previous Mr. Right, "Character Flaws Contest, simply was too strange a character to handle. He played with my affections. I hated the way my perfect blind date became "Invalid Item And "The Weekly Quickie Contest 's made me feel it was over before it had begun. I felt addicted, always going back for more, more, more. How hard I tried to make each relationship a winning success.

Thank heavens for "Pretty Pesky Prompts for prompting us to bring out the truth about you.

Now that I know you for the wicked, empty-headed, blankety-blank excuse for a bad idea you really are, let's just say you are no contest at all for my future life.

I hope adding you to the long list of others outing you, you may never take advantage of another author of your affections, again.

A public letter offered to the world to out one Mr. Writer's Block,

Me too

297 words
February entry in "Pretty Pesky Prompts contest
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