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Want a commission? Read this FAQ to find out how.
That's right, people, I'm now offering commission possibilities! However, I'm sure there are some questions about how I intend to do it, and how you can be a part of this, so let's dive right in.

What are commissions?

Commissions are a way for writers to earn a little something for their trouble. Normally, I enjoy writing just for the fun of it, but I also understand that some people have ideas and requests that they want, and that I can fill that void. However, due to certain needs, a little compensation is all I ask.

Okay, so what can I ask commissions for?

I mostly write interactive chapters, and specifically, those geared towards a weight gain variety. Since I write my own interactive tale, you can request for me to write on certain chapters in that, or you may request for me to write in other interactives. I've participated in a few like Fat Fairy Tales and Buttercombe Academy for Growing Girls. However, don't let that limit your choices. I'm willing to try a few new things, so long as they are interactive, and of a weight gain variety.

When will you be writing these commissions?

I've penciled in Friday afternoons to be my days to honor these requests. At that rate, I can probably get in maybe 2-3 interactive chapters in a week for commission purposes.

How much will these cost? What currency and method of payment will you use?

I will be taking payments in the form of gift points, and here are the prices for interactive chapters:

1 Chapter in Legends of Yndyre: 5,000 GPs (the equivalent of $0.50)
5 Chapters in Legends of Yndyre: 20,000 GPs (the equivalent of $2.00. You're getting five for the price of four)
1 Chapter in any other WG interactive: 10,000 GPs (the equivalent of $1.00)
5 Chapters in any other WG interactive: 40,000 GPs (the equivalent of $4.00. You're getting five for the price of four)

Why are you using Gift Points for payment? Can I use Paypal?

Gift points are how I continue to pay for my accounts on this site. Currently, I'm able to afford a Basic Membership every year just by earning gift points the old fashioned way (reviewing and logging in). I'd like to be able to earn enough to get an Upgraded Account because that will offer benefits such as being able to add cover art to my work, additional options in interactives, and perhaps a few other perks I intend to use to start contests and raffles among our little community here on WDC *BigSmile* Unfortunately, at this time, you cannot use Paypal. Sometime in the future, I will make a Paypal account that is attached to an email that doesn't include any of my personal information, but until then, GPs are how we're going to have to do it.

Okay, so how do I send you a commission request?

Just shoot me an email with the word "commission" somewhere in the subject line, give me a link to the chapter you would like me to work from, any particular ideas you want to see me do with that chapter, and the appropriate amount of GPs attached. Here's an example:

To: GodofRevels
From: CouldBeYou
Subject: Commission

(Link to chapter you want me to work on)

Hey Revels,

I was wondering if I could request a chapter written for this storyline? If you could, please include a scene where the main character finds a way to get revenge on their rival. I'd really like to see that. Here's the appropriate amount of GP for this request.

How soon can I know when my request will be completed? Are there a certain number of request slots?

There is no limit to the request slots available for me to write requests. However, I will make a priority list of chapters based on a first come-first serve basis. You can see that list below these questions to know where I'm at in my request list, and how soon I can be getting to yours.

I'm one of the authors you collab-write with. Does this mean I have to start paying you?

Absolutely not! We work together, and we pay each other back plenty with the fantastic chapters we submit to each other. Your collab requests will be honored free of charge, and I will be working on those throughout the rest of the week. However, if you have a particular character or story line I haven't written for or written for in a while, and you want to see more of that, feel free to submit a request for that.

Anything else I need to know?

I don't think so, but if you have more questions, ask, and I'm sure someone else will probably ask the same thing, so I'll add it to this FAQ. Thanks again for your support!

Current Requests
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