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Sometimes it's fun to be caught...
I knew it was out there. Waiting for me to leave the house. Watching the door, it's hunger inspiring it to be bold.
Ears listening for the smallest creak of a floor board. Eye's alert for a stray flicker of movement. I knew it was there, and I was afraid.

I peeked through the window, I could see nothing. I wondered if it was safe. Mentally, I judged the distance to my car. Sixty feet to safety, inside the vehicle it couldn't reach me. Can I make it? I had watched and waited, and dared not tarry any longer.

I nudged the front door open, and gazed left and right. I listened for a moment, but all was quiet. I inhaled sharply, stepped out, and began to run. I heard the quickening footfalls. Sharp nails clicked on the pavement rushing closer. I noticed the distance lessening. I realized with dread, I wasn't going to make it.

My hand had just touched the handle, when "WHUMP." Sixty pounds of muddy dog hit me full force in the chest. I staggered backwards a few feet and looked down. "Duke", I said through gritted teeth.

I watched his red tail as it cut through the air like a scythe. He was delighted with himself, and shivered with pleasure at having caught me. Smiling at his "doggy' grin, I couldn't stay mad. I laughed quietly, slid to my knees, and hugged him to my chest.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2152265