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by Kimbug
Rated: E · Fiction · Comedy · #2148778
A bullied student fights back, only to face a bigger bully.
My teeth hurt. I suppose that's to be expected after someone kicks you in the mouth. I wished they would get this over with so I could go back to class.

"Miss Whitworth? Dr. Sims will see you now," replied Ms Sullivan.

I got up and walked around the corner to his office.

"Sit down, Miss Whitworth."

I obeyed.

"Now, can you explain to me how a straight A student such as yourself who's never gotten a detention in her whole school career gets in a fight with two boys and manages to kick the sh-, I mean, crap, out of them both?"

"I don't know, sir."

"You don't know? According to witness accounts, you yelled, 'I'm gonna punch your effin lights out' at Gary Smith; you head butted him in the abdomen; and, you twisted his arm and nearly broke it. Then, Danny Frierson came to his aid and you kicked him in the groin."

"You left out the part about him kicking me in the face."

"Well, he said that was unintentional. I am faced with an interesting dilemma here. Danny Frierson is Mayor Frierson's son and Mary Gail Smith is Chief Operating Officer of Smith Industries. Then, there's you: the school Valedictorian. By school policy, I have to suspend all three of you. But, doing that will upset Mayor Frierson and Mrs. Smith; also, your chances of getting full ride to a good school are flushed down the toilet," He got up, closed the door and locked it, then turned to me, smiling, "Anyone ever tell you how pretty you are?" He stood behind me, rubbing my shoulders.

"Yeah, my Aunt Sybill who works for the U.S. Attorney General's Division of Violence Against Women, tells me all the time."

294 words

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2148778