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Set in Medieval England a moneylender pleads with the king for protection.
‘Rebecca of Rockdale your presence darkens my mood; the Crown has paid you your interest, yet you pester for my attention!’
‘Your Majesty, I apologise that my presence causes you upset but I have come to pled for your protection’.
‘And for what reason would I possibly ever want to provide protection to you, your presence turns my wine sour’
‘Your Majesty, I offer the crown finance at a fare rate’
‘Don’t make me laugh, I should have you imprisoned for your insolence, STATE YOUR BUSINESS , before I lose my tolerance of you’.
‘Your majesty I seek your protection from Lord De Ox’.
‘And for what possible reason should I protect you from Lord De Ox mmmmmmmm, come on then’
‘Your majesty, I and my people pay a higher tax than everyone else, we can’t do anything without been taxed and it keeps going up and’
‘Silence!!’, Lord De Ox is a loyal servant to the crown, he is the crowns most effective collector of taxes’
‘Your majesty, I do not come to lay jest at Lord De Ox, for no doubt he is a loyal servant, however I and my people are bearing the brunt of his taxation’
‘OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, so the fact that Lord De Ox as servant to the crown and loyal subject of his KING WHO IS I, granted allowance for you and your people to reside amongst us AND YOU THINK THAT YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS PRIVILAGE, ITS PAYING MORE YOU SHOULD BE!!’
‘Your Majesty, I plead, we too are loyal servants’
‘Your Majesty, I plead, the law forbids much else of us, I plead for my people.’
‘And what about Lord De Ox, does he not pay you your interest’ mmmmmmmmmmmmmm well does he’
‘Your Majesty, yes he does’
‘Well then, of course he should tax you, how dare you think you can charge the crown and not give back, and how loyal would he be to the crown if he didn’t tax those that tax the crown. ‘
‘Your Majesty, any interest we gain is siphoned back from us in various taxes and ransoming of our people’.
‘RANSOMING OF YOUR PEOPLE!!’, Well you ransom the crown for your interest?’
‘Your majesty, last month we had two elders ransomed for 14,000, the price was paid in full. Now my husband is captive in Lord De Ox’s castle for a ransom of 8000. He will not reason with us’.
‘ So you do not value him at a price, your neither loyal to your King or him’
‘Your majesty, I will pay the money, I plead I may be next, please protect us’
‘I shall make that recommendation to Lord De Ox with a ransom of 18000’
‘Please your Majesty’
‘Very well, you shall pay a monthly 1000 protection tax, you have blighted my day enough, Leave’
‘Your Majesty ple’
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2151081