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by Lassie
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Gizmo, a yellow nape amazon is in the pet store waiting for just the right humans.
The Pet Store

My brothers and sisters have already been adopted. I want to pick just the right human to take me home. A lot of people have come in that are interested in me but they just weren't the right parents for me. Being a yellow nape Amazon parrot I demand a lot of attention! I am curious about everything and love to play. I need to be the center of attention. I don't know how long I have been here but I overheard the store clerk tell someone the other day I am a six-month-old hand-fed female. I don't know what hand-fed means but I think it means a human fed me instead of my birth mom who incubated me in my egg until I hatched.

The store opens early in the morning. Once the store clerk feeds all of us, she unlocks the front door so people can come in and look at us. She feeds me a seed mix that is fortified with vitamins and is suppose to be good for me. Seeds are okay but what I really need is fruits and vegetables. Seeds haven’t got any nutrition for me. This morning she gave me a RAW carrot! I don't have any teeth, how am I supposed to chew up a raw carrot? Oh Well! I suppose I will just eat the seed.

I am the only yellow nape in the store; actually, I am the only Amazon parrot in the store. In the cage next to me, there is a lutino cockatiel. It has these round orange spots on its cheeks that looks like the stuff female humans put on their cheeks only the cockatiel put too much on. I'm twice as big as he is and he's pretty much all grey except for the overly heavy cheek color. He doesn't do much all day. He sits and cleans his feathers and chirps. I'm the only one in here that talks.

Across from me is a wall of cages. Some of the cages are glass with a wire screen across the top and the others are made of bars. In the glass, cages there are snakes. I don't like snakes! Most of the humans that come in don't seem to like them too well either. In some of the other glass cages are little white mice, gerbils, and guinea pigs. They mostly sleep in a huddle on top of each other in the corners all day. At night, they make a racket running in this round wheel all night. It is most annoying when you are trying to sleep. In the other cages, which are made of bars instead of glass, there is a ferret, several have rabbits in them, and there is a prairie dog in one.

There really isn't much to do here all day. I sit and keep my feathers groomed just in case the right human comes in I can display my beautiful green feathers and look as cute as possible. I don't have anything to play with here; I just sit and wait for people to come in.
Two humans are coming this way. I haven't had anyone visit all day who interested me. It's almost closing time and I was starting to think another day of not finding the right parents to take me home. Oh! This could be it! A man and woman, they saw ME as soon as they came in and their faces lit up like a light bulb. "Oh!" Here they come. They haven't even looked at any of the other pets. Most people go to the rabbits first for some strange reason. Seems like people think they are cute or something. I don’t see what is so cute about them, they don’t talk or anything.

Quick! I’ll ruffle my feathers. Let's get their attention, "Hello!" "Hello!” They’re coming this way, “Hello! I can talk!"
They just might be the parents I have been waiting for. The man is reaching down for me to step onto his hand, "step up". He's done this before, I can tell. Here we go, put me on your shoulder. He did! Oh boy!

The lady is definitely interested. Her face looks like she has instantly fallen in love with me.

Oh Boy! They bought me! I wonder what they will name me. The woman wanted to take me home right away but the man wanted to take my new cage home and get everything set up first. I really like my new mom. When the store clerk suggested the blend of seed they were feeding me she said, "I am not feeding my bird that". This is my last night at the pet store.
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