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Rated: 18+ · Lyrics · Gay/Lesbian · #2153410
Coming off as trying to be gay, lesbian or bi is not a trend
Nowadays everybody wanna be gay
But I have something to say if they wanna be that way

So what do you say to somebody who's trying to be gay
And they're comin' your way
Nothing, just a hey
One day I was walking by
This chick and I gave her an awkward eye
'Cause she was trying to deny who she really was by looking like a guy
She thought she was fly
And told me hi
But I just laughed and kept wallking by

Nowadays everybody is tryin' to be bi
And I don't know why
Motherfuckers think they know what it is to be bi
So what do you do to a chick who's trying so hard to be bi
And you know damn well she's living a lie
Nothing, fuck her and say goodbye
One day I was at this party
And I saw this hottie
Who wanted to be bi
I told her hi
She was acting all shy
And I don't know why
But I invited her upstairs, I guess I just wanted to make her a real bi
I was going down on her, eating her like an apple pie
But it was clear that she wasn't bi
And she had no intentions on being with a chick, she just thought it was the cool thing to do, but she rather be with a guy
The chick made me sick
I threw a fit
I cursed her out, told her to get the hell out

Nowadays everybody wanna be gay
Motherfuckers act like it's a cool thing to be that way
All I have to say is yall make me sick, this ain't no cool phase or trend
Go find something else to be or some other group to offend
Because when you're open and out, you're constantly getting ridiculed by friends, family, foes, and the religious and ourselves we gotta defend
Nowadays everybody wanna be gay
Motherfuckers think they know what it is to be that way
Nowadays everybody wanna be gay
Motherfuckers think they know what it is to be gay

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