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October NanowriMo
What if Prudence Sternwood is a successful Businesswoman and Banker. What if she is kidnapped and held for ransom? What age will Prudence be? She will be about fifty three or fifty four to be extremely wealthy or she should be a bit older? Prudence will be morbidly obese weighing three hundred pounds however will only be five foot three. How will this effect her?
She will be physically very unfit, huff and puff with any sort of physical exertion. What health risks with this bring?
Well she will probably suffer with asthma and high blood pressure. Joint pain and back pain will be an issue and walking a short distance will leave her exhausted. What about other issues like sleep apnoea and diabetes. Maybe but might be best to keep some illnesses to a minimum.

What about Prudence?
She will have a 17 year old daughter, whom is dating a guy Prudence doesn't approve of. Or should the daughter be older. Should the daughter be a business partner with Prudence or should the daughter be older. The daughter could be about to start university or be in her early 20's and setting her life in the business world.

What about a husband.
Should Prudence be divorced, but then would the husband pay the ransom. Having the husband leave her might be too much like you see in Hollywood movies where the overweight wife is abandoned for another.

Should her husband be dead but who would pay the ransom. Should her husband be alive and him as her business partner.

What are the risks of her been held hostage.
Given her physical condition, would she survive. In all likelihood would she be kidnapped. Would it be more realistic for the husband or daughter to be kidnapped.

Where will it be set. I'm thinking of New Jersey but I don't know it well. I kind of know New York but maybe another location would be better.
Would it be better to have Prudence with different characteristics. No, reason I've wanted to write a story on someone like this a while.
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