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My experience and thoughts on RapidBath and their 3-minute challenge.
The 3 Minute Bath Experience! That's what RapidBath claims to turn your pet's bath into. Being a skeptic by
nature I didn't believe it. I looked over at my collie and all of the hair and thought, "Sure!" Giving him a bath
is a dreaded chore, especially since he doesn't like water. It takes two of us to trick him into the bathtub. Then
getting all of that hair wet just to soap him up takes forever. By this time, he's starting to whine and fight to
get out of the tub. Soaping him is nearly impossible since he will only allow me to reach one side. His behind
and tail barely even get wet because of the thick hair. I get more of a bath than he does. Well! I watched the
commercial several times and it even had a collie getting bathed. I decided to give them their 3 Minute Bath
Challenge using my collie.

When I received the RapidBath System I was impressed with the quality. The RapidBath System included the
handheld RapidBath Device, Indoor/Outdoor Hose, Universal Shower Adapter, and a free 5-pack of
Shampoo Cartridges. The adapter for your shower head is well constructed, as well as the hose that comes
with it. I expected a hose which was about five feet at most and constructed out of cheap plastic. What I
received was a well constructed, attractive looking ten-foot hose. The RapidBath Device fits nicely in your
hand and swivels at the base.

I received one cartridge each of the shampoos they offer. I called a local pet groomer and found they charged
$30.00 to shampoo my collie one time. The RapidBath Shampoos are nicely priced at only $9.99 for 3 - 2 oz
cartridges, which should bath my collie a minimum of 3 times per cartridge. The available shampoo comes in
five flavors; Ultra Cleaning, Shine and White, Deodorizing, Hypo-Allergenic, Oatmeal Soothing, and Ultra Cleaning.
Unfortunately, they don't have any flea and tick shampoo.

After staring at the unopened package for a day trying to dispel my doubts I finally opened it. My collie, on
his leash, we went into the yard with the RapidBath device loaded and ready to go. At first, he didn't know
what was going on but once the water hit his behind, he started going in circles around me then promptly sat
down and refused to move. I kept using the RapidBath on him and he settled down a bit but still wasn't
jumping for joy about it! A couple of times he shook off, so I also had the added benefit of a bath and that was
using less than a third of the shampoo cartridge. It was when a neighborhood jogger went by that my collie went dashing across the yard. I was quickly pulled forward face down and drug across the yard toward the jogger.

The experience actually was a lot better than I expected. I have confidence that my collie will become
accustomed to the RapidBath System, unlike the Pedipaws. It was tremendously faster than the old-fashioned
way. I also anticipate his baths in the tub will be a whole lot more enjoyable for both us. The RapidBath
System is so much faster and efficient my collie won't have time to start whining and fighting. The RapidBath
System is one I am glad I decided to try. The 3-minute Challenge? Yes! You can bath your dog in 3 minutes
with it, even a collie that doesn't like water.
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