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by K.HBey
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Life promotes us as human beings who deserve to live instead of just surviving.
The quality of life depends greatly on the kind of life we want or can adopt. Surviving or living? The great difference between them and the consequences as a direct impact on the life seem to put opposite behaviors in confrontation.

Surviving is a term which has been used for a long time. In general to survive is to resist to the bad conditions of life and to acquire the ability to be alive by maintaining the basic biological needs like eating/sleeping /reproducing.

Many definitions have been elaborated to explain this term. Here are some theories just mentioned briefly here and according to Wikipedia.
1/"Survivance": The theory is used in the 20 St century by Jacques Derrida.
2/"Medicant": religious behavior; the link between donations and surviving.
3/"Protective tariff": The link between the tariff and to survive; It is a business meaning.
4/Medicine and statistics: it is a complex index; surveys the number of death according to the number of birth and the number of survivals.
5/Survival of the fittest: To have better equipment for surviving.
6/Theory of Dyfnwal: Ancient laws and institutes of Wales.
7/Final girl: theory of Lila Crane.
8/Literature definition.
9/Slavery definition.
10/Orphan theory: According to the category of adoption, fostering care and displacement.
11/War theory: the number of persons who did not die.

Most often we make confusion between surviving and living.
What is surviving nowadays in such 21 St Century?
We live in great international economic troubles, wars and illnesses?
Surviving is just living day per day. It is to eat, to sleep and reproduce.

Instead of this, life gets a deep meaning and living promotes us to human beings who do think about the universe. Also it means people who travel in order to know other people, who are similar and to discover the kind of their daily life.
Living requires from us, as human beings to do many important things not just at our narrow selfish level but at population and community levels as well .The significance of love and compassion in their large sense and which means to care about others, our follow beings around the world. Also to be inserted in social activities enhances our value as human beings. It is like to fight against cancer/to care about orphan/creations of jobs to poor...

Living has also a back ground meaning of comfort. Indeed living in comfort also improves greatly the quality of life.
Living meaning is relative and is also interpreted according to someone culture and religion.
Indeed someone principals put some fences to the meaning of life and living.

That is to say that surviving is a term used in some circumstances, like wars, epidemics, poorness and other bad conditions. Where, it is a matter to evaluate the number of people who do resist to bad conditions and stay alive.
There are eight countries which live in extreme poorness. There, people are just surviving. This is according to India magazine. These countries are: Democratic Republic of the Congo/Zimbabwe/Burundi/Liberia/Eritrea/Niger/Afghanistan/Nepal.

In the same time and instead of surviving, other countries are living.
Living is the best meaning of life. It promotes us as individuals to human beings who do think and realize important things for humanity. There is indeed a link between the quality of life and living. It is an index of good being at both individual and community levels.

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