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Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Emotional · #2153409
Wrote this a while back about a nasty homophobic manager
Bitch you look like you drink black coffee, coffee, coffee
If you valued your face, your bones you would back up off me, off me, off me
Bitch you look like you drink black coffee
So cold and black on the inside
Trying to appear nice and warm on the outside

You are nothing but a stupid bitch bore
Come on vixen keep your ill-temper and hateful spew down
No one wants to fall victim to your turmoil and bitchiness when you’re around
When you come in, go straight to your office
Everything that is evil, chaotic, and wrong in this place, you’re the culprit
Give me all the blank angry stares and unsympathetic words you got because you’re such a bitch bore and you don’t like my edgy style
Come on, let’s keep bumping heads, and make this place worth my while
Bitch you look like you drink black coffee
I can’t stand to look at your face, when I do my anger begins
When I first met you, I knew you be a bitch like that
You fucking bore
You fucking bitch bore
I can feel round two coming on, you’re coming back for more
You’re as dull and evil as they come
Humor, fun, and excitement is obviously not where you come from
My fist, your head, the desk
Let’s put this bitch bore to rest
Let’s get excited
Come on
Bitch you look like you drink black coffee
We don’t want no vixen, bitch bore ruining are workspace anymore
Let’s not stop revolting until the tyranny is over
We are taking over
You stupid fucking bitch bore

And she walks around like we’re so inferior to her, oblivious to the fakeness and tyranny she puts us through
And tells us we should be grateful for all that she do
But you’re not going to back me up against a wall with nothing in my hands
Bitch you better back it up, back it up, back it up right now
Your time is coming, the end is near
How disappointing, how disappointing
So much time wasted in despair
Now whose back is against the wall
You’re still cold, so cold
Bitch you look like you drink black coffee
You stupid fucking bitch bore
Fucking bitch bore
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