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by TessaT
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Goals for Dear Me 2018 with added updates on status
Add all DEADLINES to calendar - Completed

a. Read your already acquired research articles on plots. DEADLINE: Feb 10th – Completed reading all articles 2/9/18. Refer back to best: https://www.how-to-write-a-book-now.com/plot-outline.html
b. Re-read your already completed novella to redefine using the plot guidelines from the research articles. DEADLINE: Feb 17th – Completed entire re-read of novella 2/17/18. Made notes of obvious edits that will help on the work needed to make a strong plot outline.
c. Start building the plot outline for your novella and continue plot outline until completed start to finish. DEADLINE: Feb 28th.
2/27/18 - I have today and tomorrow to complete outline. I've made notes but it isn't ready. I will need to spend some serious time making decisions on how I want this story to go.
2/28/19 - I did not think I was going to be able to do this but I have my outline! By Deadline! This is another lesson for me to stop letting the fear of not being able to accomplish something stop me from giving it the effort.

I've missed all my writing deadlines after February of this year. I was supposed to have completed all by May 26, 2018 and here it is July and I haven't started the second item (below). All those good intentions. It was a good plan. I just didn't follow it.

I can give it all up OR I can take the plan from this point and follow it. I only need to adjust the deadlines. So here I go. Editing to start and next deadline is July 23rd! I have some writing to do.

a. Begin to re-write and edit the selected story. Calculate the entire original word count, divide by half, and the closest chapter to half will be the first stopping point. DEADLINE: March 17th July 23rd
b. Continue to re-write and edit the second half. DEADLINE: March 31st July 31st

a. Do not touch, read, or glance at completed edit until SATURDAY, April 7th August 4th.
b. Read entire draft while taking notes on:
i. Structure of story keeps to plot outline
ii. Characters ability to move the action forward
iii. Excess information is removed
iv. Clarity is added where needed
v. Spelling and grammar
vi. DEADLINE: April 10th August 10th
c. Begin and complete incorporating notes into new edit of entire story. DEADLINE: April 28th August 25th

4) WRITING – Writing.com HELP
a. Do not touch, read, or glance at completed edit until MAY 3rd.
b. Read entire story. Make edits and revisions where needed.
c. Post to writing.com for reviews and feedback. DEADLINE TO POST: MAY 7th September 1st
d. Read reviews.
e. Incorporate suggestions when deemed appropriate.
f. Set aside and re-read. DEADLINE: MAY 26th September 22nd


Continue training for two other half marathon – DEADLINE: April 15th (Alamo FunFest)
Week three of training and have kept up with weekly mileage. I am falling a little short on the long runs and need to pick up the distance in order to build stamina (2/18/18).
I've picked up my pace after some bad weather days and completed some longer runs (7 miles distance so far). 2/27/18

7/7/18- I didn't make the April 15th half marathon. I was training aggressively afterward and managed over 73 miles in May but I also developed some tendinitis and had to stop training. I'm almost over it but it will be another 2 weeks before I can start from square one again. I should still have time to train for an October half marathon without pushing too hard and risking injury again.

and Oct 13th (Hillotes Half) race dates. You already have your spreadsheet with daily runs and workouts. Keep following it. 7/7/18 - Pull out training schedule and give ample time to build up mileage slowly: DEADLINE: 7/14/18

More writing

• In June, go back and finish first draft of recent short story you began and didn’t finish. You will have some great experience now you’ve completed the novella task above! DEADLINE: Complete 1st draft by June 30th October 27th

Gardening -- 7/7/18 - Total SUCCESS

• Plan and execute the flower and herb gardens in backyard. You’ve already prepared the soil, so decide on plants and purchase. DEADLINE: March 10th. – Received flower seed in mail and ready to plant. Will make trip to nursery to look over options for herbs and vegetables (2/18/18).
I've started my seedlings and they will be ready for transplanting in time! I've spent extra time painting my shed. It looks for much better! Also have started re-digging my flagstone pathway. It's hard and slow but will be such an improvement when it's completed.2/27/18

* Maintenance and 2nd wave of planting. DEADLINE: April 30th
ALL PLANS ARE A GO WITH GARDENING! The gardens look fantastic! There is NO FAIL in this area.


• Read the 75 books for your Goodreads challenge by end of year. Completed 11 books for far (2/18/18).
13 books and reading #14 - 2/27/18

32 books and reading #33 - 7/7/18 - slightly behind but I will catch up!

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