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by K.HBey
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Wars are like Savannah animals conflicts which harvests lives.Peace is possible as needed.
The Savannah and since years has become dryer.
Lions are the masters of this locality. They provide their nutrition most from gazelles. There is a real starvation of gazelles and in few years such specie will disappear.
Wildebeests are also the source of nutrition to lions. However they are robust and in winter they emigrate to the south. Now lions do great damages in gazelle specie.

The vultures are in starvation and show hate towards lions. They do not let them those remains of gazelle corps.
Elephants are seldom aggressed by lions. They also hate lions.
Giraffes are also targeted by lions and often they kill few ones. Giraffes are fed up of lions.

Today all animals have a meeting in spite of lions. Some crucial issues are on the table.
They all go at midnight today to the center of the Savannah .All are there.
The erudite of the forest start the speech. The great owl Adonis says:
"Dear friends of the great Savannah. We have serious issues such year .We have to be confronted to lions .They kill us one by one and in a near future we will disappear as our great Savannah. Gazelles are the first victims."
The crowd says:" Yes indeed." All animals start to shout.
Adonis says: "Silence please"." We have also water issue. We have drought. Lions have no more water. There is only a water source in gazelles' territory".
"We will make a deal with lions. We will allow them to get water in exchange no gazelle will be killed."
The crowd is shouting again. Some animals say; "but they will kill us instead of gazelles. They are wild and carnivores."
Adonis says again: "silence please"." We will collect dead animals for them and feed them with their corps".
We will sign the pact with them next week.
The crowd shouts again. Some animals say: "they won't we are sure they are the strongest. They will kill us all."

Suddenly howling hyenas is heard in such forest. It means lions are near.
All animals start to dispatch and shout. They are trying to find quickly a refuge to save their skin from lions.
Lions arrive to the forest center place, they find only the great owl Adonis waiting for them. They are wild, harsh ready to eat everything alive or not. Without any mercy they kill other animals in order to be preserved.
"Hello great lions": Adonis says. The great lion gets a wild glance and in one cold word respond to the owl:" You?"
"Listen to me please lions; I will not take much of your time. I have some important information to tell you".
Great lion Siba says: "what's up miserable owl? Tell quickly."
Adonis start to speak: "human beings will invade such savannah in few days. Animal positions will change greatly even yours".
Siba says: "What do you mean?" Adonis says: "they will preserve species especially gazelle one". "You understand what I mean lions?"
Lions start to get serious features and watch to each other with a great anxiety. It seems like if someone put frozen water on a fire.
Adonis gets insurance on himself and continues to talk at ease.
"Listen to me lions; we animals intend to put hand in hand to continue living without any fear. We propose you to let gazelles live and in front of this you will get water. As you know and because of drought you start to get some illnesses and if this will continue we finish by having a great epidemic here in our Savannah. You have no water in your territory and your lion cubs become weaker. You are also in a bad situation."
Siba gets a serious glance and says: "we will think about it. Next week we will discuss about such issues".

Such day no lion is seen in gazelles' territory.
At night a great fire is seen from gazelle's territory. All lions are gathered there. But there is a great silence.
Adonis comes quickly; "what's the matter?" he says. When Adonis gets a glance on gazelle territory he sees an emotional scene. A female lion is giving birth to a lion cub. All gazelles are helping .Water is needed .Finally lion cub is here and the delivering is finished all gazelles and animals are screaming victory.

This is really an amazing action which really succeeds to let lions and gazelles meet in peace for the first time.
Finally, Lions accept the pact and gazelles and lions become friends and live beside each other in full peace as if they have never been enemies.

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